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Bad Health Habits We Have to Break Right Now


We should not wait for New Year to draw our resolutions like breaking our bad health habits. It is important that we break our bad habits right now so it will not take a toll on our health. No matter how we are resolved to take matters on our hand when it comes to breaking bad health habits, it is not that easy.

Lack of sleep can lead to a sense of drunkenness, affecting productivity and health.

Most of us have become accustomed to bad habits that we are not aware they are already wreaking havoc to our well-being.  We have put away our unhealthy habits before it is too late for us. So, here are some bad health habits that need breaking right this moment:

  1. Not getting enough sleep: Singapore is busy as it is. There is nothing that we can do about it but cope up. There are some Singaporeans who cope up by not getting enough sleep and allotting more time for work. Sleep should not be ignored because it is important for alertness and concentration. Sleep varies depending on the person but not getting enough sleep will turn out to be unproductive.
  1. Skipping meals: Skipping meals will only deprive our body of the necessary nourishment to last a day. If we do not eat properly, our body will have difficulty in concentration and it can decrease energy levels. If we want to lose weight, starving is not the best way to do it.
  1. Not eating on time: Not eating on time will rob our body of the nourishment it needs. If we are too busy, we have to remember that our topmost concern is our health.




  1. Not drinking enough water: We already know that we need at least six to eight glasses of water a day and yet we still ignore it. Hydrating the body is important as we lose water all the time.
  1. Having poor posture: When we are facing the computer for many hours, we tend to ignore our posture as long as we deliver. This is not healthy since our posture will be affected. If we do not have proper posture, it can cause discomfort like back aches, headaches, muscle pains and joint paints. The basic thing that we can do is improve our workspace by putting our computer where it is at eye level.

If we consider these things, our lives and well-being will be improved. Though these habits are simple to read and consider, we have to admit that it is difficult to achieve it. However, if we are serious about it, there is nothing that we cannot handle.


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