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6 Fashionable Tips for Pulling Off an All-White Ensemble


Rocking an all-white ensemble may look easy, but it requires more preparation than you expect. You’ll need nude undergarments, a watchful eye and a few key tips to ensure you’ll look ultra chic in white.

  1. Combine Different Textures

Who said monochromatic look have to be boring? Mix and match different textures for your all-white outfit. Match a pair of white, tattered skinny jeans with a tank top and knitted kimono for an all-white casual wear. The varying fabrics add visual interest, while keeping the classiness of the monochrome look.

  1. Get Tanned

White pops even more when you’re sun-kissed, but fake tanning is the only way to go. Get the J.Lo glow sans the harmful sun with self tanner or spray tan at least a day before. Let the tanning product get into your skin, and don’t forget to take a bath if you don’t want to be a white-hot mess.

  1. Accessorize Accordingly

Accessories are gifts from fashion goddesses. They can instantly perk up a plain outfit and make it look more stylish. Let your all-white attire be a backdrop for your accessories. Wear a pair of boho earrings or necklace to keep your look casual or a dainty piece of jewellery for an understated look.

  1. Throw in Some Neutrals

All white, including your shoes, bags and nails, can be daunting. How do you expect to stay clean at the end of the day in an outfit that’s a magnet for stain and dirt? Instead of white shoes, go for silver or nude pumps. These colours act as neutrals, while still preserving your monochromatic style.

  1. Match the Right Whites

Whether you believe it or not, white comes in different tones and shades: ivory, cream, winter white and many more, but they don’t always match or complement each other. If you decide to rock an all-white outfit, make sure to get the shades right. Before going out of the house, look at your outfit in different lights (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, outdoors, etc.) Do the tones work together or does your bottom seem too bright for your top? Be mindful how the whites go together.

  1. Put Some Effort On Hair and Make-Up

The best thing about an all-white ensemble is that it allows you to be the center of attention. Go bold with red lipstick, sport a dark smokey eye or do some serious contours to highlight your best facial features. For the hair, do a bun, beachy waves, braid, top knot or whatever suits you. Your hair and make-up will surely get more attention with this classic outfit.

An all-white outfit is already a statement itself. Added with a few of these styling tips, you’ll look chic and timeless for any occasion.

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