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Egg Variations in Singapore

Who doesn’t love eggs? If you love eggs, you should know that every October 10, the world celebrates World Egg Day. This is how the world commemorates the value of eggs especially in relation to nutrition. So, in preparation for this “egg”-citing event, you should know egg variations here in Singapore.


If you are serious about tasting the best egg variations here in Singapore, you should consider the following dishes:

  • Century Egg Porridge: Many prefer the century egg porridge because of its consistency and flavour. You can head to 265 New Bridge Road to order this. It only costs S$ 4.
  • Eggs Benedict with Braised Lobster: If you love lobster and eggs, you should head to Quayside Isle. The dish costs S$ 36. Your appetite will be treated with poached eggs and braised lobsters.
  • Pizza with Egg: Eggs are delicious addition to pizzas. If you want to eat a pizza with egg dabbed in the middle, you should head to Bayfront Avenue. The pizza costs S$ 38.
  •  Omurice: If you want a Japanese egg dish, you should consider omurice and head to 177 River Valley Road. This dish features Japanese fried rice covered in an omelette. It costs S$ 16.80.


  • Mini Spanish Breakfast: If you want to experience a traditional Spanish breakfast, you should try tapas and eggs. You can head to 16 Jiak Chuan Road and try their breakfast meals starting at S$ 10.
  • Scrambled Eggs: Who will forget about the traditional yet tasty scrambled eggs? You can cook this at home but if you want to try something different, you should go to 2 Bayfront Avenue.
  • Vietnamese Scotch Eggs: For S$ 16, you can try Vietnamese Scotch eggs at 23 Ann Siang Road. Instead of the usual chicken eggs, this dish features quail eggs with a twist.


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