12 August 2014 ~ Comments Off on Nasi Padang: An Awesome Taste for Food Explorers

Nasi Padang: An Awesome Taste for Food Explorers

We all know that Singapore has different cuisines. Actually, the different culture that conquered Singapore had contributed a lot to the Singapore’s food preparation, taste and style. Today, there are four main cuisines in Singapore. These are Chinese cuisine, Indian, Malay and the Peranakan cuisine. As usual, Chinese bring the recipe for noodles, sushi and other raw foods.


For Indians, they have shared delectable coconut milk recipes while the Malay and Peranakan contributed to the hot and spicy dishes in Singapore. Of all the cuisines in Singapore, Chinese cuisine was the popular not just because they have the most number of races in the country but because it is loved by many Singaporeans. On the other hand, Indian recipes are also included on the list.


One great recipe prepared by Indians is the Nasi padang. Nasi padang is a dish that is uniquely cooked in a hot and dry manner but it is a very flavorful food. Actually, there are a lot of food stalls and restaurants in Singapore that serves nasi padang. The most well-liked Nasi padang booth in the country is the Hajjah Maimunah Nasi Padang.

The place provides a homey experience wherein your family members and friends can share buffet. You may also find some time to relax by finding the best Nasi Padang stalls in the vicinity.  But if you haven’t found one restaurant that serves nasi padang, try another location. If you cannot find it in our favorite table, don’t mind it because there are too many restaurants and fruit place to leave.



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