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Gear Essentials for Soccer Games of All Kinds

Soccer (or also known as association football) remains to be the most popular sport across all Asian countries. As a matter of fact, it was in 1954 when the Asian Football Confederation was founded — paving way for overseas friendly tournaments and competitions like the AFC Asian Cup.

Countries such as South Korea, Japan, and Saudi Arabia has taken great heights in the field of Asian soccer. Nonetheless, most Asian countries undoubtedly enjoy the thrill of the sport may it be as one of the players or a mere supporter-spectator.

In general, soccer is regarded as a simple game with relatively little equipment needed to play. For a simple game among friends, you can almost wear anything to your comfort, but for more serious games you are rather obliged to follow the correct gear. It is important to have basic soccer gear in order to take the game experience to a whole new level and decrease the risk of sport-related injuries.

Soccer shoes
The right shoes for playing soccer depends primarily on the playing surface. If the game is played on a grass field, you might need shoes with sturdy cleats on them to allow firm grip on the surface. But when it comes to playing on artificial grass or other hard surfaces, you do not necessarily need the help of cleats. Shoes designed for indoor soccer games are generally ideal when playing on hard surfaces.

Sports socks
A reliable pair of soccer socks is also important in every game. It must be thick enough and also strong in order to prevent the feet from getting blisters. A number of players even go beyond and wear double pair of socks, just to decrease the friction of the shoes rubbing on one’s feet. The socks must also preferably be up to knee length to hold shin guards tight.

Protection gear
Gears like shin guards help protect your shins from cuts and massive impacts. They are strapped tight around your lower leg, as you are susceptible to sporting myriad injuries due to the intense nature of the sport. If you play as goalkeeper, however, you will also be required to use soccer gloves. These gloves allow you to have a better grip on the ball and protect your hands from ball-catching injuries.

Soccer ball
Always consider the weight and general feel of a soccer ball when you are choosing one to use for your game. Keep in mind that the ball suited to a beginner may be different to that of a professional player, and so talk to your supplier about the most suitable ball quality regarding your own circumstances.

Soccer clothing
For informal games played among friends, you can almost wear anything you want during play. However, if you are playing as an official member of a team, you will be required to wear the team’s official shirt along with a pair of shorts. Soccer shorts are ideal since it provides greater freedom for players to move around and helps them keep cool over the entire play.

Popular Sports in Singapore

Singaporeans enjoy plenty of sports as a way to both entertain themselves and get their bodies on the move. It’s not a surprise, then, to know how the city-state plays myriad of sports instead of focusing merely on one. May it be for recreation or for competition, this article will present a list of some of the most famous sports played in Singapore.

A lot of Singaporeans are invested in water-related endeavors, with swimming being one of the most notable activities. The country boasts of numerous awards and recognition in various swimming events such as the 2008 Summer Olympics and the Asian Games. It bears testament to the fact that a lot of Singaporeans possess an innate talent in swimming.

Singaporeans truly enjoy their fair share of water sports. It is through the players’ inclination to water-related activities that they have successfully established their skill and talent when it comes to sailing. They have also represented the country in a number of national and overseas sailing events such as the Youth Sailing World Championships and the SEA games.

Bodybuilding has rose to fame in Singapore over the last few years. With that, it has garnered ample attention and interest from a number of people. The sport has also won awards for the country; specifically at the Busan Asian Games, Asian Women’s bodybuilding Championships, and the World Bodybuilding Championships as well.

When it comes to the most popular sports played nationally, Basketball is deemed as one of the answer. Sectors, such as the Basketball Association of Singapore and the ActiveSG Basketball Academy, have been very keen on promoting the sport throughout the mainland since the early years of its inception. Their efforts have trained notable players, regardless. Singaporean basketball players have gained awards as they represented the country during overseas games.

Considered as one of the most played sport in Singapore, Badminton remains to be a popular recreational activity which can either be played indoors or even outdoors. When the weather is not suitable for playing the game outdoors, there are various places in the city-state which allow you to play the sport inside the court. Generally, Singapore is renowned for its badminton talents — successfully winning awards in international games such as the Japan Open Singles and the All-England Cup.

Table tennis
Table tennis is also one popular indoor game among many Singaporeans. As a matter of fact, there are a number of places scattered across the city-state to accommodate those who want to play and even teach you how to play the sport. National table tennis players also pride Singapore with awards during the Commonwealth Championship games held annually, most especially in singles and mixed doubles events.

Why You Need to Switch to a Healthy Lifestyle Now

Our life is made up of the things we do. Sometimes the things we are oh so familiar with end up biting us in the back as we get older. Yes, it’s definitely nice to live a little bit. But then again, up to what extent? Sometimes the things we do become irreversible. Sadly, our habits are not an exclusion. Healthy habits is what we are made of and without these healthy habits, how could we ever improve?

We aren’t just talking about our physical health, there are so many other aspects of life that need us to remain healthy and keep up our good and healthy habits. There are so many aspects to a healthy and happy life. One thing most people fail to look after is their mental health and stress level. Stress is a killer. Not only does stress kill your mood, there are also so many other aspects of our life that get affected by our stress level. Although most people do not believe that the physical body is affected by stress, it actually is.

Stress increases the chances of heartburn, stroke, and many other. Some people forget to take care of themselves and this is one of the biggest mistakes we always end up committing. Why, sometimes, we 2ven end up abusing our strength to the point that our body works against us. Have more respect for your body and for your health through adjusting your lifestyle into a healthier and happier one. The sad part about our health and wellbeing is that we usually only become interested when it is too late.

Why is that? Sadly, this has become a practice we are all falling towards committing. Taking care of yourself nowadays sounds tiring and so much of a hassle but at the end of the line, we end up regretting the things we didn’t do instead of all the things we did do. Not everybody has health at the top of their priority list but this should definitely change. When you are young, you usually have this superman belief. You believe that you are invincible and no matter what you do to your body, you will be fine.

Later on, you realize that superman has his limits. Well, let’s hope it isn’t too late to turn everything around. Hey, it’s okay. It is never too late to restart and relearn certain things. Sometimes you have to get rid of old habits to make way for new ones. That’s part of life. Building new habits isn’t really the hard part of growth, it’s letting go of the old ones that are really hard to do. Start changing your life right now.

Reasons for and Against Owning a Car in Singapore

Ever since the automobile was invented, things started to spin faster and faster since people could get from one place to another with a smaller amount of time. Automobiles have then been used for quite a number of purposes from trade all the way to transport people from one place to another. Nowadays transportation has evolved and in both public transportation and private transportation.

Now let’s talk about something almost everyone wants to know about, should you or should you not purchase a vehicle or a private car? There would be a lot of things considered before your first you actually buy your first vehicle. You wouldn’t want to go out there buying your first vehicle and then suddenly realizing that it isn’t worth it. The worst that could happen would be you regretting the decision you’ve made after a couple of months once you’ve already purchased the vehicle. There are always two sides of the coin though and let’s remember that there are both positive and negative sides to owning a vehicle.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t buy a car:

1. High tax in Singapore: Sadly, the tax you will have to pay is quite high especially if you compare it to other countries. Even if you don’t, unless you have a great salary, you’d most likely be having a hard time to pay taxes.

2. Difficult application: Applying for a license can be very costly. Not everyone can own a car and sometimes you have to wait for someone else’s license to expire before you can apply for one which would mean that you’d probably have to wait for a year.

3. Limited validity: You’re license is only valid for a minimum amount of time and if you are planning to continue, you would have to renew which would mean additional expenses and a bit of a hassle.

4. High price of gas: Gas slowly burns out your wallet. Not only is gas expensive, it is also very easily consumed.

5. Costly maintenance: Keeping your car in shape would mean that you would have to spend extra every month or so to make sure it doesn’t break down. After all, you spent a lot already.

Here’s a couple of reasons why you should buy a car:
1. In control of your route: You can’t go everywhere with the MRT. The good thing about having your own vehicle means that you are in control of your route. Not only can you go to places that are hard to reach with the MRT, you can also go from one place to another by just driving there.

2. Privacy: Privacy is very important and sadly, public transportation does not offer this. Privacy allows you to relax, compose yourself, and just enjoy your travel altogether.

3. Easier to travel with numbers: You won’t have a hard time traveling with a larger group of people. Unless of course, they won’t fit.

Diving Spots for Intermediate to Advanced Divers

Many Singaporeans these days patronize diving as an adventure sport. Like every sport, you need to be trained first and buy equipment or gears. Training is available, you just need to enrol and commit to it. As for the equipment or gears, it can be expensive but for the love of exploring the underwater world, cost does not matter.

After training and securing gears, you are ready to dive. As you go along, you will become intermediate then advanced. Every diving spot is special – there is something unique about them. You just need to pick which one you should tackle first. There are several scuba diving sites that you can consider. Here’s the list:

Raja Ampat Islands
This is in Indonesia. The island is in fact the one of the world’s plushest dive sites when it comes to marine life. In fact, the island nestles 537 kinds of corals and 1,074 fish species. New or not, you have to know that this is actually the ultimate diving spot or destination. The best time to go here is from October to December. The currents are strong here with water temperature of 28-30°C.

Richelieu Rock
This is near Thailand’s Surin Islands. The locals call this place “whale magnet” because it is where you can find and encounter many whale sharks. If you cannot spot whale sharks, there are different things waiting for you to see here from manta rays to barracudas, pipefish, tuna and many more. The best time to go here is from February to April. The currents can be moderate or strong with water temperature of 26-29°C.

Tubbataha Reef
Philippines also offer a remarkable dive spot – the Tubbataha Reef. It is in Sulu Sea and many praise it to be one of the best dive destinations in the world. The main attraction here is the Shark Airport. It is called that because you will see whitecap reef sharks together with trevallies and jacks. If the ocean wills it, you will be treated with the appearance of endangered green sea turtles and hawksbill. The best time to go here is from March to June. The currents are moderate with water temperature of 26-30°C.

Be reminded though that some of these sites have manta rays and whale sharks not to mention the rancorous currents and the uncanny wrecks. If these are not your thing, you should look for safer diving spots. Be careful on your way down and remember to have fun along the way! Always plan your dives if you do not want incidents to happen.

Destinations to Watch Out for Potential Risks

You love to travel outside Singapore and there is nothing wrong with that. To see the world and all its glory is a privilege therefore you have to be thankful when you are given the chance. However, you cannot just plunge somewhere without knowing health risks. It is your right to know the health risks of the places you are to visit.

Worry no more because International SOS is there to help identify places you need to be careful. International SOS is a travel-security and medical assistance company. They compiled the World’s Health Risk Index. To come up with the result, there were many factors taken into account from hygiene, sanitation, frequency of accidents, threats of infectious disease and the availability/quality of health infrastructures.

Here are some places identified with health risks:

Madagascar: Madagascar is known for its wildlife and reserves but it can put you at risk because of problems that include inadequate number of hospitals especially if you are in remote areas and poor sanitation.

Haiti: Many travelers do not consider Haiti because of inadequate infrastructures. If you must go in this region, the safer one is Dominican Republic.

Cuba: Cuba has renowned doctors but these doctors are not available in rural areas. If you contract anything, it is better to choose international hospitals with quality infrastructure.

South Africa, Morocco and Thailand: These areas are considered medium risk. This means that there are good health care facilities in the country but in all areas. As for the emergency services, it is tolerable but when it comes to risk of waterborne illnesses, there are higher chances of contracting.

Brazil: Brazil belongs to indeterminate risk. This means that the development of infrastructure is uneven – there are cities with quality infrastructures there are others without.

Indonesia: Like Brazil, Indonesia belongs to indeterminate risk. For example, popular sites like Lombok and Bali have good medical services available to tourists but beyond these areas, the quality of medical services drop. Indonesia has medical air evacuation if it helps.

Of course nothing can keep you from going to these places. You are free to go actually but if you must go, you have to be cautious. Before going, go to your doctor and have some shots. This can protect you from contracting diseases whilst abroad. Do not just go there without knowing the place or what risks it poses. Make your homework first. If you are not satisfied, it is time to find another destination where you will feel safe and secured.