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Requirements of Patients Undergoing LASIK Surgery

Having vision problems? Well, if yes, you might need to undergo LASIK eye surgery. However, this method is not for all. It is vital that patients must be good candidate for the operation. The patient needs to discuss things out with the surgeon as well as must went through different examinations in order to address issues related in becoming a good candidate.

The candidacy for the surgery will basically depend on the LASIK surgeon as well as the type of laser employed. A thorough eye examination done by ophthalmologist could aid to identify if the procedure is right for the patient. It is vital that these things are performed well to avoid complications during and after the surgery. The process will also ensure that the procedure will then be safe for the patient. There are set of criteria that patients undergoing Lasik surgery by a Singapore based doctor should meet.  Above all, the refractive error must be stable. Once the error is not stable and then the eye is still altering, the surgery will not be effective and must be repeated. Listed below are the qualifications of good candidate for LASIK eye surgery.

  • The candidate must be 18 year or above.  It is because at the age of 18 the eye is fully developed. However, people aging near 40 years must consider that the vision might be affected of the conditions that could not be treated by the surgery.
  • The candidate must have a stable vision for a minimum of one year. Generally, patients aging below 18 years are disqualified from the surgery. Few medications like Phenobarbitol, Tegretol and Dilantin might have fluctuating prescriptions. In general, the best candidates for the surgery are those who have stable refractive error.
  • The visual strength should meet the approved guidelines of the FDA.  The prescription for the distance vision matches certain nominal strength and the prescription strength should meet the set guidelines of the FDA for astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. FDA does not permit patients having greater than +6.00 Hyperopia Diopters or -14.00 Myopia Diopters to undergo LASIk surgery procedure. Furthermore, patients having greater than 6.00 Astigmatism Diopters are ineligible based to the standards of the FDA. To those who are myopic having a prescribed -6.0 Diopters or greater than, the curvature will then be too sudden for safety within the creation of flap. Patients having serious refractive errors must consider other procedures like implants.
  • The candidate should not be nursing or pregnant. The hormonal changes could alter the refractive error, lessening or overturning the surgery effectiveness.
  • Patients from Singapore having autoimmune disorder are not good candidates for the surgery. Medical illness having compromise autoimmune system like fibromyalgia, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and many others that might affect the healing after the surgery.
  • Individual having eye disease is not a good candidate for LASIK procedure in Singapore. Eye disorder like dry eyes, glaucoma, cataracts, ocular herpes, diabetic retinopathy, keratoconus and retinal detachment might cause further harm or complications for surgery. Hence, it is vital to get free first from the condition for about a year or longer. People with refractive errors are not good candidate of the surgery. However, with the great advancement available for today, there are still other surgery that might still be applicable for them.
  • People who know and understand well the risk involve in having the procedure are good candidate. It is vital that patients must accept the possible results that procedure might offer to them.

These are the set criteria to identify if a certain individual is good candidate for LASIK eye surgery or not. As much as possible the set criteria are observe in order to have a safe procedure.

Couples Favour Wedding Videography

Wedding is one special event in our lives that is even more important than our birth as we are old enough to enjoy and cherish the moment when we are the most important and center of attraction of all. And if you happen to be the bride, you know that there is no better or opportune time to be and look your best. You prepare, dress up and behave accordingly and know that the spotlight taken by the wedding videographer is on you. There was a time not so long ago in Singapore wedding when there was only photography to capture important moments during the ceremony but there were so many beautiful moments missed out as photographer could not be ready to click at the right time. Then came videography and caught the fancy of the people. It made saving all moments of significance possible with clarity and ensured that it was not just actual day wedding videography but also pre-wedding video containing videos of small but important ceremonies that often got overlooked by the photographer.


There was a time when the paraphernalia that a wedding videographer had to carry along was enormous with a bulky camera with a small memory that required removal and insertion of cassettes in the camera when one cassette finished. There were no inbuilt flashes and another person had to carry a flash in his hands all the time while the videographer managed to hold the camera on his shoulders. Those who are a bit older and have been privy to wedding videography Singapore in its earliest days can recall how the heavy apparatus was wired and had to be moved around the place in which ceremony was being carried out with great care to avoid mishaps of any kind.


Today, with the availability of cheaper and more advanced gear along with software has meant that wedding videography in Singapore is not only much better than what it was a decade ago but we are also getting to see some really nice movie effects being introduced in the videos. The price of the apparatus gone down and ease of operation has increased manifold making wedding videography very popular both among couples as they favour this platform as well as those who are amateurs and have taken up bridal videography as a full time profession.


With weddings becoming more grand than before and couples favour spending to have every moment of their wedding, including all pre wedding moments to the actual day wedding videography, this field has become a multimillion dollar industry in Singapore. If a videographer has the passion, and the talent to save the beautiful moment of a wedding with special focus on the bride, there are endless opportunities in this field. One has to be fully versed with all techniques needed to make a bride look more beautiful and stunning on her most special day in life. There are people who are covering 4-5 weddings a month and charging $2500 to $5000 per wedding ceremony to make a fortune out of this business. Even brides know that the person who can make them look more beautiful and special on their wedding through his videos deserves all the money he asks.

Finding the Right Oil Paintings and Art Gallery

Looking out for a new gallery to exhibit your art could surely be a daunting task for most of the artists and not all of the artists could have their own natural ability of selling their art paintings in Singapore. The only thing is that, the main rule for any kind of sales for oil and art paintings is by selling out yourself. So, if you happen to be one of them, how would you do such idea? Well, here are some of the tips for you to consider:


Submitting your portfolio- if you choose sending an oil painting portfolio directly into your chosen gallery, you have to ensure and simply follow up the guidelines being mentioned above. Most of the artists these days would only send out their marketing package including their professional portfolio without all the photos of their oil painting Singapore painted collection to Singapore art galleries, which could be stacked up into a pile and then being overlooked. Do not just try to be too clever with your presentation. You have to keep up your art painting portfolio in a tailored and professional way, being filled up with your best work. It is definitely a better idea for you to follow up two weeks later with your phone call.


Cold Call – it is when you would be picking up the phone, then call up your chosen art gallery, and then pitches yourself out by getting them interested to see the oil painting that you have painted. With this, you should practice and simply have a notepad together with your thoughts being outlined, so you would not ramble. Now, you should be ready for selling yourself out for the reason that there would be no artwork for you to hide over the telephone.


Sell yourself – it is definitely an aggressive kind of approach that will make or break your art career in selling oil paintings. It definitely all depends upon on how attuned you really feel with the owner or the director of the art gallery, most especially when you are in Singapore.

Preparations Before Undergoing Epi Lasik Surgery

Are you scheduled for LASIK eye surgery? Well, if yes, there are preparations that need to be observed in order to have a more successful operation. Actually, the Singapore Epi LASTIK surgeon is the one who will advise the patient about the things that should be done in preparation for the surgery procedure. As much as possible clarify the things that are not properly understood to be able to follow the given instruction carefully. Just to give idea regarding the preparation before the surgery procedure, some are written below.


Preparation few weeks prior to the LASIK surgery procedure.

Just the same, during consultation visit, the eyeglasses or the contact lenses must be removed. Once hard lenses are use, it should not be used for about one month prior to the scheduled procedure. If rigid lenses is used, then it should be worn for three before the date of the surgery. Once soft lenses is utilized, it should not be used two weeks before the operation.


Before the day of the surgery, contact or ask a family or a friend in Singapore to be with you during the operation. In case you are the one driving your car, ask for someone else to drive after the operation. It is because after the operation, the eyes will then be very sensitive and also sedative is used unto you during the procedure so you will definitely fee sleepy. In addition, the top Singapore LASIK surgery surgeon will not conduct the operation if you are not feeling well on that day. Before the scheduled operation continue searching about the procedure and ask the surgeon or the center about the things that you want to know. This will make you feel more comfortable.

Make sure to confirm the payment prior to the surgery operations. Most of the centers that conduct the Epi Lasik surgery in Singapore do not permit patients to undergo the surgery unless complete payment is done. Ask the surgeon about the recovery days, for you to know the days you are going to off from your work. Ask the exact days you are completely recovered and could do all your normal day-to-day activities.

Wedding Dress Singapore – Choose the Right Dress

Getting a designer gown from a bridal studio is a lengthy process and one should not expect a wedding gowns designer from a bridal studio to come up with what one has in mind in a matter of weeks. Go for a Singapore designer wedding dress gown only when the marriage date is months away. Choice of wedding dress fabrics and styling in addition to brocade or wedding gowns embellishments is purely that of a bride, but it takes the creativity and effort of a wedding dress designer to come up with a bridal studio wedding dress master piece that looks stunning on the bride on her wedding.


Many a times, it is seen that brides do not confirm the approximate final price of the Singapore wedding dress and are flabbergasted when the Singapore wedding dress singapore product is finally handed over to them. It is rather prudent to discuss the money involved and the final price with the designer though it is hard to quote a fixed amount for the wedding gowns. This means the bride knows in advance the Singapore wedding dress price range that she will have to cough for the wedding gown of her wedding dress Singapore dreams. An approach similar to designer gown is sourcing the dress from a wedding dress Singapore bridal boutique or a bridal studio Singapore where the wedding dress consultants try to come up with what the bride has in her mind with matching the wedding dress requirements with the large stock that these wedding gowns studios have at their disposal.

Singapore Retail Tourism

Singapore is well known for its shopping experience as retail is an important part of the Singaporean economy. The past year recorded a decrease in sales of cars but an increase in sales of telecomm apparatus, computers, food and beverage. Trade has been flourishing for malls and necessity brands for the past six months. Since the late 2000’s, Singapore has been actively aiming at becoming a leading retail destination on par with cities like Dubai and London. Shopping complexes have been undergoing constant renovations and improvements. The Singapore Shopping festival each year along with high end luxury stores ensures a sophisticated culture where shopping is not merely about a product but rather an experience to be savored.


Singapore is thus aggressively working towards establishing itself tourist cum retail destination. Malls are being innovated and branded not merely as spheres of a shopping endeavor but as an inclusive shopping, dining, and entertainment avenues. Tourism and retail is closely linked in Singapore as more tourists imply more money being propelled into the economy. The government for its part has been consistent in trying to boost tourism by organizing international events such as Youth Olympics and Formula One Racing, a trend which one will continue to see in the future.


The government has further been trying to boost tourism and the retail experience in Singapore with the help of innovation and technology. The government has pumped $ 15 million in the mobile applications business for the tourism, retail and food and beverage sectors that will augment competitiveness. This means that one would perhaps be able to order and pay bills with the simple touch on a phone. Certainly, the retail market in Singapore will see a good bloom in the coming future. However, it will face stiff competition from global brands such Abercrombie which recently purchased a 21,000 square foot space in Knightbridge Mall and is aggressively trying to conquer Asian markets.