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Live Music for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding live music is a major factor that can transform your wedding reception into a big success.

Live Wedding Band

The Agent and the Bandleader

In some instances, there is an agent who will take charge in finalizing the deal between you and the Singapore wedding live band of your choice. In such case, it is important that you get the name and contact number of the bandleader. The bandleader together with his or her band members are the ones in charge of a successful performance. Should there be specifications regarding the performance, everything should be coordinated directly with the bandleader.

Charm and Charisma

Sure you can request for sample CDs from your prospect bands, and listening to their songs can give you a good idea of what they can do and how pleasant to the ears their kind of music is. However, by that, you will be able to judge them only on the surface. Remember that they will be playing wedding live music, which means that they will be seen by the guests as the whiteribbon wedding live band from Singapore performs right in front of everyone. The best way to know whether they have the right amount of charm and charisma that can capture and captivate your guests is by judging them as they audition live or on video. Charm and charisma is very important because the band should entertain the guests not only by their music but also by their presence. They should be a good fit for everyone, and they should know how to engage with the audience.



Another important characteristic of the best Singapore wedding live band is versatility or having diversity of skills. Remember that your guest list is composed of individuals from different age brackets. The best live band is a group of musicians who can play music for any age or gender. They should be able to connect with the guests and their varying tastes and preferences in music. It can be quite a challenge, but a professional wedding live band can guarantee that to you. Furthermore, the band should be ready to cater to song requests that might pop up anytime from amused guests who want more.

The Contract Details

Typically, a professional wedding live band Singapore has a readied contract for you to affix your signature to. Just in case your chosen band doesn’t have one, you really have to prepare it yourself. The following are main details the contract should include.

 Date, time, and venue of your wedding reception
 How many band members will be present
 Who will provide and operate the lighting and sound equipment, as well as the mixer
 Time when the band will set up their musical instruments and other equipment
 The desired dress code for them during the wedding
 How many guests will be there
 The perks they can have during the event such as free food and drink at no charge and etc.
 When the initial payment for them will be made and the amount
 When the remaining balance will be completed and the amount
 The list of songs to be played
 A substitute band and the person responsible to contact the substitute band in case something happens and they can’t be present


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