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Finding the Right Oil Paintings and Art Gallery

Looking out for a new gallery to exhibit your art could surely be a daunting task for most of the artists and not all of the artists could have their own natural ability of selling their art paintings in Singapore. The only thing is that, the main rule for any kind of sales for oil and art paintings is by selling out yourself. So, if you happen to be one of them, how would you do such idea? Well, here are some of the tips for you to consider:


Submitting your portfolio- if you choose sending an oil painting portfolio directly into your chosen gallery, you have to ensure and simply follow up the guidelines being mentioned above. Most of the artists these days would only send out their marketing package including their professional portfolio without all the photos of their oil painting Singapore painted collection to Singapore art galleries, which could be stacked up into a pile and then being overlooked. Do not just try to be too clever with your presentation. You have to keep up your art painting portfolio in a tailored and professional way, being filled up with your best work. It is definitely a better idea for you to follow up two weeks later with your phone call.


Cold Call – it is when you would be picking up the phone, then call up your chosen art gallery, and then pitches yourself out by getting them interested to see the oil painting that you have painted. With this, you should practice and simply have a notepad together with your thoughts being outlined, so you would not ramble. Now, you should be ready for selling yourself out for the reason that there would be no artwork for you to hide over the telephone.


Sell yourself – it is definitely an aggressive kind of approach that will make or break your art career in selling oil paintings. It definitely all depends upon on how attuned you really feel with the owner or the director of the art gallery, most especially when you are in Singapore.

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