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Home Remedies for Eye Bags

Some people say that eye bags are something to be proud of because they are a symbol of how hardworking you are. It is an outcome of sleepless nights, overtime at work and taking care of your responsibilities even late at night. All of these may be true; however, eye bags do not look that good. They make one look tired and haggard; therefore, when they come out, they need to be managed.


One good remedy for eye bags is using tea bags. After drinking tea, you can use the tea bag for your eyes. Allow them to rest in your closed eyes for a while and then rinse. The caffeine content of tea will help in reducing the inflammation of the blood vessels in the eyes.

Other blood vessel constricting remedies which can be easily found at home, particularly in the kitchen are cucumber, potatoes, egg whites and cold water. Just cut some potatoes and cucumber and put these in your eyes for a while. Chemicals in these foods help in making the eyes puffy. Cold water and egg white, on the other hand, makes the eye bags stiff therefore inhibiting it to swell and also decreases the swelling. Cold spoon are also good eye bag removers also because of the temperature.


Other natural remedies are crushed mint and almond oil. All you have to do is to apply them under your eyes where the eye bags are before you sleep. Rose water is also an effective eye bag remover.


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