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09 March 2018 ~ Comments Off on Popular Sports in Singapore

Popular Sports in Singapore

Singaporeans enjoy plenty of sports as a way to both entertain themselves and get their bodies on the move. It’s not a surprise, then, to know how the city-state plays myriad of sports instead of focusing merely on one. May it be for recreation or for competition, this article will present a list of some […]

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11 September 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Getting to Know the Designs of Red Dot Singapore

The History of the term ‘Red Dot’ Before discussing the fashion trend emanated by the label “Red Dot,” let us first know the origin of the term ‘red dot.’ Red dot is a famous term used to describe Singapore. Singapore is known to many countries as the ‘little red dot’ because this is how Singapore […]

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04 August 2014 ~ Comments Off on Laser Lights and Aviation Safety

Laser Lights and Aviation Safety

The number of people using laser lights rose here in Singapore. The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) warned the people that laser lights can endanger aircrafts. The agency warned those who use laser lights that if it strikes into the cockpit, it can cause confusion or distraction for pilots. In severe cases, it can […]

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