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Domain Registration Process

Why register your domain? For Singapore online marketers, having a website will help them market their products better. Without a domain registration they can’t have their own website. For these marketers, it is very essential to register Singapore domain name for their business to function online. Moreover, registering domain name makes a person the official owner of the name. No one else has the authority to use the name except the one who sent it for registration.
But first, you have to choose your domain name before starting with the web design. Then check the domain name’s availability and complete the domain registration whole process. By doing this in advance, it will let you start with the web hosting immediately after the website is ready.

In the Singapore domain registration process, the registrar will ask for your contact details and some technical information related questions of your domain name. The information will then be stored in their directory which they call the registry. The singapore domain registration registry will let you receive e-mails from clients and consumers and also allowing them to search for your site. You will be asked to sign a contract which states the terms and conditions related to the domain name registration that you bought for your website.

Having your domain name registered in Singapore essentially means that you can make your own website from your registered computer and allow the people all over the world to gain access to it. You need to include your details in the directory which contains all the online domain names along with their corresponding computers.

When you register domain name you can immediately start selling services and products. After the domain registration you can start interacting with your clients on man to man basis. With the right domain name, it would be easier for everyone to search your company and, in return, help you gain profit.

Register domain name has two options for registrants. The first option is to make use of the web hosting and domain registration services provided by DIY site builders. Second option is to make use of the services, such as free internet access and storage spaces, offered by Internet service providers.

Limited Chartering of Domain Name
When you buy a domain name from the Singapore service provider, keep in mind that you are not given absolute ownership of the domain name. You will only be allowed to use the domain name for a specific time frame. After the time frame has lapsed, you have to renew your contract with your service provider. If you let the contract expire without renewing your domain name selection and registration, any of your competitors who find the domain name useful have all the rights to purchase it.

For that reason, it is very important to purchase a domain name from a dependable service provider. They have all the records and are very much aware of your domain registration expiry date and can remind you well in advance that your registration contract is about to end. This will stop your competitors from obtaining the domain name that you have established for your online business.

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