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Couples Favour Wedding Videography

Wedding is one special event in our lives that is even more important than our birth as we are old enough to enjoy and cherish the moment when we are the most important and center of attraction of all. And if you happen to be the bride, you know that there is no better or opportune time to be and look your best. You prepare, dress up and behave accordingly and know that the spotlight taken by the wedding videographer is on you. There was a time not so long ago in Singapore wedding when there was only photography to capture important moments during the ceremony but there were so many beautiful moments missed out as photographer could not be ready to click at the right time. Then came videography and caught the fancy of the people. It made saving all moments of significance possible with clarity and ensured that it was not just actual day wedding videography but also pre-wedding video containing videos of small but important ceremonies that often got overlooked by the photographer.


There was a time when the paraphernalia that a wedding videographer had to carry along was enormous with a bulky camera with a small memory that required removal and insertion of cassettes in the camera when one cassette finished. There were no inbuilt flashes and another person had to carry a flash in his hands all the time while the videographer managed to hold the camera on his shoulders. Those who are a bit older and have been privy to wedding videography Singapore in its earliest days can recall how the heavy apparatus was wired and had to be moved around the place in which ceremony was being carried out with great care to avoid mishaps of any kind.


Today, with the availability of cheaper and more advanced gear along with software has meant that wedding videography in Singapore is not only much better than what it was a decade ago but we are also getting to see some really nice movie effects being introduced in the videos. The price of the apparatus gone down and ease of operation has increased manifold making wedding videography very popular both among couples as they favour this platform as well as those who are amateurs and have taken up bridal videography as a full time profession.


With weddings becoming more grand than before and couples favour spending to have every moment of their wedding, including all pre wedding moments to the actual day wedding videography, this field has become a multimillion dollar industry in Singapore. If a videographer has the passion, and the talent to save the beautiful moment of a wedding with special focus on the bride, there are endless opportunities in this field. One has to be fully versed with all techniques needed to make a bride look more beautiful and stunning on her most special day in life. There are people who are covering 4-5 weddings a month and charging $2500 to $5000 per wedding ceremony to make a fortune out of this business. Even brides know that the person who can make them look more beautiful and special on their wedding through his videos deserves all the money he asks.

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