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Why Are Kids’ Magazines Beneficial To Children?

One of the beautiful things about kids is that they are curious by nature. They like to ask a lot of questions, they are not afraid to get dirty, and they try different things. One way to enhance their curious minds is by letting them read kids magazines.


Letting your kids read a children’s magazine isn’t only a good way to boost their curiosity, it is also a way to make them interested to read non-fiction publications. Letting them read a full-length book can be a bit overwhelming especially if they are just starting to read. Books can have very small texts and most of them don’t have pictures to attract the young ones to read further. Children’s magazine, on the other hand, makes reading fun for kids. The colours are lively, the pictures are relatable, and the overall content is easy to understand.

Science magazine for kids is probably the most popular kind of magazine for kids. As stated earlier, kids have a lot of questions, especially when they reach 3-6 years old. Kids in this age normally have questions such as “Where did the rain go?”,Why is the Earth round?”, or “Where do babies come from?” It can get a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re a first time mom. That’s why science magazine for kids would be of great help. These kinds of magazines gently, but efficiently explains the answers to kids. It covers topics like astronomy, animals, and general chemistry. It usually comes with fun do-it-yourself projects too.

Kids’ magazines, in general, have a lot of advantages, besides making reading fun for kids. One of them is that it improves a child’s vocabulary. Conversing with your child isn’t the only way to widen his word bank, reading is an effective way too. Magazines usually use simple and easy to understand words. Kids who have a wide vocabulary range has a great advantage over those who doesn’t.


Another great advantage that children’s magazine have is that it brings children and parents closer. Reading magazines together will create a special bond between them. Not everything that is written on the magazine can be understood easily by a child, they will begin firing questions as soon as they start reading. And who else is there to answer their questions but their parents, right? Nowadays, teenagers and even some kids don’t talk to their parents anymore. They are too secretive and oftentimes, they just rely on the Internet for answers rather than asking their parents. It could be avoided if you’ll start to talk to your kids more and bond through reading and answering their questions at an early age.

Reading is such a wonderful thing that everyone should take advantage of, even kids. Of course, the best way to make them be interested in reading is by assuring them that there will be attractive pictures that accompany the texts. Kid’s magazines are great reading materials to get started. Letting your children read magazines have a lot of advantages, but the most important one is that it keeps them curious and craving for more information.


When to End a Relationship

Starting a relationship is always a sweet one. You get to meet this person, discover that you both share a lot of similarities, discover just how much you enjoy this person’s company, and then you start wondering whether this is the soul mate you’ve long been waiting for. Ending a relationship on the other hand can be a brutal and brisk affair while for some it can be an agonizing slow painful death. Almost immediately you’re certain this is not the person you’ve been looking for. You even wonder whatever you’ve seen in this other person. Here are some signs when you know it’s about time to end a relationship:


You feel abused in your relationship

If you find yourself in an abusive relationship, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make a move to end that unhealthy relationship. In fact, the moment that your parent has laid hands on you and shown signs of being an abusive partner is when you should start packing. Staying longer is only an act of denial thinking and hoping that the abusive partner will change later on.

You no longer love the other person as much as you once did

Love should be the basis for your relationship and nothing else. It cannot be out of pity or necessity. If you have realized that you no longer love the other person, then better come honest and open about it right away. You might be doing both yourself and your partner a favor when you do so. If you notice that your partner doesn’t seem to treat you in a loving manner, this can be a sign to get out of the relationship as well.

Young Couple Seated Back To Back

You can no longer trust the other person

Aside from love, trust is an important component in a healthy loving relationship. Without trust, your relationship is only going nowhere. If you’re partner has done a grave error causing you to lose your trust, your partner should be aware of this so that he or she can be given a second chance and try to earn that trust again.

You’re no longer happy in the relationship

You know that you’re in a healthy relationship when you’re stress-free and happy most of the times. You know that you’re not when you’re always troubled and filled with negative emotions. It’s about time to say goodbye when you’re just unhappy and emotionally stressed for the most part.


Why We Fall in Love

Singapore has seen numerous cases of broken families, childbirths out of wedlock, and even of long term relationships only gone sour. Yet, people still insist on finding that special someone they can share the rest of their lives with. It seems that human beings are wired to have that emotional need for love. Love is powerful enough to shred our emotions to pieces and yet it’s too irresistible to ignore once it comes knocking back in our hearts. Let’s see what the experts among us think as to why human beings simply fall in love.


Blame it on the hormones

Scientists have observed that we produce certain chemical compounds in our body when we meet someone that causes the attraction. Samples of such hormones can be the Oxytocin and Vasopressin. These hormones send signals in our brains making us feel the emotional equivalent for desire and attraction. We also have certain preferences on a combination of hormones which explains why we only get attracted to some people.

It’s all in the mind

Psychologists say that love is caused by the psychological factors at work in an individual. Discovering that you share the same things that you love makes you feel closer to another person. Spending a considerable amount of time with someone and sharing intimate conversations can make you feel that you both like each other. Psychologists suggest that it is what we believe in that fuels romance and passion with another person.


Let’s get physical

Most of us fall in love through our eyes. This is probably how the cliché Love at First Sight came about. We each have a mental picture of what is a beautiful and sexy woman or a gorgeous man. These aesthetic and sexual preferences that we hold in our mind will trigger the emotional equivalent of physical attraction once we meet someone who resembles our desired image.

Because it’s social

Lastly, our environment has a lot to do in shaping us to become beings with longings to be in a relationship. Families are the building units of societies so our society would encourage its individual members to build families in order for the society to thrive. We are also living in an age where social media heavily influences the way we think and live our lives. We see a lot of desirable images of couples in a relationship making us want to have something similar.

Woman embracing her boyfriend

Tips on How to Wear High Heels Painlessly  


Women always want to look their best even if it means there is pain. Anyway pain will subside once we are used to it. For example, wearing of high heels is a pleasant sight but it can be very uncomfortable and painful for many women. If you are in the corporate world, sometimes we are required to wear high heels.


When we go to parties, we also wear high heels. High heels look fashionable but we have to endure it. Actually there are others who never got used to it. We just adopt the “fake it till you make it” or “grin and bear it” adage. Sometimes our love for stylish shoes goes above our desire to walk comfortably. There is nothing wrong with that but we have to know that there are ways on how to wear high heels painlessly as possible.

Here are some tips:

  • Pick the right size: The most common mistake of women is picking the wrong shoe size and end up either regretting or in pain. Do not assume that you have the same foot size from five years later. You have to know that foot size varies over the years especially after bearing children. The best thing to do here is to have it measured at least once a year.
  • Know thy foot type: Of course there is such thing as foot type and knowing it is the key to a more comfortable use. The best person that can help you is the podiatrist. The podiatrist will know what is going on and what your foot type is. If podiatrist is not available, there are still things that you can consider. You should discover on your own if you have a high-arch foot or flat foot. One neat trick is to step on a construction paper and making an impression using wet foot.


  • The thicker the heel, the better: When it comes to comfort and stylish, the heels should be thicker. Remember the rule that the thicker the heel, the better. Avoid thin heels like stilettos. Stilettos are not recommended for women on the go since it can cause foot to tremble all the time.
  • Take breaks: It is important that you take breaks. Make sure to kick off those shoes and stretch toes and ankles. Speaking of stretches, you have to seriously consider it. Stretches should target the ankle and the front of the foot by pointing toes down or putting it up using strap.
  • Opt for more coverage: Remember that the more coverage you consider on top of your foot, the easier it is to use. High heeled boots make an excellent choice. You can wear it all day if you prefer. Choosing shoes with more coverage on top can actually avoid blisters and friction.

In high heels, we will surely look fabulous and fierce but it is not everything. If things are very painful, there is no use enduring it. There are many flat shoes here in Singapore that we can consider. Flat shoes are better than high heels because it gives comfort to the sole. Long hours of standing and walk will not matter if we use flats.


Crazy Travel Beliefs Around the World


Every country has different rituals and beliefs when it comes to traveling, and there are many travellers who carry their beliefs together with their luggage. Many of these beliefs keeps us wary and careful, and thus are for our own good. But, sometimes, they can also spoil the fun of traveling. When we travel, we should get rid of these “spoiler” beliefs and simply enjoy the place we’re visiting.

No 13th Floor -- Madeo

It is frightening going outside Singapore and even we have sets of travel beliefs but as mentioned earlier, we have to let go and enjoy the places we will visit. Here are crazy travel beliefs around the world:


Despite their modernity and innovativeness, Americans have different travel beliefs. The most common one is the number thirteen and what it can do. The unlucky number thirteen became so famous because of scary movies and tales. Many people still consider it bad luck so there are many hotels and buildings without a 13th floor. According to a Gallup Poll, 13% (ironically enough) of their respondents said they would be concerned if they were assigned to the 13th floor.


Nepal faced challenges because their airplanes had series of mechanical problems. Truth is, they believe that it is a sign of bad luck so the Nepal Airlines actually sacrificed 2 goats so that mechanical problems will be solved. In addition to a goat sacrifice, the airline company surrendered farm animals to the Hindu sky God Akash Bhairab.


If it is number thirteen for Americans, it is number four for Chinese. The next time you get on a Chinese airplane, notice that there is no row 4. This is because in the Chinese language the number four sounds similar to word for death. No one wants to seat in the “death row” so number four is often not included in numbering rows.



If you are in Ireland, you have to know that every St. Martin’s Day, no wheel should be turned. Every November 11, Irish people celebrate the life and works of St. Martin – a month and patron of the poor. The story goes like this: St. Martin was thrown in stream and got killed by a wheel. This is the exact reason why you have to avoid wheels during November 11.


Italians do not like the number 17. For them, it is the unluckiest number. The reason is that when Roman numeral number 17 is translated, it means “I have lived”. This will lead many people to believe that you are ready to die and inviting death. Hence, Italians do not start their trip on the seventeenth.


In Ukraine, before embarking on travel, people sit together in silence. This custom is good since it can avoid anxiety. Ukrainians believe that anxieties and all other negative feelings should not be taken along with the trip.


Performers in Norway use the phrase “Tvi Tvi” which is one way to say “good luck” before the show begins. Technically, “Tvi Tvi” refers to a curse but this is a gift for others. They believe that when evil spirits try to approach the person, they will think twice since they are already cursed. This is actually good news for the people.

These beliefs are of course not true. It will only be true if you think that it is.


Why We Love the Song Triplets – Daehan, Minguk and Manse


Singapore has been Koreanized as the Hallyu wave swept through across Asia. Most of us have been watching their daily dose of Korean drama ever since the Endless Love drama series tugged at our hearts years ago. Now, even Korean variety shows are keeping Singaporeans entertained and providing laughter to their homes.


One of such popular shows is KBS’ The Return of Superman, a reality show where celebrity dads are left alone with their kids for an entire 48 hours while the moms go on a day off. In 2015, the show introduced us to Song Il Gook’s (remember the Korean drama Jumong?) fraternal triplets named Daehan, Minguk and Manse. The triplets have captivated the hearts of viewers since their first appearance on Episode 34 of the show.

If you’re not in love with these kids yet, I’ll give you 5 reasons why you should:

  1. They make eating look so much fun. These kids are no picky eaters. It’s fun to watch them eat their veggies and leave nothing on their plates. They adorably call out for their food to be served and look so happy once they see their food coming. Watching them eat always makes me hungry.


  1. They are adorable singers. They’ve been singing children songs since the start of the episode. They sing while they eat, when they’re happy, when they play, when they’re riding in their dad’s car – they sing a lot. They also can’t help moving their bodies to the beat as they sing.

They were even able to perform in front of a crowd. They also had an opportunity to record their favorite song “Tyrannosaurus” at the YG studio! It’s easy to imagine these kids becoming handsome K-Pop idols when they grow up.


  1. The brothers look out for each other. They brothers are really close. Daehan, the eldest or the hyung, is the responsible one who looks after his dongsaengs or younger brothers. He often shares his food to them and feeds them. Minguk, the middle one, always worries about his brothers when he notices that one of them is missing.

Manse, the youngest, often holds his brothers’ hands. There were scenes when the brothers comforted each other when someone was scared or crying. They also learned to work together in achieving their goals whenever their dad sends them on an errand.

  1. They love their dad. Song Il Gook is really lucky to have these kids. He gets to play with them, kiss them, and hug them. He takes the boys with him on his marathon races. It’s heartwarming whenever the triplets sing encouragement and support for their dad.


  1. They are such well-behaved kids. It’s amazing to watch how their parents raised Daehan, Minguk, and Manse really well. There never was any instance on the show when the kids misbehaved, acted rudely, or seemed spoiled. They listened to their dad and were always polite to the adults even to the cameramen. They didn’t hesitate to give a hug or a kiss to the elders and they acted as gentlemen to other kids.


Why You Should Travel More Often


We live in better times when more and more people are able to travel around the world. Gone are the days when travelling is only for the fortunate few. Now countries are opening up their territories to help improve their economies. This is true in Singapore where tourism is a major industry. We’re able to attract a whopping 11 million (and more) tourists every year. On a global scale, Singaporeans are also considered as one of the most frequent travelers. There are just so many places to go to but so little time.


Traveling provides an escape from regular life

I’ve read inspiring quotes that say we were not born to just pay bills and die. I definitely agree. If you want to attain a quality life, you need to have a good work and life balance. We’re given vacation leaves at work and it’s good when you want to just spend your free time at home so you can grab that much needed rest. But consider how travelling can be such a stress-buster, too. You are given a temporary break from your mundane life each time you travel. You go to places you want to go to where there are things you want to see, taste, and experience. You are out exploring what your eyes have only seen on movies and TV. You get to be and do what you only experience through the pagesof a book. In short, you get the chance to focus only on things you want and love. You get to forget problems and even entitled to forget temporarily.

Travelling strengthens bond with loved ones

Travelling with your lover, friends, and family is a good way to get to know each other better. You get to share rooms, spend a lot of time talking, get to eat together, experience new things together, discover together. Admittedly, conflicts may arise when you spend too much time together. But travelling also helps create unforgettable memories that strengthen bonds. Doing what you love most with the people you love is simply precious.


Travelling is a good investment

Those hesitant to travel point out that it’s too expensive to travel. It may be so. But it is also said that travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.  Travelling gives you the gift of experience and unforgettable memories. These experience and memories are things that other people can never take away from you. This is because they become a part of you. So if you are to invest in something, invest in experiences. Invest in memories. Invest in your life. Go out and travel.

Travelling increases your knowledge

No one gets to travel and come back still ignorant or unchanged. Going out to the world means you experience other people’s cultures, you see things you’ve never laid eyes on before, and you interact with people of other races. You realize that the world does not revolve around you and your problems. You get to appreciate your life. You learn to understand and empathize with other people. Travelling teaches you in ways a four wall classroom cannot.


Five Steps of Logical Thinking  


We have the brains and it is only right to make good use of it not to fool other people but to pursue advancements in science, technology and medicine. Unfortunately, not all Singaporeans are maximizing the possibilities of the brain and use it to our advantage.


We heard people saying that we have to improve our logical thinking but what does it imply? It means that we have to expand our thinking based on knowledge and prove certainties. We rely on our logical thinking and it has become the basis of modern technology.

Logical thinking banks on our conscious brain – the most limited part of our thinking. This is the reason why it is important to strengthen logical thinking. For some Singaporeans, logical thinking is challenging. Here are some steps of logical thinking:


  1. Solution: Working towards clear solutions should be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.
  2. Systematic planning: The next thing that you need to consider is systematic planning. You already identified the “what”. The systematic planning will answer the “how”. Systematic planning will help you find the correct procedure or method.
  3. Expending information: The information should be expended to reach your goals. The information gathered should be grouped, organized and ranked to fit in the bigger picture. This is where you make the connections.
  4. Reasoning: Reasoning will come next. It is the process of thinking something in order to form a judgment or conclusion.
  5. Check conclusion: Before dispensing the decision, you need to check the conclusion and make sure that it is the real solution to your goals.



Getting to Know the New Itinerary Planner  


Traveling is fun when we are actually at the desired place but months before it is painstakingly annoying and tiring. We have to take care of many things and sometimes when we are there, things might go wrong. Planning a travel should be a memorable experience not the other way around.


The good news is that there is a new application that can help us with our itinerary for a hassle-free travel planning. We might be skeptical at first but let us give the application the benefit of the doubt. The application is called Utrip. We can download it for free at Utrip.com.

The application was developed and created by Gilad Berenstein, 28 years old. His experience in his travels ushered the creation of this application. According to him Utrip is all about travellers having a unique and authentic experience. It is not about booking a travel.   


The mobile application is the first of its kind because it is trying to tie human expertise and artificial intelligence. The application is simple and easy to navigate – you tell it your budget, interests and the size of the group then adjust it according to your pace.

That is like hiring a travel agent without paying for it of course. After entering the details on the dashboard, Utrip will sort through lots of possibilities in minutes. When it is done with its thing, it can show a tailored itinerary with complete maps. It does not end there because Utrip has partnered with many hotels. You can easily book a hotel there and once it is confirmed, your hotel will be integrated in your itinerary.

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Tips To Get Into Running

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercises and fitness beginners want to get into the habit of going out for a run as a cardio workout. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Most people try running for a few times and then inevitably quite because it leaves you gasping for breath and aching all over.


If you’re a person who’s dedicated to learning about the art of running for fitness, then read on the following tips below to make your running experience a fun one.


Be realistic.

It’s perfectly normal to be very excited about your first time running. Usually running beginners tend to make unrealistic goals on their running rate. Countless people think that a 45 minute run on their first day seem like a good start. For experienced runners, this may be a walk in the park, but for someone who haven’t even started yet, that’s too much.

Start slow and when you get a hang of it after a week or a few days, gradually push yourself to cover more miles in a shorter time.


Endure the pain.

One thing you need to learn about your first week of getting into running is that your body will badly hurt. Your body won’t always be this way. Most people stop running because of themisconception their body will be sore after every run.

The body is simply adjusting to the strenuous activity and after continually doing it for a few more days, you will definitely feel better.


Do it in the morning.

Experts state that it’s best to go running early in the morning. Planning to run in the evening seems difficult to do since people have low motivations in working out after facing a stressful day. The more you delay your workout, the more you procrastinate and end up not doing it.


Do it somewhere with an interesting view.

Nothing makes running more boring than doing it somewhere bland and dull. Who enjoys the sight of industrial buildings and dark pavements? To make running an enjoyable experience, run somewhere with a beautiful scenery and fresh air.

You can do it by the beach, a short hill or in the park. You can use an app to access prospect routes for your run.


10 Foods to Eat to Help Fight Cancer

More and more studies are showing that there are a lot of substances in our environment, our guilty pleasures and the food that we eat that are carcinogenic.

It’s difficult to avoid these carcinogenic elements when it can be found all around you. Luckily, there are a variety of healthy food choices that contain cancer-fighting properties that can help slow down and eliminate harmful substances in our body, if taken on a regular basis.

The following are just some of these superfoods that decrease your risk of developing cancer.



Cruciferous vegetables like kale, cauliflower and cabbage all have cancer-fighting components. But among all of them, broccoli is the only vegetable in this group that has large amounts of sulforaphane, which is a compound that flushes away toxic cancer-causing chemicals in the body and at the same time, boosting your protective enzymes.



Usually enjoyed with your favorite cookies or sweets, tea is not only a good alternative for coffee. A piping hot cup of tea is rich in kaempferol, a type of flavonoid that have shown cancer-fighting effects to the body, specifically lowering risk of developing ovarian cancer in women. Tea also blocks free radicals from entering the body through the help of the antioxidant catechin.



Rich in lycopene, tomatoes are widely-known to combat lung, endometrial, stomach and prostate cancers. The lycopene present in tomatoes help stop the growth and production of endometrial cancer, which is a type of cancer that claims thousands of lives per year.



Berries as a food group is abundant in phytonutrients that shield the body from cancer. Berries help fgut the development of cancers such as colon, esophageal and skin cancer.



A popular spice known to fight the effects of nausea, ginger has another power under its belt. Studies show that ginger has the ability to kill cancer cells in the body.



Walnuts are a good snack to eat whenever hunger strikes. It has phytosterol, a type of molecule that slows down the grown of breast cancer cells by blocking the estrogen receptors in them. Walnuts help fight breast and prostate cancers.



Garlic is a spice known to have many beneficial properties to the body. According to a research done in Iowa, women who get into a garlic-rich diet have a 50% lesser chance of developing colon cancer, compared to women who doesn’t.



Black and navy beans are said to be able to reduce the development of colon cancer, according to an experiment in rats. The fatty acid butyrate found in beans possess a protective element against certain cancer cells.



Grapes contain resveratrol, a rich antioxidant that limits the production of cancer cells in the body. It can also help prevent the spread of these cancer cells in the body.


Whole Grains

Whole grains contain copious amounts of fiber and antioxidants that help lower risks of colorectal cancer. Include a healthy dose of oatmeal, barley, pasta and brown rice in your diet to see these vital effects.


Fit Over Fashion: A Guide to Choosing the Best Wedding Gown Silhouette for You

Singapore brides don’t simply splurge on any wedding dress. They spend serious amount of time, effort, and resources to get the most ideal one for them. From the colour to the materials used, every factor is scrutinized and taken into consideration.

However, many brides-to-be tend to overlook one factor – the silhouette. What many don’t know is that the silhouette is the most important element in enhancing one’s features and hiding imperfections. Here are some tips on choosing the right wedding gown silhouette.

1. A-Line Silhouettes
Wedding gowns with A-Line silhouettes are fitted at the waist area, highlighting the narrowness of the body’s midsection, with bottom that gradually widens toward the hem. Brides with heavier hips and thighs look stunning in this dress that is easily available from whitelink.com.sg established bridal boutique in Singapore as the skirt floats away from the body, camouflaging the body’s lower torso. Sturdy fabrics like taffeta and duchesse satin are the best materials for A-line wedding gowns since they don’t cling to the body.


2. Asymmetrical Hemline
A bridal dress with an asymmetrical hemline has a skirt that’s shorter in the front and longer in the back, lending a cascading look. This style is perfect for Singapore brides who want to flaunt their legs without donning a typical knee-length dress.

3. Empire Silhouettes
Empire gowns feature high waists that start right beneath the bust line, which works well in terms of elongating the body. Wedding gowns with this silhouette look flattering on petite brides or brides who want additional height. This style is also good for most figures as it covers up most of the body’s common problem areas, such as the tummy, hips, and thighs.

4. Sheath Style
Sheath style is perhaps the simplest silhouette for a wedding dress. These dresses have skirts that run vertically smooth from the hips to the hem. This is meant to accentuate and keep the focus on the upper half of the body, which is why this cut is more preferable by Singapore brides with slimmer figures. This silhouette is also a good pick for brides prefer understated yet elegant wedding gowns.

5. Mermaid Style
This silhouette is popular for its body-hugging cut, which extends from the chest to the knees. For most women, this silhouette can be too revealing and over-the-top as it clings to the body very closely, accentuating every bump and curve you have. However, if you’re confident and you’ve worked hard for that 36-24-36 body, show it off by wearing a mermaid style wedding gown. Remember though that when trying on tight-fitting dresses, walk, sit, and move around to get a feel of the dress’ comfort.


6. Knee-Length Wedding Dress
A knee-length wedding dress is a chic choice if you want to flaunt those sexy long legs. Match it with a pair of strappy high heels or peep toe pumps to further elongate your figure. Lace patterns and illusion-style neckline are also stylish additions for a more sophisticated appeal.


7. Ball Gown
If you’re looking for a gown that resembles that of Cinderella’s, there’s no better way to go but to don a ball gown silhouette dress. With its versatility, you’ll look and feel like a princess regardless of the type of neckline style or train length you’ll be pairing it with. Plus, ball gown dresses suits most body types, so you’re sure to look stunning whatever your body shape may be. However, petite brides may not look as good in a ball gown as the skirt is too full and may only make smaller brides look even smaller.
When shopping for your wedding gown, always remember that fit should always be over fashion. Choose a wedding dress in a flattering silhouette, and you’re guaranteed to look stylish and fashionable in an instant.


Everything You Need to Know about the Healthier Dining Programme  


The National Nutrition Survey 2010 revealed that sixty percent of Singaporeans eat lunch or dinner outside their homes. Typically, meals outside contain an average of 700 to 800 calories per meal. As a result, there is a huge possibility that Singaporeans exceed daily intake.


With this, in 2014, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) propelled the Healthier Dining Programme. The programme seeks to intensify tasty but healthy meal options in collaboration with different partners across the Food and Beverage sector.

There has been a rising trend for healthier meals here in the past year. In fact, there are more than one thousand Food and Beverage outlets like cafes, hawker centres, caterers and restaurants that joined the programme. As of May 2015, HPB listed more than nine hundred thousand healthy meals sold.


When you dine out, you have to look for the Healthier Dining Partners to make sure. It can be identified easily with a decal – the Healthier Choice. The decals are put in the front of stores for easy identification. The decals come in different forms. There’s a decal claiming “lower in calories”, “healthier oils” and “higher in whole-grains”.

Healthier meals are not only for the rich or well-off. HPB is also urging ordinary Singaporeans to consider healthier meal options through their more than five hundred partner stores island-wind. There was an extension of Healthier Dining Programme called “Enjoy Every Day the Healthy Way” last year. The promotion effectively encouraged people to combine healthy foods with healthy drinks.

If you think first before eating, you may have to live longer and happier. Indeed it is difficult to consider healthy foods amidst the diversity and the taste but you have to take action now before it is too late.


Modern Applications of Laser Technology

The advent of laser made many things possible. With its numerous applications, the world became better. Before tackling the applications of laser technology, it is important that you know basic things about it. Laser is derived from the acronym “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation”. It was Arthur Leonard Schawlow and Charles Hard Townes who provided the theoretical framework but it was Theodore Maiman who made it possible in 1960.


Laser is a well-known device that has the capacity to release coherent light. Since its invention, laser technology proved to be helpful in many fields and industries. The applications include:

  • Scientific: The good news is that lasers are used in different scientific ways. For example, lasers can be used for atmospheric remote sensing as well as many holographic techniques. It does not end there because lasers can also be used in spectroscopy. Take Raman spectroscopy for instance, the laser can help chemists in drawing a fingerprint to identify molecules. Other applications in scientific field include heat treatment, photochemistry, laser cooling, microscopy and nuclear fusion.


  • Military: The military also proved that laser technology is helpful in their pursuit of safety and security. Lasers can be used as an energy weapon. The energy weapons are created inside Boeing 747 which aims to extinguish short or intermediate range ballistic missiles. There’s another type of laser that is capable of disorienting the person. As if it is not enough, laser that can guide a missile to their target.


  • Medical: Lasers are proliferating in the field of medicine. In cosmetic surgery for instance, the person can now wish to remove tattoos, stretch marks, scars and other things with the use of laser technology. Other medical applications include refractive, eye surgery and soft tissue surgery. Doctors also use laser as scalpel for general surgeries, laparoscopic, urology and gynaecological. Lasers proved to be helpful in dentistry as well.


  • Commercial and industrial: Sometimes, you do not know it but lasers are present in your daily life. Lasers are used in soldering and plastic welding. It can also be used in cutting, marking, drilling, pointer, readers, peening, scanners, alignment and many more.


  • Entertainment: Laser lighting are essential for music concerts.


  • Construction: In construction, lasers are important to level the horizontal plane. You see surveyors with their tripod. This is to compare the elevations of different points in a given terrain.

Here in Singapore, you use the technology every day. With its help, you already accomplished and will accomplish many things in the future.


The Real Score on Beauty Blenders  


If you’re a big follower of fashion and beauty trends, then you probably like scouring the internet for useful beauty tips straight from the expert makeup artists who are responsible for the flawless looks of our favorite celebrities in the runway and the red carpet.


The new “it” item when it comes to achieving flawless beauty looks using makeup is the Beauty Blender. It’s that pink sponge shaped like a big droplet of water we’ve seen backstage in fashion shows and on Youtube makeup tutorials.

If you’re as clueless as I am when it comes to this wonderful beauty tool, read on to learn the dos and don’ts of using and caring for the Beauty Blender.


How to Use

The Beauty Blender can be used in the application of foundation, BB cream, tinted moisturizer, concealer, etc. As the name suggests, it is used in blending makeup products seamlessly.

  • Use It Wet. The key element in the effective use of the Beauty Blender is using it wet. Run the sponge under running water and then gently squeeze out the excess. Using the blender wet prevents it from soaking the product into the sponge and not on its rightful place, which is our face.
  • Be Handy. Do not pump out your liquid foundation directly on the sponge. Instead, pump it onto the back of your hand. This warms up the product, giving it a smoother consistency for easier application.
  • Don’t Rub It In. Using the round bottom part of the sponge, dip it on the foundation and apply it on your face. Use gentle dabbing strokes instead of aggressively rubbing the product on your face. After dabbing, bounce and press the sponge on your face lightly to make sure that the makeup looks natural. This process is called by makeup professionals as stippling.
  • Erase the Past. A Beauty Blender can also be used as an eraser if we ever mess up while applying our makeup. Simply get a dry sponge, drag it on the expanse of the skin to remove makeup and start again.
  • Blender Tip. Use the tip of the blender to get to hard to reach areas like the inside eye corners, outer creases of the nose and the jawline area- perfect for applying concealer.


How to Care

An amazing beauty product such as a blender needs optimum care for it to last a long time. Regularly clean the sponges to prevent bacteria from getting into the sponge.

  • Do not use harsh cleansers in cleaning the blender. Simply use baby shampoo mixed with water or a sulfate-free soap.
  • Wet the sponge with a little water, apply the gentle cleaning agent and gently rub it to create a lather.
  • Rinse the Beauty Blender properly and air-dry it.

We see our beauty tools as a form of investment. Learning to care for these products is as important as learning how to use them properly. Proper cleaning and maintenance is also a way of ensuring the health of our skin by taking great care of products that are in contact with our face. This way, we can ensure the longevity of the product and get the best value for our money.


Varicose Veins and Spider Veins: How to Eliminate Them  


Is the sight of varicose veins giving you less confidence to wear dresses and short skirts? Varicose and spider veins are a common sight among women all over the world.


The presence of these leg veins is caused by prolonged standing or sitting. Staying in a prone position for too long can cause stress to the valves and impedes the blood from flowing in the right direction. When this occurs, the blood pools and bloats the veins, making them bigger and more visible.

Varicose and spider veins are also commonly seen in pregnant women, especially if you’ve had more than one pregnancy. The fetus growing inside can apply pressure to the veins in your pelvic area, causing spider veins to appear. Women who regularly wear heels are also not an exception in getting varicose and spider veins.


To prevent the formation of varicose and spider veins on your legs, take note of the following

  • Avoid constantly crossing your legs while sitting down
  • Avoid wearing heels that are more than four centimeters high
  • Avoid wearing garments that are too tight around the thigh and the leg area
  • Do work out regularly in order to keep the right blood flow throughout the body. Do exercises that focuses on your leg area.



If you are already suffering from varicose and spider veins, different forms of treatment are available to have them removed and for the pain to be eased.

To ease the discomfort of having varicose veins, wearing compression stockings can improve the blood flow in your legs. You can also try raising your legs above your chest as another option in enhancing correct blood flow.

The presence of varicose and spider veins can be unsightly. Fortunately, you have an option of getting invasive treatments to improve the cosmetic appearance of the veins. These clinical treatments also lessen the swelling and the pain.

Injection sclerotherapy is a form of treatment wherein a fine needle injects a solution to the spider veins, causing them to become just small fibrous threads, which eventually will close permanently.

Clarivein is another treatment option for varicose veins, which is minimally-invasive and uses a rotating catheter to pump sclerosant to the vein in order to close it.

Endovenous laser treatment is the form of treatment highly recommended for people with diseased veins that are shorter than seven meters. Ultrasound is used together with a small catheter and inserted into a small skin opening. A lot of patients prefer this treatment because there is no incision, hospitalization and general anesthesia needed. There is also less pain involved so there is lesser down time.

Bad Health Habits We Have to Break Right Now


We should not wait for New Year to draw our resolutions like breaking our bad health habits. It is important that we break our bad habits right now so it will not take a toll on our health. No matter how we are resolved to take matters on our hand when it comes to breaking bad health habits, it is not that easy.

Lack of sleep can lead to a sense of drunkenness, affecting productivity and health.

Most of us have become accustomed to bad habits that we are not aware they are already wreaking havoc to our well-being.  We have put away our unhealthy habits before it is too late for us. So, here are some bad health habits that need breaking right this moment:

  1. Not getting enough sleep: Singapore is busy as it is. There is nothing that we can do about it but cope up. There are some Singaporeans who cope up by not getting enough sleep and allotting more time for work. Sleep should not be ignored because it is important for alertness and concentration. Sleep varies depending on the person but not getting enough sleep will turn out to be unproductive.
  1. Skipping meals: Skipping meals will only deprive our body of the necessary nourishment to last a day. If we do not eat properly, our body will have difficulty in concentration and it can decrease energy levels. If we want to lose weight, starving is not the best way to do it.
  1. Not eating on time: Not eating on time will rob our body of the nourishment it needs. If we are too busy, we have to remember that our topmost concern is our health.




  1. Not drinking enough water: We already know that we need at least six to eight glasses of water a day and yet we still ignore it. Hydrating the body is important as we lose water all the time.
  1. Having poor posture: When we are facing the computer for many hours, we tend to ignore our posture as long as we deliver. This is not healthy since our posture will be affected. If we do not have proper posture, it can cause discomfort like back aches, headaches, muscle pains and joint paints. The basic thing that we can do is improve our workspace by putting our computer where it is at eye level.

If we consider these things, our lives and well-being will be improved. Though these habits are simple to read and consider, we have to admit that it is difficult to achieve it. However, if we are serious about it, there is nothing that we cannot handle.


Beauty Tips after Hangover  


Sure, we deserve some fun after a tedious week of work and obligations. We party until down not to mention the booze. It was a fun experience but when we come to our senses the day after our hangover, we might feel dehydrated and fatigued. That is natural. We only need to stay in the house and recuperate.


What if we need to go someplace? Going out hydrated and fatigued may take a toll on us. We will not surely look our best. The good news is that Singaporeans can still go out after hangover with the right trick and products. It is important that we know some tricks and products. Here are some tips:

  • For parched skin: We have to remember that our skin wears out and losses its radiance over time. Our skin wears out and losses its radiance because of different activities like what we eat and how long we sleep. Unpredictable work schedules and long sleepless nights are poisonous to the skin. If we do not take care of the skin, it will dry out, flake and eventually peel. What is the best remedy? We should make sure that we have achieve the optimal water levels in our cells. After applying cleansing and toning, we can apply hydrating serum or moisturizer to replenish and restore skin’s elasticity. We have to forget foundation and consider a BB cream instead.


  • Chapped lips: Chapped lips are characterized by cracking and dry appearance. The main cause is the loss of moisture and this may happen due to dehydration and sun exposure. The remedy is quite simple actually. We can just employ the help of lip balm and make sure it is applied regularly throughout the day. We have to avoid matte lip balms and opt for moisturizing gloss. Drinking water can be of great help as well.
  • Dark circles and puffy eyes: Lack of sleep can cause the skin to be pale and it is emphasized on the skin around the eyes. The good news is that there are a lot of products designed to help diminish dark circles. We only need to look for eye creams that are rich in ingredients which can promote blood circulation and contain antioxidants. Before using any product, we have to remember to hydrate the eye area so it can absorb the moisture thoroughly.
  • Zits: Actually, there are many causes of pimples but we know how it came about – when pores get clogged, zits appeared. Sometimes, we encourage zits when we sleep without take off our makeup. The remedy is never to pick on our zits because by doing so, it can infect it therefore making it worse. There are different products to treat zits.


6 Things to Purge from Your Kitchen Now!


The kitchen is the heart of every home, and like any other parts of your home, it’s important to keep it squeaky clean. These common kitchen items may be spreading disease-causing germs or adding more stress, so it’s best to ditch them or tuck them somewhere appropriate instead.


  1. Reusable Grocery Bags

Well, you don’t have to dump every single reusable tote, but keeping them for too long can harbour bacteria, which can transfer to food. If you choose to keep them, wipe them with disinfecting wipes or throw them in the laundry before using the bags again.

  1. Clear Cookie Jars

The sad truth is, if you can see the treats in a container, you’re more likely to eat them. If your jar contains unhealthy goodies, opt for an opaque jar to avoid binging on one too many of them—out of sight, out of mind.

  1. Dirty Sponges

This always-wet kitchen item is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. When using sponges, make sure to clean and disinfect them weekly and toss them five to seven weeks. A five-minute soak in a bleach solution is your best way to disinfect them, but throw them away when they start to look shabby.

  1. Old Spices

We might think that powdered spices have longer shelf life, but just like any other processed food, they also have their expiry dates. If that bottle of cinnamon powder has been sitting in the shelf for four years now, it’s time to toss it away and reward yourself a fresh new flavour.


  1. Pet’s Food Station

If you have a four-legged friend at home, you can feed them just outside the house or somewhere away from the kitchen. If food always sits in the bowl until your pet is ready to eat them, it can attract mice, ants, and roaches.

  1. Your Phone

It doesn’t take a germaphobe to know that mobile phones are thriving with germs. However, if you can’t be separated from your phone while cooking—say, because you’re expecting a call or whipping up a recipe you found online—wipe it down with alcohol wipes before bringing it with you in the kitchen.

Cleanliness and orderliness should be the top priority when it comes to organizing stuffs in your kitchen. Since this is where your family’s nutrition is flourished, it’s important to keep this area of the house as clean and organize as possible.


5 Relationship Habits That Keep Couples Closer Over the Years


Making a relationship work takes constant effort, but that doesn’t mean the ride is no longer going to be fun.  To keep the fire burning, here are some simple yet fun and sweet relationship rituals that long-term couples often do.


  1. Send Selfies

If the two of you travel a lot, have this habit to send each other selfies. Swap photos of you at random times of the day wherever you are. This ritual helps de-stress and reminds the both of you that at the end of even the most stressful day, you have each other to turn to.

  1. Give 20-Second Hugs Twice a Day

This isn’t a polite hug you give your colleagues when bidding goodbye, but a hip-to-hip-and-closely-holding-each-other kind of hug. Why 20 seconds? Because that’s how long for the oxytocin to kick in (or otherwise called ‘the happy hormones’), which provides you the feeling of security and delight that everything is good and right.

  1. Scribble Sweet Notes

Purchase a message board and stick it on the fridge, where you can write little sweet notes each day. Make a rule that the board should be used in positive form—not as a way to discuss things that has to be done. Another way is to scribble sweet nothings on post-its and stamp them in places you know your partner will surely catch them. This may be simple, but a sweet reminder that he’s in your mind always.


  1. Get Cookin’

Of you and your partner both love to cook, bond over this shared skill twice or thrice a week. Instead of dining out on weekends, stay home and cook your own three-course meal. Turn off the TV, put away your phones, play a nice music, and focus on each other.

  1. Make Future Plans (As In, On a Calendar!)

Many significant things in a relationship don’t happen unless it’s pre-planned. This includes hanging out with friends, go on dates, and even making love. Sparing some time every month to plan for the coming month increases the sense that you two are on the same journey together.

These may be just small things, but means a lot in keeping a relationship strong. Making these things as part of your daily rituals will ensure that your relationship prospers and gets stronger over time.