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Tasty Foods That Build Muscle


Building muscle has often been seen as a tedious task that requires a lot of patience. Aside from working out a lot, you’d also have to watch your diet and the food you’re eating. You’d always have to make sure that your meals are packed with protein for optimum muscle growth.


Yet, diet food has been vilified at times for not being tasty enough. This would tend to people going back to their old habit of eating tasty yet unhealthy meals. And, as we know, a lot of Singaporean dishes are really tasty but would pack a lot of unhealthy stuff along with them.

So, to help you in your quest for a better body and a better health, here are some muscle-building foods that are not only healthy but tasty as well.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are a staple for any diet whether for weight loss or for building muscle. Most of the protein is found in the egg white. However, egg whites are almost tasteless. It will be difficult for anyone to eat tasteless egg whites each day for a number of months. So, for a tasty meal, you have to eat the yolks.

But aren’t egg yolks packed with artery-clogging cholesterol? While it may be true that one egg yolk would comprise half of your daily cholesterol limit, a recent research shows that cholesterol found in eggs are actually the good ones. This means that eggs don’t necessarily raise the cholesterol levels of a person. And it ultimately means that eating the whole egg would add more taste to your diet.

  1. Protein Drinks

Protein drinks pack a lot of muscle building proteins and amino acids. Not only does a protein drink help you meet your daily protein needs but it also helps your body recover from workouts faster due to the amino acids found in them. On top of that, protein drinks are often tasty and have a lot of flavors to choose from.

The downside to this is that they are often expensive. A five-pound jar of whey protein powder would cost north of S$70. The more popular brands are more expensive and could even cost as much as almost S$100. So make sure you have the budget before deciding to spend money for protein drinks.

  1. Beef


Beef is the king of whole foods when it comes to protein. 100 grams of beef have as much as 26 grams of protein. A lot of tasty Singaporean dishes feature beef like curry puffs, beef stir-fry, and beef kway teow, among others. But you have to choose the lean cuts. Otherwise, you’ll be packing a lot of fat along with the protein. For steak, the leaner cuts of beefs are the tenderloin, sirloin, or pretty much any cut of beef with “loin” in it. The brisket is also a good choice for a lean cut of beef.

  1. Chicken Breast

While the thigh may be the juicier and probably the tastier part of the chicken, it contains more fat than any other part. It’s better to eat the breast part as they are packed with protein and very little fat as long as you take the skin off. A hundred grams of chicken breast pack about 30 grams of protein. A lot of Singaporean dishes incorporate chicken. One of the more famous dishes is the Hainanese chicken rice. Just swap out chicken thighs with chicken breasts and you’ll have a tasty and protein-packed dish any time you want.

  1. Fish

Singapore is surrounded with water. This means that fish is easily a staple food for the country. Almost every variety of fish is full of protein. While some other fishes have a lot of fat in them, fish fat is generally a lot healthier than the fat found in meat. Omega 3 can be found in fish fats. Omega 3 helps the overall health of the heart and can also assist in the anabolic capacity of amino acids while also decreasing muscle breakdown. Some of the more protein-packed fish that are easily available are Salmon, Tuna, and Sardines.

Grilled Fish Entree in Barcelona

Staple Workouts For Men  


Every guy who has gone to the gym for a while, has tried to generally work out, or is just plainly into fitness would know that there are certain types of exercises and movements that work best in adding muscle in certain areas of the body and that there are exercise regimens and programs that they prefer over any other. While some exercise programs would differ from person to person depending on their goals, there are workouts and exercises that can be considered as the most important exercises. In other words, these exercises are staple for anybody into fitness.


Bench press

The bench press is probably the best measure of strength for anyone looking to build muscle as it incorporates numerous body parts (chest, triceps, and shoulder). Bodybuilders would always incorporate the bench press into their workouts because the chest area, or the pectorals, is the most easily identifiable part of a guy’s body. Having a big or well-defined chest is an important feature for any bodybuilder or anyone into fitness.


The deadlift is also an exercise that can be argued to be the best measure of strength as it hits a lot of muscles in the body (back, quads, glutes, abs, and shoulders). Lifting competitions would always have deadlifts as part of the competition as this workout shows the overall strength of the competitor. The large amount of muscles targeted helps in the release of more testosterone that helps in muscle development.


Squatting is the best leg exercise there is because it hits every part of the legs. Any bodybuilder or athlete would always incorporate squats because they not only help them look better but they also improve speed, agility, jumping, and overall athletic ability.



The pull-up is also an exercise that hits a lot of muscles (lats, biceps, shoulders, and the upper back). Exercises that target compound muscle groups tend to release more muscle-building testosterone. That makes pull-ups (and any other compound muscle workout) indispensable for any fitness junkie. It also helps develop good shoulders and a wide back, which is easily ideal for bodybuilders and athletes alike.

Overhead Press

Also called the military press, it helps develop large shoulders that are easily identifiable for any spectator. The overhead press is also the best shoulder exercise because it targets all of the shoulder muscles as well as additional groups like the triceps and chest muscles, which would lead to more testosterone released.


Update: Beauty Trends Today  


There are some Singaporeans who give beauty great regard. There is nothing wrong with that because we are governed by first impressions which entail our overall look. When we go to work, we try to put something good to impress our bosses or co-workers. When we socialize, we use different makeups to look pleasing.


True enough, our efforts will not be in vain if we use makeups. Somehow we will be appreciated and esteemed. The trick is not to overdo it. This article will discuss about the beauty trends these days. The British Association of Beauty Therapists and Cosmetology conducted a survey and revealed remarkable results. There were about 2, 844 women aged eighteen to seventy three who participated in the survey.

The participants admitted that they gained “expertise” through trial and error while there are others who openly confessed that YouTube tutorials have been helpful.  According to the survey, British women consider the following beauty trends today:

  • Heavy eyebrows: Women around the world praise the defined brows of supermodels and actresses. Women think that having heavy or defined brows are the most stylish beauty trend.
  • Contouring: Contouring was popularized by TV personality Kim Kardashian. Contouring is considered the second beauty trend. This makeup technique uses concealers and foundations of different shades which can subtly sculpt the face and enhance features like the cheekbones and lips at the same time ‘slimming’ the nose.
  • Dark lips: The 90’s style of dark ‘berry’ lips is the third beauty trend. Many women these days are seen wearing the popular 90’s style.
  • Pin-up red lips: Following the dark ‘berry’ lips is the pin-up red lips.


  • Smokey eyes: The fifth most popular trend is the smokey eyes which brings more intense look.
  • Winged eyeliner: The sixth most popular beauty trend is winged eyeliner which also bring more intense glaze.
  • Glossy lips: Glossy lips are simple yet classy. Many women would prefer a simple lips that overpowering ones.
  • Nude lips: Women tend to highlight different features like eyes or cheeks so they go nude when it comes to lips thereby making it the eighth most popular beauty trend.
  • Pencilled beauty spots: A pencilled beauty spot is the ninth most popular beauty trend.
  • Natural look: Natural look will never go out of style.

For others who do not give great regard to beauty, their lives are less complicated. These Singaporeans are contented with whatever they have and do not try to make it better. Simple is good. If at some point in time they try the trends mentioned above, they are free to do so. After all, it cannot harm them – unless materials used are toxic (which are not).


Proofing Ourselves from Deadly Viruses  


Given that the MERS situation in South Korea escalated and the flu in Hong Kong emerged, viruses are just borders away from Singapore. It is important that we safeguard ourselves from these viruses or suffer its repercussions.


Proofing ourselves from deadly viruses is not an exact science but it is worth the try. These are some tips that we can consider when we are thinking about proofing ourselves from deadly viruses:

  • Take lots of vitamin D: Vitamin D helps the body in keeping off colds especially during rainy seasons. Looking for foods rich in vitamin D is easy. We only need to focus on fishes, oils, mushrooms, cheese and egg yolks.
  • Blanche vegetables: Sometimes, it is not enough to wash our greens before eating it. We have to blanche it to prevent viruses from loitering around. After putting vegetables in boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes, we simply dunk them in a bucket of ice water to stop the cooking cycle.


  • Exercise: Viruses attack the body when our immune response is low. With this, it is crucial that we build our immune response. According to a British study, twenty five minutes of lifts can increase our immune response.
  • Stop drinking: According to the University of Massachusetts Medical School in America, binge drinking (more than 5 drinks in just 2 hours) floods cytokines which encourages fever and inflammation.

These tips can help us evade deadly viruses. If we notice, the things mentioned above conditions the body so it can sustain any attack. We have to keep it that way. For more tips about conditioning the body, there are many doctors here in Singapore that can help us.   


5 Reasons Why Lob is the Hairstyle to Get

Lob, also known as semi-bob or long bob, has been the hottest buzz among celebrities lately. Whether they’ve chopped their signature length or outgrown their pixies, a lot of celebrities are already wearing the lob. What made it more popular, is that even if you’re not an A-lister, you can still look amazing wearing it. To convince you even more, here are some reasons why busy gals like you should go with this universally flattering cut.


  1. Gives a New Breathe of Life to Your Hair. Unlike your current style and length, going with a lob instantly makes your hair bouncier and more buoyant. Other than that, you can also mix your hair part and still look amazing all the time.
  1. Fits Most Hair Types. Other than giving new life to your hair, what makes lob a wonderful hairstyle is that it fits almost any hair type and texture, and it can even be tailored to flatter any face shape. Whether you have a naturally straight, curly or wavy hair, there’s just a lob that’s right for you. Just opt for a blunt cut for your rather fine or thin hair, or stock up on texturizing products if you happen to have coarse and thick locks.

Long bob hairstyles 2014

  1. Provides Endless Styling Options. When it comes to long bobs, the styling options are just endless. Not only does it look gorgeous on straight hair, it can also give amazing looks when curled or styled into retro waves. In fact, wearing a lob also allows you to leave your hair just as it is. All you’ve got to do is apply your curl cream or texturizing products and let it air-dry.
  1. Air-Dries Within Minutes. With a midi-hairstyle, you no longer need to constantly blow dry your hair. Just apply your hair products, let it air-dry and you’ll get healthier and lovelier locks. Win-win situation, right?
  1. Looks Great on Any Accessories. Not only does it look good in any hairstyle, it’ll also look amazing when styled with various accessories like beanies. But if hats and beanies aren’t your thing, opt for embellished bobby pins, barrettes and headbands instead.

Although it’s one simple haircut, getting a long bob can actually be a good way top up not just your hairstyle, but your entire look as well. So visit your hairdresser now and chop your strands into a lovely lob.


5 Natural Remedies for Your Tummy Troubles

An upset stomach is absolutely no fun to deal with, but this doesn’t mean you have to go straight to your pill bottle just to relieve the pain. Most causes of tummy aches are benign, and some of its symptoms usually go away quickly, which is why there’s no need to look past these natural remedies you can easily find in your kitchen pantry.


  1. Ginger. Since ancient times, ginger has been used to treat stomach pain and nausea. What’s even better is that ginger is available in dozens of form, all of which can aid in treating tummy aches. You can opt for ginger supplements and chews, or ginger water for an easier intake. If you’re a tea enthusiast, you can try adding all-natural ginger ale or some chopped ginger root into your tea.
  1. Chamomile. With its sedative and anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile tea can effectively serve as an excellent home remedy for tummy aches. Not only does chamomile calms digestive tract muscles, it also relaxes the contractions in the intestines, thereby lessening the cramps and spasms that causes stomach distress. Make it a habit to drink a cup of chamomile tea a day, and you’ll experience much more relaxed body and mind.
  1. Peppermint. Other than being a good remedy for nausea, peppermint has also been long cited as an excellent treatment for an upset stomach due to the natural analgesic properties. Just brew a cup of spearmint or peppermint tea, then sniff its extract or chew on the leaves themselves. This will aid in alleviating your nauseous feeling while keeping your stomach pangs at bay.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar. If you think you can handle the taste, try taking a tablespoon of this acidic pantry staple to neutralize your upset stomach. Apple cider vinegar helps in the digestion of starch, and keeps the bacteria in your gut healthy. If the acidity is too strong, mix it with water and a teaspoon of honey, and slowly sip the mixture.
  1. Fennel Seeds. This is one of the reasons why Indian restaurants serve fennel seed mix. Fennel seeds are known to treat cramps, acid digestion, and even intestinal tract spasms. It also acts as a carminative, helping your body sooth indigestion while expelling extra gases.

Tummy aches can cause lots of discomfort, but that doesn’t mean you can only get rid of the problem by heading straight to your doctor. Keep these natural remedies in mind, and you’ll be relieved of your tummy troubles in an instant.


Get to Know: Animal Assisted Therapy  


We have to accept that we need help every now and then especially when it comes to our social, emotional and cognitive functioning. If we are struggling, we are recommended to submit to therapy. Our traditional concept of therapy is with a counsellor and spending hours of talking and figuring about the things that are bothering us.


There is a new kind of therapy here in Singapore that entails a dog. Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. Dogs can do more than playing fetch and snacking biscuits. Dogs can help people who are in social and emotional turmoil. This kind of therapy is called Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). AAT is widely practiced in Australia and America. It is now in Singapore although many haven’t heard about it.

It is important that many people are educated of the benefits of AAT. To begin, here are some things that we should know about AAT:

  • What is AAT? ATT is a therapeutic approach that seeks to develop the patient’s social, emotional and even cognitive function. The therapy uses dogs. Actually other domesticated pets and farm animals can be used too. AAT includes counselling for both children and youth from 4 years old to 20 years old.


  • Institution: As mentioned earlier, AAT is a relatively new therapy here but it does not mean that there is no institution pushing it. There is Pawsibility for instance founded by Maureen Huang. Pawsibility was founded a year ago. The institution stresses that AAT is more than patting the dog and having fun but it is actually a therapy that can improve the lives of young people.
  • Co-therapists: Maureen Huang, the founder of Pawsibility, travelled to Colorado since there is has previously been no one in Singapore trained in AAT. Maureen met Telly and trained together. Telly is a Labrador retriever. Maureen and Telly trained at the Institute of Human-Animal Connection. They are called co-therapists. Individual sessions are about forty five minutes while group sessions last longer.
  • Credentials: We should not worry about the effectiveness of the therapy. Telly is trained for this. She is called therapy dog. She was picked because of her friendly personality. In fact, she is a certified Canine Good Citizen awarded by American Kennel Club. Telly is not your ordinary dog. Meanwhile. Maureen had her Masters in Social Work in University of Denver. Maureen and Telly have been working with families, individuals and groups in America and her.

Dogs are indeed more than a pet. Dogs are companion that can decrease our anxiety, stress hormones and blood pressure.


A Guide to Property Auctions in Singapore  


It is high time that we buy a property. Unfortunately, securing a property is a complicated web if we are not familiar about it. With this, it is crucial that we get all the help that we need. If we are really serious about securing real estate, we have to consider auctions. Real estate auctions are popular here in Singapore especially now.


Sellers are looking for ways to dispose their properties. As a buyer, we have to look for great deals which entails low prices. If we do not know what questions to ask, we will not get the right answers and surely we will not reach our goals. If we are new to real estate auction, we have to consider the following things:

  • Where property auctions are held: Let it be known that real estate auctions are always held at Amara Hotel. Amara Hotel is located in Tanjong Pagar. The next question is the frequency of the auctions. The real estate auctions occur once a month.
  • Where to get information about the auction: Two weeks before the actual auction, marketing strategies are in full blast. The property listings are advertised (in paper and online). If we subscribe to their email, we will get updates about the upcoming event. To receive updates and email, we have to subscribe.


  • Conduct during auction: Auctions are open to public. The good thing is that we do not need to pre-register. All those who are interested, can come anytime but real estate agents need to pre-register. Real estate agents should state the client they are representing.
  • Advice for first-time buyers: If this is our first time at an auction and we already have something in mind, we have to scrutinize the unit first before asking for the conditions of the sale. We can do this by arranging a property viewing and this is usually through appointment. As a buyer, we have to check our loan eligibility; we have to talk to our banker so we will know the maximum bid. Auctions also require a ten per cent down payment upfront so it is crucial that we know our financial capability. We have to remember that once the hammer is whacked, the sale is complete.

There it is. Real estate is not so complicated if we ask the right questions. If we need help to make sure that things go smoothly, we can always seek for real estate agents and let them do the job. The crucial part here is the availability of our money. If we ready the money, we can surely get that property.


Sneaky Ways to Get Firmer Skin

As we age, it’s normal for our skin to go through several changes. Wrinkles and fine lines will already start to form, skin dullness will also set in, dark spots will also start popping up, and worse, our skin will start to sag. Will all these skin changes popping everywhere, you’ll surely end up wondering as to what happened to your once-youthful complexion. But there’s no need to stress yourself out anymore, since there are some smart things that you can do to maintain your skin’s plumpness and smoothness.


  1. Observe Proper Hydration. One of the side effects of skin ageing is the struggle that our skin cells experience just to retain water that’s vital to maintain firm skin. A good way to remedy this is to add a nourishing serum in your daytime and night-time beauty routine to keep your skin hydrated. Also, don’t forget to drink at least eight glasses of water daily to keep your whole body hydrated.
  1. Shorten Your Shower Time. Although taking long, hot showers can be really relaxing, doing so actually contributes on saggy skin. Exposing your skin to water for prolonged periods can weaken the protective barrier of your skin, making it susceptible to damage caused by the sun’s rays and some pollutants. So keep your shower time to five minutes max and don’t let the hot water to directly hit your face every time you shower.


  1. Get a Good Collagen Dose. As we age, our skin starts to produce collagen at a slower rate. Thankfully, there is an ingredient called retinol that works by stimulating our skin’s collagen production and regenerating new skin cells. Get your daily collagen dose by using an overnight cream that contains anti-ageing ingredients to give your skin the boost of moisture that it needs.
  1. Ditch the Sweets. If you’re into an afternoon coffee-and-cake snack habit, then it would be best to cut down your sugar intake. Some studies have shown that sugars like dextrose, corn syrup and fruit juice weakens the elastin and collagen, thereby contributing to premature skin ageing. So instead of sticking to your usual snack habit, opt for a cup of herbal tea or a fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Maintaining a firm and smooth skin isn’t just about using pricey skincare products. It’s also about caring for your skin from the inside, practising good skincare habits and living a healthy life.


6 Beauty Product Alternatives to Steal From His Bathroom Cabinet

While we may not be very keen with the idea of having him raid our beauty arsenal, there’s just nothing wrong with going through his. From his deodorant to cologne, and even his moustache wax, prepare to rifle through your man’s bathroom cabinet and find six of the best items that you can use as an alternative for your own beauty products.

Bathroom Cabinet

  1. Brand New Razor. The next time you decide to spend the night over at your man’s place, steal his brand new razor then use it to shave your unwanted leg hairs. With this, you get to experience the closest shave of your life at a cheaper price compared with the usual razor that you use.
  1. Shaving Cream. Although it doesn’t have that nauseating smell of fruits and flower’s, a man’s shaving cream is still worth the steal. With its thicker consistency compared with your usual shaving cream, you’ll only need a small dollop to get those smooth, hair-free legs.
  1. Aftershave Lotion. Using some aftershave lotion can actually do wonders for your skin. Not only will it leave you feeling refreshed, it will also tighten your pores and protect you from getting razor burns. With this product, you can already say goodbye to those annoying ingrown hairs after every shave.


  1. Facial Wash. Since men produce more oil naturally, it’s given that their face cleansers would be more abrasive and potent than that of the women’s. So get your hands on your man’s facial wash once a week and treat yourself to some deep-cleansing goodness.
  1. Hair Pomade. Not only is this beauty item helpful in getting that perfect and sexy tousled waves, it also aids in smoothing out hair frizz and even in creating sleek up-do’s. Just avoid applying too much on your hair as it can get really thick.
  1. Hair Wax. Forgot your brow gel? Then use a bit of his hair wax to keep your brows in place. Just run the product through your arches, then brush it with a spoolie brush to keep everything intact.

Who would’ve thought that you could use these much product from your man’s cabinet right? So make the most out of your overnight stays in his place by raiding his bathroom cabinet every now and then and using these beauty finds.


A Brief History of King Richard III


Singaporeans are grieving for LKY. There is no doubt that Singapore love LKY. Britons feel the same way because of the late King Richard III. His remains were not found since he died in 1485 but 500 years later, people are queuing to pay respects. His remains were found in a car park.


Britons think that his remains were lost in time. Who is King Richard III? Here are some things about the king:

  • Childhood: Richard was born on October 2, 1452. He was the 12th of the 13 children of Richard Plantagenet, the 3rd Duke of York. This period was the start of “Wars of the Roses”. His knightly training was done by Richard Neville, his cousin.
  • Marriage: Richard married Anne Neville, the daughter of the Earl of Warwick on July 12, 1472.


  • Death: Richard was the King of England from 1483 to 1485. On August 22, 1485, Richard battled Henry Tudor’s forces at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Richard and Anne had a son – Edward of Middleham. He was created the Earl of Salisbury. He was declared the Prince of Wales but he died two months after succeeding the throne.
  • Reputation: Though his reign was short-lived, his reputation continues. His death marked the end of the Middle Ages in England. He was House of York’s last king and the last of Plantagenet dynasty. Richard III is the subject of William Shakespeare’s Richard III.

Richard’s coffin is made by Richard’s nephew – his closest living relative. The discovery of his remains urged the scientists to re-examine Richard’s social reform rather than depending on Shakespeare’s portrayal of him.


Angelina Jolie’s Decision  


The international community lauded Angelina Jolie’s courageous act following her double mastectomy in 2013. Many people do not understand why the megastar decided so but for cancer patients out there, they can totally comprehend.


What prompted the actress to undertake such operations? It was found out that she carries a mutation in the BRCA1 gene which increases her risks for breast cancer. She did not stop after her double mastectomy. Singaporeans and the whole world were shocked because Angelina recently confessed of undergoing another removal.

She decided to removed her ovaries and fallopian tubes to eliminate her risk of ovarian cancer. The BRCA1 gene also increases the risk for ovarian cancer. In fact, her mother died of ovarian cancer. She did not want to suffer the same fate.


According to some experts, her decision from the mastectomy to the removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes are influential. Her revelations increased the public’s awareness about prophylactic surgery and genetic testing.

She is being praised by institutions not only here in Singapore but around the world for her courageous act. Her act will give many women options especially for those who are at risk of breast or ovarian cancer. Angelina also revealed that she had a progesterone IUD implanted in her uterus. The IUD will help in maintaining hormonal balance which can reduce the risk of uterine cancer.

Deciding over double mastectomy or ovaries and fallopian tube removal is a personal decision. With the right information, one can understand the risk involved. More and more women are becoming mindful of their choices.


Grey is the New Black

5 Reasons to Embrace Greying Hair

Thinking that grey tresses make you look older? Then, think again. Not only is grey hair becoming a hot trend today, it is also believed to brighten up tired complexions. But if you’re uneasy about your greying hair, ease out by reading these reasons why sticking with them is the best choice.


  1. Saves Lots Of Time and Money

Aside from being easy to have, another good thing about grey hair is that it’s mostly free. It wouldn’t just save you some bucks from dyeing your hair, but it will also save a lot of trips to salons. So rather than spending bucks from changing your hair colour, why not rock that look and save that money for a summer getaway instead?

  1. Goes With Everything

You might have hidden your age by dyeing your locks, but your greying eyebrows will still give you away. Once you decided to go grey, you’ll also start discovering new things like not only does it match your eyebrows, letting your grey hair grow will also lend your hair a new, rich texture and amazing shine. With grey strands, you can already starting playing with cool makeup tones starting from the blue end of the spectrum.

  1. Provide Unique Signature Look

If you’re planning on turning to grey hair, it would be best to get some highlights first to facilitate your transition from dark to grey hair. Working with hair extensions will also help you get similar results. Either way, a modern haircut plus a face-framing highlight will surely give you a new signature look that will leave your friends envious.

grey hair

  1. Get Gorgeous Looks With Styling Aids

Getting grey hair doesn’t mean you’ll need to stick with one hairstyle. Add some oomph to your look by playing with various hairstyling products like gels, pomades, and hair sprays. Pairing large hair rollers with a couple of sprits of hairspray can turn your long bob into casual hairstyle with loose curls.

  1. It Is Changeable

Grey hair doesn’t have to be permanent unless we want it to. Unlike with other hair colours, having a grey hair allows you to change into colours that you want. No need to bleach, which can be harmful and extremely drying for the hair, to achieve better colour outcome.

Going grey is actually more of a good thing than bad. The only concern that we may have against it is that it might make us look older than our real age, but that can be easily dealt with by improving our lifestyle and how we groom ourselves. So go ahead, embrace and don’t hesitate to flaunt that grey hair of yours.

premature greying hair

Breaking the Workout-and-Eat Out Cycle

6 Tips to Avoid Overeating After Exercising
It’s kind of tempting to think that you deserve a big treat after having a good workout right? Well, be careful, as some Singapore fitness experts said that people who overeat after performing their workout routine tend to eat more calories than the amount that burned off. Now, you wouldn’t want to put all your hard work to waste right? If so, then check out these easy and simple tips on how you can fight off your overeating tendencies after a long workout.

Eating and exercise

  1. Eat before you start working out. Eating a healthy snack before you start exercising will give you more energy and will help your muscles in recovering faster, post workout. This is also a good way to fight off hunger while working out, making you eat less after exercising.
  1. Perform your workouts before your regular meal. If you’ve always felt hungry after working out, then try timing your workout routines before your regular meal. This way, you’ll be able to satisfy your post-workout hunger with the same amount of calories that you usually eat.
  1. Stay hydrated. Although drinking water won’t help you feel full for long periods of time, it will still help in easing your hunger. As it is quite easy to confuse thirst with hunger, try to drink plenty of water before and while working out. Doing this will not just give you more energy to exercise, it will also help you control your hunger after exercising.


  1. Drink a glass of low-fat or soy milk. Drinking a glass of low-fat or soy milk is already enough to provide you with the protein that you need to satisfy your hunger and to rebuild your muscles. Singapore fitness experts also said that compared to sport drinks, drinking milk offers a better long-term athletic performance.
  1. Consume healthy snacks throughout the day. Eating often, but in small portions, is also a good way to avoid overeating after exercising. Snack every three to four hours each day to keep your body fuelled for workout later.
  1. Eat only when you really need to. Eating something after working out is good, but don’t forget to listen to what your body is telling you. If you’re not hungry, don’t force yourself to eat just because you happen to read somewhere in the Internet that you need to.


Don’t let all your hard work to get that bikini body go to waste just because you overate after working out. Using these helpful tips and information, it’s now possible for you to break free from your workout-pig out routine.

Where to Bring Your Date this Valentine’s Day

There is no denying that the love month is here. Since the year started, your hunt for that perfect place to bring your loved one is endless. Now is the time to get serious and consider other possibilities before February 14. After all, Valentine’s Day is only celebrated once a year.


Do not be a kill-joy and just ignore it. Your loved one is excited about it. The least that you can do is comply with enthusiasm. Here are some suggestions that you might find helpful when it comes to that perfect place:

1. Esplanade Roof Garden: If you want a laid-back evening with your date, the Esplanade Roof Garden is definitely the right place. Here’s a bonus – it is for free. You can go up there without paying anything. It is nestled in 8 Raffles Avenue. You can see the Singapore River, Marina Bay Sands and the One Fullerton from up here.

2. Singapore Flyer: For others, this place is not special at all but if you think about gaining a panoramic view of the whole city, the flyer is the perfect place to be. There are dining options provided here. Set a budget of $269 (this is good for two). The flyer is nestled in 30 Raffles Avenue.

3. 1 Altitude: If you fancy alfresco bars, the best place to go is 1 Altitude. It is located at the top of One Raffles Place. In fact, it is considered as one of the highest alfresco bars in the world. When you are up there, decide which bars you will consider. There’s the 1 Altitude Gallery & Bar, 282 AND City Golf and Stellar.


4. Marina Bay Sands Light and Water: If you do not want to spend so much money but still have one, the MBS light show will please you. The magical light and water shows will surely amaze your partner. For thirteen minutes, the sky will be filled with magic and it is hard to miss it. MBS is nestled in 1 Fullerton Road.

5. Ku De Ta: For sure you heard about Ku De Ta. If you are in MBS, make sure to visit their 57th floor and get fantastic view and services of the restaurant. The prices here are not cheap but a little indulgence will not make you poor.

This is enough to please your date. If you are looking for other places here, you can scout areas so you can find what you really fancy. Remember that there is always a place for you and your partner. Just be patient and enjoy the view. Good luck and happy Valentine’s Day!


Gift Ideas for Your Man This Valentine’s Day

This is the time of the year where you can use little help when it comes to looking for that special Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend or husband. Valentine’s Day can be complicated and it carries different levels of importance to couples. If your husband or boyfriend doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day, you are in no trouble.


However, if your husband or boyfriend thinks that Valentine’s Day is important and that you should celebrate it, you have to think of a gift first. Anyway, looking for that perfect place is easy knowing that this is Singapore – there is always a place for everyone. You should focus more on the gift. So, here are some suggestions that might help you:

  • Laptop folder: If your husband or boyfriend works a lot, you can give a laptop folder. As the name suggests, this folder can help him store and protect his laptop at all times. Be sure to choose a simple folder with single compartment. The folder can also hold other documents for safekeeping.
  • Bag: The laptop folder and a bag are separate things. If your husband or boyfriend fancies a bag, it is time that you give him one. It doesn’t have to be a designer bag. There are many bags for men here in Singapore. Just look for something that is durable and sturdy so it can withstand the work.
  • Perfume: You love his choice of perfume. For this Valentine’s Day, you have the power to choose what fragrant you want him to wear. It doesn’t have to be expensive because it is the fragrant that counts.


  • Watch: If you notice that your man’s watch is faded, it is high time that you give him watch. Before Valentine’s Day, just blindly ask your man what watch he prefers. If it is affordable, you should buy it immediately. There are many watches in store for your man whatever he prefers.
  • Pen: Sometimes pens are ignored because they are simple. However, there are people who really need durable pens. Every man needs ball pen. Look for a sturdy one and if you like, you can engrave his name to it.
  • Tie: If he always wears his business attire, you should never underestimate the help of ties. Men sometimes do not know which tie to consider. You have to help him and buy ties that look great.
  •  Tickets: If your man is a sports enthusiast, you can buy a sporting ticket and watch him as he go crazy. There’s soccer or Formula 1. Whatever he prefers, make sure to bring a popcorn, soda or hotdog.


Microsoft Uses Office Software to Attract Users

The Microsoft Corporation is going through great lengths in order to attract more mobile users. On June 29, it was reported that Microsoft will be making MS Office software such as MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel free on Android tablets. This is only one of the many marketing strategies the company is making in order to encourage more people to switch to Microsoft mobile devices using their software.

ProPlus Applications

The technology giant also released a new app that will make Outlook, their popular program for managing and sending emails, available for iPhone and iPad users. As of present, Microsoft is only third of the top mobile companies in the world, falling behind Apple and Google so the company CEO Satya Nadella is exhausting every marketing strategy to catch up.

On March of 2014, Nadella released a free version of MS Office for iPad that’s also touch-friendly. This caused a big buzz among the technology community because the said software became available for iPad before it was made available for Windows mobile devices.


Microsoft hopes to establish a large base of users using Office apps in Apple and Android devices so that it will be easier for these users to be persuaded to sign up for Microsoft Office 365, a version of Office that is Internet-based and has a subscription fee of $7 a month for personal users.

Microsoft Office apps are also now available in the Google Play app store. The company is hoping it will get positive results similar to the success of Office apps in Apple devices, garnering a total of 80 million downloads since March.


The Secret to Getting Abs

Most of us want to achieve a toned body. In fact, most of those who work out want to get defined abs to gain more confidence in themselves. We used to think that simply doing abdominal exercises like crutches and sit ups will help us instantly get a six pack.


This belief may not be as accurate as you think. According to fitness coach Craig Rasmussen, doing abdominal exercises alone does not guarantee that you’ll get defined abs and make their sagging belly disappear.

Doing a lot of crunches daily does not instantly mean you’re getting a strong and intense core workout. Some typical core training exercises such as sit-ups and crunches work only the muscles that allow us to flex the lower spine. Real and effective core exercises allow the body to transfer force from the lower part of the body to the upper body, much like what we see in golfing.

Effective core workouts also target the same areas and muscles that crunches work on however, core exercises cover a bigger area because it also works out the hips and lower back muscles. A real core exercise allows the spine to be stable in its original alignment. Examples of this form of workout is the plank and the push-up.


Fitness instructors observe that gym-goers achieve better results when they do core exercises as they start their workout compared to doing it at the end of the workout. The primary reason for this is it’s easier for the muscles to gain strength when they are fresh.

A strong core is essential in doing intense trainings like weightlifting because a weak core can hinder an individual from lifting heavier weights and doing more squats. In conclusion, a strong core is an essential factor in doing more intense forms of training to burn more calories, and get more defined muscles and abs.


Live Music for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding live music is a major factor that can transform your wedding reception into a big success.

Live Wedding Band

The Agent and the Bandleader

In some instances, there is an agent who will take charge in finalizing the deal between you and the Singapore wedding live band of your choice. In such case, it is important that you get the name and contact number of the bandleader. The bandleader together with his or her band members are the ones in charge of a successful performance. Should there be specifications regarding the performance, everything should be coordinated directly with the bandleader.

Charm and Charisma

Sure you can request for sample CDs from your prospect bands, and listening to their songs can give you a good idea of what they can do and how pleasant to the ears their kind of music is. However, by that, you will be able to judge them only on the surface. Remember that they will be playing wedding live music, which means that they will be seen by the guests as the whiteribbon wedding live band from Singapore performs right in front of everyone. The best way to know whether they have the right amount of charm and charisma that can capture and captivate your guests is by judging them as they audition live or on video. Charm and charisma is very important because the band should entertain the guests not only by their music but also by their presence. They should be a good fit for everyone, and they should know how to engage with the audience.



Another important characteristic of the best Singapore wedding live band is versatility or having diversity of skills. Remember that your guest list is composed of individuals from different age brackets. The best live band is a group of musicians who can play music for any age or gender. They should be able to connect with the guests and their varying tastes and preferences in music. It can be quite a challenge, but a professional wedding live band can guarantee that to you. Furthermore, the band should be ready to cater to song requests that might pop up anytime from amused guests who want more.

The Contract Details

Typically, a professional wedding live band Singapore has a readied contract for you to affix your signature to. Just in case your chosen band doesn’t have one, you really have to prepare it yourself. The following are main details the contract should include.

 Date, time, and venue of your wedding reception
 How many band members will be present
 Who will provide and operate the lighting and sound equipment, as well as the mixer
 Time when the band will set up their musical instruments and other equipment
 The desired dress code for them during the wedding
 How many guests will be there
 The perks they can have during the event such as free food and drink at no charge and etc.
 When the initial payment for them will be made and the amount
 When the remaining balance will be completed and the amount
 The list of songs to be played
 A substitute band and the person responsible to contact the substitute band in case something happens and they can’t be present


Best Way to Plan Your Wedding

Planning your wedding in Singapore can be a very thrilling, albeit tedious job. It is highly essential to research and learn all the details and specifics in order to plan your Singapore wedding without any inconvenience.


When it comes to researching and learning how to plan your wedding, a trusted wedding portal is very helpful.  The wedding website will inform you of all the aspects and little details you need to cover in planning the wedding.

You can download a complete and comprehensive wedding checklist that is specifically constructed for Singapore weddings to help in your wedding preparations.

Picking a date

The first hurdle you have to accomplish in planning the wedding is to choose your wedding date. You might want to steer away from public holidays or special occasions because it will be extra hard to book wedding and banquet venues, or hire wedding photographers during those busy dates.

In Singapore weddings, the auspiciousness of your wedding date is also an important factor to take into consideration. To determine if your date is auspicious, you may consult the Chinese almanac or visit wedding websites in order to check if your chosen date is auspicious.

Your budget and theme

In doing your wedding planning research, you might have come across online articles that will help you work out your wedding budget. You might also want to start on your guest list to make it a whole lot easier to figure out if your budget is enough or you still have to cut cost.

Your reliable wedding portal will also give a hand in choosing your wedding theme. The wedding them and motif will also be the determining factor in other wedding details like wedding décor, bridesmaid dresses, wedding invites and the wedding venue.

The wedding venue

As said above, the wedding theme will help you in choosing the wedding venue. If you’re seeking to have a garden- themed wedding, then you can scout garden venues in Singapore like the Hort Park, Villa Halia or Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Tip:  Booking of wedding venues are required to be done 12 months before the chosen wedding date or easily right after making the wedding proposal.

Book your wedding services


It’s highly important to hire your wedding vendors early since some services require being booked 10 to 20 months prior your wedding date. If you want to hire high profile wedding vendors, you have to strive hard to book them before other couples planning to be wed on the same date.

The wedding clothing

Firstly, looking for the bride’s wedding dress is very important and should be done early. Start planning your wedding outfit by looking for the new wedding gown trends in Singapore. After that you just have to choose the best gown that fits you the best and something that you really adore. You can also sign up for Singapore bridal packages to since these are more affordable and convenient.

Tip: If you’re planning to get your wedding gowns and suits custom-made, try looking for possible designs and tailors 10-12 months prior since custom-made gowns and suits entail a lot of work.

Other wedding details

Be sure to get your wedding invitations sent 6 to 9 months before the wedding date so that your busy guests can adjust their schedule and for you to determine if all or most of the people invited will be coming.

You may also start planning how your wedding styling would look like. This is also advised so that when your makeup artist or your hairstylist ask you what look you want to achieve, you can easily show them what you’ve researched and scoured the Internet for.


Furthermore, you have to double check your wedding vendors if it is confirmed that you have booked them for that date. We don’t want any form of mishaps, do we?

Ultimately, a successful wedding planning is guaranteed if you have sufficient knowledge of the details involved in planning Singapore weddings. If you honestly do not know a lot about weddings, you may want to start with doing research in order to gain helpful information. Another thought is to hire an effective wedding planner to work hand in hand with you in planning the wedding.