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Hello Fun Weekend!

Sometimes, we get so caught up with work that we have nothing else on our minds but projects, deadlines, and more projects. We have our minds set for work five to six days in a week that when the weekend comes we haven’t planned anything special or enjoyable to do. Now, that’s not such an exciting prospect, is it? So, to help you have a well-spent weekend, here are a few suggestions worth considering.


Massage Your Stress Away

All that paper work, long hours of working in front of the computer, and that stress-packed environment at work can certainly take a toll on your poor body. But not to worry because one quick way to solve that problem is to visit a spa and get a lovely massage to soothe your strained muscles and rejuvenate your mind from all that stress. One place you might want to try is St. Gregory Spa, which offers different traditional healing therapies and what’s more convenient is that it has four branches to choose from: Pan Pacific Singapore, PARKROYAL on Beach Road, Pan Pacific Orchard, and PARKROYAL on Pickering.

Let’s Go Swimming!

The sun is up, the weather is good, and the last time you went to the beach was ages ago. So, why not take a lovely trip to your favorite beach? Either with your friends or just alone, going to the beach isn’t a bad idea at all. The place will relax you and will surely take your mind off your stressors. Now that you have a plan, the next question is exactly where to go? Well, there is of course the beautiful stretch of beaches Sentosa has to offer: Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach, and Tanjong Beach.

Friends Swimming Underwater in Backyard Pool

Weekend is Synonymous with Partying

For some reason, you’re just not into massages and relaxation. Instead you’re more into releasing all that tension from work through dancing, loud music, and being around a larger crowd. Then, call up your friends and get pumped up because what’s coming to you is a weekend of all-out partying! Looking for an underground club? Then Home Club is the place for you. Known for supporting local bands and artists, Home Club is a sure way to enjoy a night of dancing and good music for young and adventurous clubbers. If you still can’t sleep after hours of partying, then why not go all the way and party till sun rise! Insomnia, located in Chijmes, is open 24 hours and will surely satiate your partying needs.



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