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Breaking the Workout-and-Eat Out Cycle

6 Tips to Avoid Overeating After Exercising
It’s kind of tempting to think that you deserve a big treat after having a good workout right? Well, be careful, as some Singapore fitness experts said that people who overeat after performing their workout routine tend to eat more calories than the amount that burned off. Now, you wouldn’t want to put all your hard work to waste right? If so, then check out these easy and simple tips on how you can fight off your overeating tendencies after a long workout.

Eating and exercise

  1. Eat before you start working out. Eating a healthy snack before you start exercising will give you more energy and will help your muscles in recovering faster, post workout. This is also a good way to fight off hunger while working out, making you eat less after exercising.
  1. Perform your workouts before your regular meal. If you’ve always felt hungry after working out, then try timing your workout routines before your regular meal. This way, you’ll be able to satisfy your post-workout hunger with the same amount of calories that you usually eat.
  1. Stay hydrated. Although drinking water won’t help you feel full for long periods of time, it will still help in easing your hunger. As it is quite easy to confuse thirst with hunger, try to drink plenty of water before and while working out. Doing this will not just give you more energy to exercise, it will also help you control your hunger after exercising.


  1. Drink a glass of low-fat or soy milk. Drinking a glass of low-fat or soy milk is already enough to provide you with the protein that you need to satisfy your hunger and to rebuild your muscles. Singapore fitness experts also said that compared to sport drinks, drinking milk offers a better long-term athletic performance.
  1. Consume healthy snacks throughout the day. Eating often, but in small portions, is also a good way to avoid overeating after exercising. Snack every three to four hours each day to keep your body fuelled for workout later.
  1. Eat only when you really need to. Eating something after working out is good, but don’t forget to listen to what your body is telling you. If you’re not hungry, don’t force yourself to eat just because you happen to read somewhere in the Internet that you need to.


Don’t let all your hard work to get that bikini body go to waste just because you overate after working out. Using these helpful tips and information, it’s now possible for you to break free from your workout-pig out routine.

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