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5 Reasons Why Lob is the Hairstyle to Get

Lob, also known as semi-bob or long bob, has been the hottest buzz among celebrities lately. Whether they’ve chopped their signature length or outgrown their pixies, a lot of celebrities are already wearing the lob. What made it more popular, is that even if you’re not an A-lister, you can still look amazing wearing it. To convince you even more, here are some reasons why busy gals like you should go with this universally flattering cut.


  1. Gives a New Breathe of Life to Your Hair. Unlike your current style and length, going with a lob instantly makes your hair bouncier and more buoyant. Other than that, you can also mix your hair part and still look amazing all the time.
  1. Fits Most Hair Types. Other than giving new life to your hair, what makes lob a wonderful hairstyle is that it fits almost any hair type and texture, and it can even be tailored to flatter any face shape. Whether you have a naturally straight, curly or wavy hair, there’s just a lob that’s right for you. Just opt for a blunt cut for your rather fine or thin hair, or stock up on texturizing products if you happen to have coarse and thick locks.

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  1. Provides Endless Styling Options. When it comes to long bobs, the styling options are just endless. Not only does it look gorgeous on straight hair, it can also give amazing looks when curled or styled into retro waves. In fact, wearing a lob also allows you to leave your hair just as it is. All you’ve got to do is apply your curl cream or texturizing products and let it air-dry.
  1. Air-Dries Within Minutes. With a midi-hairstyle, you no longer need to constantly blow dry your hair. Just apply your hair products, let it air-dry and you’ll get healthier and lovelier locks. Win-win situation, right?
  1. Looks Great on Any Accessories. Not only does it look good in any hairstyle, it’ll also look amazing when styled with various accessories like beanies. But if hats and beanies aren’t your thing, opt for embellished bobby pins, barrettes and headbands instead.

Although it’s one simple haircut, getting a long bob can actually be a good way top up not just your hairstyle, but your entire look as well. So visit your hairdresser now and chop your strands into a lovely lob.


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