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Fit Over Fashion: A Guide to Choosing the Best Wedding Gown Silhouette for You

Singapore brides don’t simply splurge on any wedding dress. They spend serious amount of time, effort, and resources to get the most ideal one for them. From the colour to the materials used, every factor is scrutinized and taken into consideration.

However, many brides-to-be tend to overlook one factor – the silhouette. What many don’t know is that the silhouette is the most important element in enhancing one’s features and hiding imperfections. Here are some tips on choosing the right wedding gown silhouette.

1. A-Line Silhouettes
Wedding gowns with A-Line silhouettes are fitted at the waist area, highlighting the narrowness of the body’s midsection, with bottom that gradually widens toward the hem. Brides with heavier hips and thighs look stunning in this dress that is easily available from whitelink.com.sg established bridal boutique in Singapore as the skirt floats away from the body, camouflaging the body’s lower torso. Sturdy fabrics like taffeta and duchesse satin are the best materials for A-line wedding gowns since they don’t cling to the body.


2. Asymmetrical Hemline
A bridal dress with an asymmetrical hemline has a skirt that’s shorter in the front and longer in the back, lending a cascading look. This style is perfect for Singapore brides who want to flaunt their legs without donning a typical knee-length dress.

3. Empire Silhouettes
Empire gowns feature high waists that start right beneath the bust line, which works well in terms of elongating the body. Wedding gowns with this silhouette look flattering on petite brides or brides who want additional height. This style is also good for most figures as it covers up most of the body’s common problem areas, such as the tummy, hips, and thighs.

4. Sheath Style
Sheath style is perhaps the simplest silhouette for a wedding dress. These dresses have skirts that run vertically smooth from the hips to the hem. This is meant to accentuate and keep the focus on the upper half of the body, which is why this cut is more preferable by Singapore brides with slimmer figures. This silhouette is also a good pick for brides prefer understated yet elegant wedding gowns.

5. Mermaid Style
This silhouette is popular for its body-hugging cut, which extends from the chest to the knees. For most women, this silhouette can be too revealing and over-the-top as it clings to the body very closely, accentuating every bump and curve you have. However, if you’re confident and you’ve worked hard for that 36-24-36 body, show it off by wearing a mermaid style wedding gown. Remember though that when trying on tight-fitting dresses, walk, sit, and move around to get a feel of the dress’ comfort.


6. Knee-Length Wedding Dress
A knee-length wedding dress is a chic choice if you want to flaunt those sexy long legs. Match it with a pair of strappy high heels or peep toe pumps to further elongate your figure. Lace patterns and illusion-style neckline are also stylish additions for a more sophisticated appeal.


7. Ball Gown
If you’re looking for a gown that resembles that of Cinderella’s, there’s no better way to go but to don a ball gown silhouette dress. With its versatility, you’ll look and feel like a princess regardless of the type of neckline style or train length you’ll be pairing it with. Plus, ball gown dresses suits most body types, so you’re sure to look stunning whatever your body shape may be. However, petite brides may not look as good in a ball gown as the skirt is too full and may only make smaller brides look even smaller.
When shopping for your wedding gown, always remember that fit should always be over fashion. Choose a wedding dress in a flattering silhouette, and you’re guaranteed to look stylish and fashionable in an instant.


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