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Wonderful Architectures for Prayers

Singapore may be a small country, but it’s packed with many wonderful wonders, some natural and others made by man’s ingenuity. Indeed, the buildings in the country are so impressive any citizen can’t help but feel proud just for living here. Here are two prime structures you can visit anytime. Feel free to stroll through these sites and bask in its wonder:

St. Andrew’s Cathedral


Established in 1861 and located in St. Andrew’s Road, this church has been proclaimed as a national monument for being the first and largest Anglican Church in the country. The church was planned by Colonel Ronald McPherson. Outside, you will appreciate the regal facade. Upon entering the church, you will see the curved entrance and the stained glass window panels.

Sri Mariamman Temple


The Sri Mariamman Temple is located in South Bridge Road, and one of the country’s few remaining structures featuring the Dravidian style. As our first Hindu temple, it has also been proclaimed a national monument. The temple is known for hosting celebrations like Thimithi and weddings.

For more modern architectural wonders, head to and be amazed by Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Sands SkyPark, the Helix Bridge and Resorts World Sentosa. These places will give you world class entertainment, shopping, arts appreciation and the best food experience. If you want to witness live concerts or performances, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay will surely entertain you. Of course, these are just but a sample of our country’s wonderful structures.

Where to Learn Yoga in Singapore

Yoga can keep that overall glow and strength of the body. Aside from the physical aspects, yoga can help relax and condition the mind and the soul. Where will you find an exercise that touches all these things? Yoga is a form of relaxation or meditation that originated from India. To date, people who practice yoga is increasing around the world. If you want to be a part of the revolution, you can look for yoga studios in Singapore. Here’s a guide:


1.   True Yoga – True Yoga studios are located in Level 4, Collyer Quay. True Yoga is owned by True Group which is one of the biggest fitness centres in Asia. In fact, True Yoga is considered as the largest yoga centre in Singapore. It has multiple awards.

2.   Updog Studio – Updog Studio also offers Hot Yoga and other yoga types like Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yang Yoga and Core Fusion. It is located in East Coast Parkway.

3.   Pure Yoga – You can find Pure Yoga in Ngee Ann City and Chevron House. It offers Yoga types like Hatha, Yoga Dance, Power and Yin and other practices.

4.   Absolute Yoga – Absolute Yoga is the pioneer fitness centre that brought Hot Yoga in Singapore. It is recommended for people who want to lose weight because of its heated temperature which encourages more sweat. Absolute Yoga centres are located in Telok Ayer and River Valley.

If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to follow some exercises but when you learn how to focus, you will surely excel. Yoga studios also offer courses for advance practitioners. If you know other studio, you can go there.

The important thing here is you are enjoying the process. Yoga is not easy but if you are dedicated, you will surely see its benefits in time.

The Meaning of Indulgence

Not all people have the same idea or notion about indulgence. You may see it as an indulgence but others will think otherwise. Regardless, the true meaning of indulgence is taking pleasure in simple things. Spa treatments for example are the simplest form. There are countless spa establishments here in Singapore. If you want the best experience, start with the following:


Qi Mantra Remedial Massage

Qi Mantra Remedial Massage is nestled in Kim Seng Promenade. The spa offers traditional Chinese therapies (acupressure) and essential oils. Despite of traditional therapies, you will enjoy their modern decors. Services start at S$25 to S$200 which is quite affordable for many. The spa is open from 10AM to 10PM every day. You can simply go through their website at QiMantra.com.

Aura Royalis Spa

Aura Royalis is nestled in Toa Payoh. They are famous for their signature massage. In fact they are considered as one of the finest spa in town. Services start at S$38 onwards which is appealing for busy executives and working individuals. The spa is open from Monday-Friday (10AM to 9PM), Saturday (10AM to 6PM) and Sunday (12PM to 6PM). You can simply go through their website at AuraRoyalis.com.

Kenko Wellness Spa

Kenko Wellness Spa is nestled in Esplanade Mall. This wellness spa offers therapeutic treatments and massages to alleviate tender muscles, sore joints and migraines. Foot reflexology is their signature treatment. Services start at S$30 to S$100 which is enticing for many. The spa is open every Monday-Sunday from 10:30AM to 9PM. You can simple go through their website at Kenko.com.sg.

If you prefer staying at home, you are free to consider that. But for a world class pampering experience, for once in your life, go to these places and you will surely have the best time.

Where to Buy Cheap Souvenirs in Singapore

If you are planning to visit a friend from another country, it is best if you look for souvenirs first before heading there. If you are particular about the price, you can consider the following places to buy cheap souvenirs:


Peninsula Plaza

If you want to purchase items that speak of Burmese culture, Peninsula Plaza is the best place. It is located in North Bridge Road. It opens from 10am to 10pm. They offer Burmese items like clothes, jewelleries, accessories, handbags, textiles and food.

Mustafa Centre

Mustafa never closes. If you need to buy your souvenirs early in the morning or late in the evening, Mustafa is always ready to serve you with numerous cashiers so you will not stand in line and wait for a long time. You can find all things here from clothes to jewelleries, gadgets, DVDs, foods, perfume and many others. It is located in Syed Alwi Road.

Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza is within Orchard Road. It opens from 9am to 10pm. The Plaza offers different items such as perfumes, gadgets, cosmetics and other accessories.


Chinatown stores are open from 9am to 10pm daily. There are many Chinese products here like antiques, tea and herbs. There are also wares, bags, clothes, shoes, perfumes, gadgets, accessories and jewelleries that you can purchase.

Bugis Street

In Bugis street, you will find many stores that offer different items. You will find items such as clothes, magnets accessories, jewelleries, perfumes and many more.

There are other stores that you can consider but you should know that prices are not the same. If for instance you purchase souvenirs in Malls, prices are certainly high. The places mentioned above are your best option. You can put your bargaining skills to practice. You will surely get great deals.

Where to Get Best Golf Equipment

Buying appropriate golf equipment is very important for golf enthusiasts. The kind of equipment to purchase should be wisely picked since this hobby is much costlier than any other hobbies. If you’re looking for the best and worth-investing golf equipment, here are some of the good brands you can try checking out.


Callaway is the best known brand that manufactures high-quality golf equipment.  The company’s golf clubs are world famous as well as its golf balls. In 1991, Callaway launched its iconic club, Big Bertha. Later on, titanium styles with similar names were released. In 2004, Big Bertha 454 was unveiled. From then on, several other innovative versions were launched which paved way to the release of the first ever adjustable driver, the “RAZR Fit.”

TaylorMade Golf Ball

If you’re looking for top-quality golf balls, your golf buddies will surely recommend TaylorMade golf ball. TaylorMade is very popular for its five layer golf ball, the first of its kind. The TP5 has been ranked as the fourth best-quality golf ball available in the market. In 2011, there were 25 million TP5 used by golfers around the world.



Although Nike entered the golf industry late, it has launched a number of well-designed golf clubs which golfers find very innovative and efficient in delivering longer and straighter shots. Nike entered the industry in such a way that it is definitely going to stay. A big part of their achievement is attributed to Tiger Woods as being the company’s ambassador. The star athlete favours Nike wedges and iron, fairway woods, drivers and the putter. The golf industry has been surprized by the entry of Nike which has proved their innovativeness with its advanced set of golf clubs.

Grow Fruit Trees in Your Garden

Fruit trees are great elements for the garden. It will not only provide you healthy crops all through the years, but will also add beauty to your outdoor landscape. You can grow fruit trees in your garden and harvest healthy and untreated crops to eat, sell and bake. How to enjoy these benefits? Here are some simple advices on how to grow your own fruit-bearing trees.


Plant trees in open sunny spaces of the garden. Many fruit bearing trees can be planted in any type of soil. Plant them the normal way. Make your own compost and place in the seeds. For the water supply, be very careful in watering the plant especially in its early stages. Do not overwater or underwater the plant.


Although you’ve planted the seed in the composted soil, it is still best to make use of fertilizer. The fertilizer will balance the nutrients needed by the plant. Do not forget to water the plant especially in summer season. Cultivate and add organic compost like Mulch to provide nutrients to the roots and preserve moisture of soil. Mulch also prevents the growth of weeds and grass.


Pruning encourages the revival of wood that produces good quality fruits. Pruning also manages the tree’s height and allows the light to enter the tree. During the early stage of growth, the goal is to develop the framework of the plant to support the growth of heavy fruit crops. In removing dead and unhealthy parts, always cut through the healthy portion below the dead section. Make large slanted cuts to protect the plant against pests.