06 April 2014 ~ Comments Off on New Law for Cleaning Industry

New Law for Cleaning Industry

If you survey the workforce and ask who earns the lowest, you will surely find out that cleaners belong to this group. The good news is that the government is thinking about passing a new law that can guarantee an increase of cleaner’s wages to at least S$1000 per month. For their supervisors, they can make at least S$1,600 per month. There are 55,000 cleaners enduring basic monthly salary of S$820. These people can surely gain from the new law. Security guards can benefit from this law too.


This was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister, Tharma Shanmugaratnam on January 8, 2014. Since April of 2013, the government only engages Clean Mark Accredited companies to ensure the Progressive Wage Model (PWM). PWM compels accredited companies to pay their cleaners wages as endorsed by the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners (TCC). But the government is thinking of extending this rule across the cleaning industry.


The Environment and Water Resources will pass a bill to present a compulsory licensing rule. Under the Environmental Public Health Act, there will be a requirement that all in the cleaning business need to obtain license to function. The main licensing requirement is for cleaning companies to pay their cleaners with wages as ordered by the PWM. The Environment and Water Resources should fulfil this licensing rule by September 2014.

If the act is passed, the government will take defiance seriously. For companies that will attempt to evade this act, penalties will be imposed upon. For instance, breach of PWM will cost the cleaning company their license; it can be revoked or suspended. For customers obtaining cleaning services from non-licensed companies will suffer penalties.


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