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Difference between Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is different from a wedding ring primarily because it is worn before the wedding ceremony. It serves as a proposal ring as well. With the design, engagement rings are often fancier than wedding rings. These rings have several meanings, including the commitment to the partner, and the wearing of the rings on the specific finger.



A woman who agrees to wear an engagement ring has also agreed to marry the person who gave it. The ring symbolizes that the wearer is soon to be married to another person. Whereas the wedding ring, it signifies that the wearer has been legally wedded and is now exclusively tied up to another person.

Moreover, the style of the ring also matters. A lavish ling jewellery proposal ring is often associated with great love and devotion a man has for a woman. Because of these associations, most people go extreme for the proposal ring and then settle for a more conservative style for the wedding bands.

Location of the Rings

Mostly, people wear both rings on the ring finger of the left hand. The common placement is that the wedding ring should be placed below the engagement ring so it would sit closer to the wearer’s hand. The tradition of wearing the Ling Jewellery engagement ring on the ring finger has been handed down to generations because of the belief that the ring finger of the left hand has a vein that links directly to the human’s heart.


Engagement rings are often more sophisticated than wedding rings. That’s why many couples opt for classic gold or platinum wedding bands to go with an ostentatious engagement piece. But there are also wedding rings sold in sets that are already well-embellished with precious stones, such as diamonds and gemstones.

Diamonds are the most popular stone used for ring centrepieces or for wedding bands embellishments, but any gem can also be used. There are also people who want to go away from the common stones and use uniquely designed ones like emerald or ruby.



Experts suggest that the price of an engagement piece should equate the person’s three months’ salary. But if you think the amount is too much, you can always make your own target price according to your budget. Experts also recommend that wedding rings should not be bought separately. So, if the woman declines the marriage proposal of the man, the man is left with matching rings which is easier for him to resell.

Knowing the difference between engagement rings and wedding rings will help you look for the most appropriate one and, somehow, help you save money. Jewellery shops in Singapore like ling jewellery offer a wide variety of wedding rings and engagement pieces. Singapore jewellers are very much knowledgeable with the latest ring designs and are more than willing to help you in choosing the perfect wedding ring.

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