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How Music Influences Your Heart, Brain and Health

In Malaysia, there is a tourist bus that offers live music to entertain the tourists and passengers. Music is indeed entertaining if you put your heart to it. Busses that offer live music are not yet offered here in Singapore. Well, maybe in the not-so-distant future.


You do not need to ride in a tourist bus to appreciate music. Music is everywhere and you can access it anytime. Music is a big part of our lives – it can influence your heart, brain and health. Here’s how music can influence your heart, brain and health:

  • Improves verbal and visual skills: Music at an early age can stimulate your child’s brain by improving verbal and visual skills. There is a study that showed children who were exposed to music early increased their ability to understand words and describe its meanings.
  • Keeps brain healthy: When you listen to music, your brain is like exercising. If your brain gets exercise, you will have better memory plus mental sharpness. You will keep your brain from aging.


  • Music can make you happy: For music lovers out there, there is no doubt that music makes you happier. Music has the power to do great things. When you listen to music, your body secretes dopamine which is a feel-good chemical.
  • It can improve heartbeat, blood pressure and pulse rate: According to the observations of Massachusetts General Hospital found that patients with heart diseases have improved vascular health by simply listening to music.
  • It can improve sleep quality: When you listen to music, it has a magical thing that can put you to sleep. Stress and anxiety interfere with sleep but music can affect you positively.
  • It can boost immune system plus reduces pain: You have to know that cortisol – a stress hormone, can weaken the immune system which will increase the risk of heart disease. Listening to music for at least fifty minutes can uplift the immune system.
  • It can decrease feelings of anxiety and depression: There is a study in Drexel University. The researchers found that listening to music can reduce anxiety and can improve mood. In other words, it can have a positive effect on your psyche.

There you go. Music can do a lot of things in your life. It may sound simple and plain but it can influence you big time. So, if you have spare time, you can just sit around and listen to some good music. The genre will not matter as long as you are enjoying it.


Tips in Hiring a Property Manager for Your Real Estate Property

Getting a managing agent to help you run your property in Singapore can be a good idea but hiring a personal property manager instead can be much better idea. But ones you have eyed a potential property manager, immediately hiring them won’t be really a good thing to do. Before having that person as your property manager, you should first check on the person’s background and ability to manage properties. To help you with that, here are some tips that you can use before you go and hire that property manager.


1. Know the number of units that they’re managing. Finding out the number of property or units that your chosen property manager is managing can actually be helpful in deciding as to whether or not it’s the right decision to hire the person. The number of units that he manages can actually tell a lot about his capability to manage properties. Since you’re in the field of the property management business in Singapore, it would be better if you manage to hire a property manager that has the right skill and knowledge to manage your property.

2. Find out if they have their own rental properties. Ask your potential property manager if he has a real estate property of his own. If he happens to have a rental property, then it’s another thing that you can use to decide if you’ll hire him or not. Also, it helps to check sites like www.estateinfo.sg from Singapore to keep updated with the latest estate management issues. It can actually be beneficial if he happens to have his own property since he can properly relate to your own experiences as an investor or as a property owner. However, it can also be troublesome for you since your property manager can also become your competitor in getting some potential clients.


3. Know how he’ll address your maintenance issues. It is important that you know how the property manager that you chose will conduct and see through the maintenance issues and complaints that your tenants have. It would be better if you expect that your property manager would come up with maintenance decisions based on the amount that will be paid to them but always remember that you should be the one who will set the amount that you will pay them for the extra services and not the other way around.

4. Make sure that they can make a proper documentation. Another important thing in the field of property management is the proper documentation of the things about your property and the things that are needed in your property. That’s why it’s important that you’re potential property manager is skilled enough when it comes to documenting the important details on the processes that’s done to your real estate property so that you can also track down the things that is happening in your property, as well as the actions that’s taken by your property manager to deal with the problems that might arise.

Hiring and looking for capable property managers can become a really tiring job to do but finding and getting one that is highly capable of managing your property can really be helpful in saving much of your time and money from hiring a managing agent instead.


Entrepreneurship 101: How to Keep the Happiness Alive

Singapore is a lucrative place for entrepreneurs and would-be-entrepreneurs. Running your own business is risky and needless to say it is not for the faint of heart. If you are an entrepreneur, you should get the work done so that the people around you will be happy.


It is important that you are also happy with what you are doing because if you are not, all things will be in vain. You need to keep the happiness alive so you can be engages. Here are some tips on keeping the happiness alive:

  • Do not let problems linger. Problems come but they will go if you do not let it linger. If you let even small things linger, you will surely be unhappy. Yes, there will be unhappy moments and irritations but it is your choice to succumb. The soonest you face it, the soonest you can get rid of it.
  • Respect boundaries. It is good if you dedicate your hours to the company because you will surely be successful but remember you have life outside the office. If you have family, when it is time to go home, go home. If your employees have hobbies, let them work it out. You have to create a balance and respect it.


  • Celebrate victories. Every milestone should be celebrated no matter how small you think it is. Remember that Rome was not built in one day. Every great company starts with small victories. Even if it is a small victory, you have to celebrate.
  • Build a fun environment. You want to engage your employees so they will be happy. You have to make an effort to build a fun environment.


Egg Variations in Singapore

Who doesn’t love eggs? If you love eggs, you should know that every October 10, the world celebrates World Egg Day. This is how the world commemorates the value of eggs especially in relation to nutrition. So, in preparation for this “egg”-citing event, you should know egg variations here in Singapore.


If you are serious about tasting the best egg variations here in Singapore, you should consider the following dishes:

  • Century Egg Porridge: Many prefer the century egg porridge because of its consistency and flavour. You can head to 265 New Bridge Road to order this. It only costs S$ 4.
  • Eggs Benedict with Braised Lobster: If you love lobster and eggs, you should head to Quayside Isle. The dish costs S$ 36. Your appetite will be treated with poached eggs and braised lobsters.
  • Pizza with Egg: Eggs are delicious addition to pizzas. If you want to eat a pizza with egg dabbed in the middle, you should head to Bayfront Avenue. The pizza costs S$ 38.
  •  Omurice: If you want a Japanese egg dish, you should consider omurice and head to 177 River Valley Road. This dish features Japanese fried rice covered in an omelette. It costs S$ 16.80.


  • Mini Spanish Breakfast: If you want to experience a traditional Spanish breakfast, you should try tapas and eggs. You can head to 16 Jiak Chuan Road and try their breakfast meals starting at S$ 10.
  • Scrambled Eggs: Who will forget about the traditional yet tasty scrambled eggs? You can cook this at home but if you want to try something different, you should go to 2 Bayfront Avenue.
  • Vietnamese Scotch Eggs: For S$ 16, you can try Vietnamese Scotch eggs at 23 Ann Siang Road. Instead of the usual chicken eggs, this dish features quail eggs with a twist.


Smart Colour Choices for Small Bathrooms

You find that your bathroom is small and dull. As much as possible, you want it to be lively and sparkling despite of its space. If you have this dilemma and you want it resolved, you can either look for interior designers here in Singapore or handle it personally. If you choose interior designers, it will cost you.


If you decide to handle it personally, you can do so. There are many materials here in Singapore that you can maximize. You must know that a smart design can transform your small bathroom into a lively and sparkling one. The most basic thing that you can consider is explore the paints. Paints can make a difference and choosing which one is not easy.

So, here are smart colour choices for your small bathrooms:

  • Earth colours: If you are fan of earth colours, you can paint your bathroom with it. You can consider light brown shade. This will add elegance on your small space.


  • Citrus: If you want to revamp your bathroom with citrus shades (like bright tangerine), you have to be minimalistic about the rest like your mirror and other vanities.
  • Yellow: If you want a lighter mood, you can always choose yellow. Yellow can bring a sunny mood which makes the room bright and big. The overall style of your bathroom will surely level up.
  • Dark colours: For traditionalists, white is the colour of their bathroom but if you want a dramatic one, you should opt for dark colours. You can add glamour by putting detailed mirror.
  • One accent wall: One accent wall is an interesting one. This means that you choose one wall and colour it with only one accent. This is better than thinking of painting the four walls with the same powerful colour.
  • Highlight details: If the bathroom has already a colour, you can save money and make the space look bigger by simply highlighting the details like slanting ceiling and other woodwork. Highlighting it will surely elevate your bathroom.
  • Bold pink: If you want to command attention, you should consider bold colours specifically bold pink. You have to make sure though that you do not overdo it because if you let bold pink overpower your small bath, it will look even smaller.

For more colour choices, you can go to nearby hardware store and choose. At the end of the day, the most important thing is you are happy with the result of your bathroom. If you want it to stay as it is, you should not touch it in any way but then it would be plain.


Travel Apps for the Traveller in You

There are a lot of magnificent places to see outside of Singapore. Now, it is up to you to discover them. If you decide to disregard it and just stay in Singapore, you are free to do that. However, if you want to satisfy the “wanderlust” inside you, it is time that you arrange your travel right away. It is crucial that you arrange it to ensure a safe, smooth and successful travel.


You already booked airline tickets and hotel accommodations, what more can you do? Well, apart from packing, you have to install a friendly travel app. You may find travel apps simple but its use will be beneficial for you at the end of the day. So, here are some travel apps for the traveller in you:

  • Couchsurfing: When you travel, you spend more money on your accommodation. This is not right since you only use your room every night. You are out most of the time, right? If you want to save money on your accommodation, you can use this application. Other couchsurfing members around will be more than glad to offer you free accommodation. This application is available on iOS and Android.
  • Wandermates: The good thing about solo traveling is meeting another solo traveller. This application will help travellers organize meet-ups and search for other solo travellers within the area. It lets the traveller view the profile of other solo travellers. This application is available on iOS and Android.


  • Banjo: You constantly check your social media accounts (like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) if you are wondering what is happening in the lives of your friends. This is battery- consuming. This application can help you by sending real-time stream of updates from your friends. As if it is not enough, it will notify you when you have friends nearby.
  • Roamright: If you want to be sure and secured, you can maximize this application. This application will provide you with directory. The best thing about this is it can serve as your personal translator.
  • Citymaps2go: Roaming alone is dangerous that is why you need to be sure where you are. This application will serve as your offline map so you can go to places without getting lost. It does not need WiFi.

When you go out there, you need a reliable partner. In this modern age, gone are the maps and the compass. When you go on an unexpected journey, you only need your travel apps and you are free to go. Enjoy the world! Indeed the world is a beautiful place to see.


What’s in the News?

Almost all people around the globe are affected, influenced, educated and sometimes being entertained by the News. This is because news is a true story of people and events that cannot be altered or edited. Apart from giving a bunch of information, news is really helpful in many ways. For instance, whenever there’s a flood in a specific town, news personnel will go to the actual site where the flood exactly takes place. This is for the public to know that the situation there is very dangerous. Thus, as a viewer, you tend to be more alert and ready at all times.


Why Gather News

Apart from the reality that people must really know the situation in a particular place, news are collected so that there would be a file for the events that might be historic for a country perhaps. On the other hand, news is something that may help the economic status of a nation boost. How? This is through press releases and other techniques that are being used by the media. Through these tools, there might be an opportunity for the third world countries to be known by the top nations in the globe.


Media Dangers

There are a lot of people say that when you enter the real world of media; you have to sacrifice many things – It maybe your valuable belongings most especially your family. Also, being a staff in media has a lot of dangers like covering a live exchange of bullets from the terrorist group and the army troop, live coverage of typhoon and many more.


Singapore: Being a Journalist

In the media world, journalism is said to be one of the most exciting professions here in the country. However, this could be as challenging as you can imagine. This kind of career is not the same as writing articles though this is a simple write-up to compose. As said, challenges arise in this type of profession. On of these are the obstacles on how you are going to ask questions to your interviewee most especially when something terrible happened. Being a journalist is also like being a soldier,; you bring nothing, you will also gain nothing. Moreover, am9ng the hardest part of being in this type of career is that you will not be able to retreat once you are already in a particular location or situation.


Although it is tagged as a dangerous profession, many still continue because there are also things that might interest them. And this is about travel. This is only the bonus of being a journalist – to be able to tour around different places to write an article.


Usually, becoming a journalist needs a degree of formal education. This is to test the ability of an individual to solve problems on his own and live like he’s alone.  In this field, you will not now what will happen. Like for instance, you are assigned to a warzone. Typically, as a journalist, you Ned to see things so that you will be able to write down factual information so that people can prepare or at least know what to do next.


Forbes’ Most Powerful Celebrities in the World

Forbe’s has released its latest manifesto for the most powerful celebrities in the world. There are Singaporeans who were shocked of the results while there are others who think that they (people on the list) deserve their spot. Regardless of what you think, it is worthwhile to explore the list.


Before anything else, you might be wondering how Forbes created their list. You should know that the bases for the list are (1) earnings estimates (2) number of times a celebrity is mentioned in TV, print or radio from June 1, 2013 to June 1, 2014 and (3) social media. The compilation was made possible by Google, The Nielsen Co., Publishers Weekly, Box Office Mojo and many more. So, here are the list of top 10 most powerful celebrities in the world:

  • Beyoncé Knowles: Beyoncé topped the list. The thirty two year old singer derived most of her wealth from music.
  • LeBron James: Who would have thought that LeBron will become the number two? Believe it or not he is. The twenty nine year old athlete derived most of his wealth from basketball.
  • Dr. Dre: Dr. Dre ranked number three. The forty nine year old musician derived most of his wealth from music including electronics.
  • Oprah Winfrey: Oprah used to be number one but now she is down to number four. The sixty year old personality derived most of her wealth from television.
  • Ellen DeGeneres: Like Oprah, Ellen is a famous personality. The fifty six year old personality derived most of her wealth from television.


  • Jay-Z: Jay-Z is actually the husband of Beyoncé and he is not far behind his partner. He is a forty four year old musician and derived most of his wealth from music.
  • Floyd Mayweather: If boxing is your thing, you will never forget about Floyd Mayweather. He is in fact one of the most powerful celebrities in the world. The thirty seven year old athlete derived most of his wealth from boxing. 
  • Rihanna: Like other musicians, Rihanna will never fall behind. The twenty six years old musician from Barbados derived most of her wealth from music.
  • Katy Perry: Katy is number nine. The twenty nine year old musician derived most of her wealth from music.
  • Robert Downey, Jr: Who will forget about Iron Man? In the movie, he is one of the most powerful and it remained true in real life. He is number ten. The forty nine actor derived its wealth from movies.

Actually the list goes on. There are about 100 people listed in Forbe’s most powerful celebrities in the world. Singaporeans are anticipating next year’s list patiently. Watch out!


How to Sleep Comfortably at Night

Climate change is taking a toll. Singapore and other tropical countries now experience warmer and wetter climate. Temperatures rising and storms becoming frequent are a sign of intense weather conditions. According to Richard Corlett, an Ecologist, Singapore will become warmer “than anywhere on earth”. With that, the government is doing its best to alleviate the conditions.


What is the impact of warmer climate to Singaporeans? For one, you cannot go out often especially with the scorching heat. You cannot also sleep comfortably at night. If you have problems sleeping at night because you do not have an air conditioner, you can always consider other alternatives. You have to know that there are many ways to remain cool so you can sleep for the night. Here are some suggestions you will find helpful:

  • Open windows: The obvious alternative is to open your windows when you are about to sleep. If you open your windows, you are increasing air circulation. Do this when it is safe. If your neighbourhood is not that safe, forget about this alternative. Do not compromise the safety of your family.
  • Blow cold air: Another good alternative is to purchase commercial ice cubes and put it in a container. In front of the container with ice, put your fan. The fan will blow cold air. Just make sure to put enough ice to get you to sleep.
  • Wear socks: If you want an economical way, you can wear cold socks. You should know that the feet lovers the temperature of your skin and the whole of your body. Putting cold socks there will help you sleep. Just rinse your socks in cold water then wring them until they are moist. Wear them right away.


  • Take a bath: Before you go to sleep, you can take a bath so your body will be cool. If you cannot take a bath, just wet your face using a damp cloth. You can also wipe other body parts like arms.
  • Sleep on a bamboo mat: If you really cannot sleep, you can consider sleeping on a bamboo mat. This is the traditional way of sleeping coolly. Bamboo mats do not retain heat and they can be comfortable all night long. These mats are inexpensive and readily available anywhere.

Avoid using air conditioners because they are one of the culprits of climate change. You will eventually find something that will work for you. You need to sleep to regain your strength. Sleeping should not be that difficult.


Getting to Know the Designs of Red Dot Singapore

The History of the term ‘Red Dot’

Before discussing the fashion trend emanated by the label “Red Dot,” let us first know the origin of the term ‘red dot.’ Red dot is a famous term used to describe Singapore. Singapore is known to many countries as the ‘little red dot’ because this is how Singapore is marked all over the world. It was the Indonesian President B.J. Habibie who coined this term in the goal of criticizing the economy and development of Singapore. This criticism, especially the red dot, marked the minds of Singaporeans and was noted in the reply speech made by then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong. From then on, they used the term ‘little red dot’ or ‘red dot’ as inspiration and something to drive them to success. Now, red dot signifies pride of the Singaporean nation.


‘Red Dot’ as a Trademark in the Arts and Crafts Industry

A museum known in Singapore, Taipei and Essen also follows the line of giving pride to the term red dot by creating unique and state-of-the-art clothing designs. Red Dot is a red building with a exceptional architecture because of its shape, design and eye-catching red color. Wait until you go inside their museum where they showcase different products of different designs.


Red Dot museum hosts 1,000 different designs from 55 countries all over the world. it is even the first ever museum in Asia to exhibit contemporary designs. Visitors of the museum will get their eyes full of colourful and colourless products and designs of a pool of designers all over the world. Visitors mind will also be twisted on thinking how designers have created something so great. Aside from going to the museum to have a firsthand Red Dot experience, one can have a sneak peak of their creations and creativity through their advertisements, brochures and magazine features.

Unlike museums which strike down the move of visitors to feel the exhibited designs, Red Dot encourages visitors to touch and try designs. Competitions are also held by Red Dot to open doors to aspiring designers and artists. You can also take home and buy the designs exhibited here.


Home Remedies for Eye Bags

Some people say that eye bags are something to be proud of because they are a symbol of how hardworking you are. It is an outcome of sleepless nights, overtime at work and taking care of your responsibilities even late at night. All of these may be true; however, eye bags do not look that good. They make one look tired and haggard; therefore, when they come out, they need to be managed.


One good remedy for eye bags is using tea bags. After drinking tea, you can use the tea bag for your eyes. Allow them to rest in your closed eyes for a while and then rinse. The caffeine content of tea will help in reducing the inflammation of the blood vessels in the eyes.

Other blood vessel constricting remedies which can be easily found at home, particularly in the kitchen are cucumber, potatoes, egg whites and cold water. Just cut some potatoes and cucumber and put these in your eyes for a while. Chemicals in these foods help in making the eyes puffy. Cold water and egg white, on the other hand, makes the eye bags stiff therefore inhibiting it to swell and also decreases the swelling. Cold spoon are also good eye bag removers also because of the temperature.


Other natural remedies are crushed mint and almond oil. All you have to do is to apply them under your eyes where the eye bags are before you sleep. Rose water is also an effective eye bag remover.


Ayam Buah Keluak: A Dish to Taste Before You Die

Many of us are looking for some food in other countries. However, we tend to forget that there are a lot of delectable, jaw-dropping and appetizing foods that is found in our own homeland. One dish is a Peranakan (Straits-Chinese) favorite. It is an unforgettable recipe since it has been passed down from generation to generation and today; it became one of the most loved dishes in Singapore.

Ayam Buah Keluak_0

Truly, it is one authentic Peranakan dish. Ayam Buah Keluak is usually made with chicken slices but sometimes it is made with pork. This recipe is mixed with “kelauk”, a variety of nut that has a hard shell with a tangy liquid inside. The kelauk creates the delicious taste that will surely make a person sated.


On the other hand, if you think that it’s a difficult recipe to prepare, you’re correct. In fact, the rempah (an ingredient that is made of seven substances) takes half a day before it is cooked well. To make Ayam Buah Keluak, the first thing to prepare is that nuts, you have to soak it water for at least two days. Then, before you are going to cut the nut in half, make sure that you got the black flesh inside the nut.

After that, pound it and combine with other spices. And lastly, mix the pounded nuts, chicken and the rempah. However, you must boil it for another half day until the sauce become thick. This recipe is really hard to find in the metro because of its tiring preparation but if it is perfectly cooked, it will guarantee you pure satisfaction.



Nasi Padang: An Awesome Taste for Food Explorers

We all know that Singapore has different cuisines. Actually, the different culture that conquered Singapore had contributed a lot to the Singapore’s food preparation, taste and style. Today, there are four main cuisines in Singapore. These are Chinese cuisine, Indian, Malay and the Peranakan cuisine. As usual, Chinese bring the recipe for noodles, sushi and other raw foods.


For Indians, they have shared delectable coconut milk recipes while the Malay and Peranakan contributed to the hot and spicy dishes in Singapore. Of all the cuisines in Singapore, Chinese cuisine was the popular not just because they have the most number of races in the country but because it is loved by many Singaporeans. On the other hand, Indian recipes are also included on the list.


One great recipe prepared by Indians is the Nasi padang. Nasi padang is a dish that is uniquely cooked in a hot and dry manner but it is a very flavorful food. Actually, there are a lot of food stalls and restaurants in Singapore that serves nasi padang. The most well-liked Nasi padang booth in the country is the Hajjah Maimunah Nasi Padang.

The place provides a homey experience wherein your family members and friends can share buffet. You may also find some time to relax by finding the best Nasi Padang stalls in the vicinity.  But if you haven’t found one restaurant that serves nasi padang, try another location. If you cannot find it in our favorite table, don’t mind it because there are too many restaurants and fruit place to leave.



Motives for Cybercrime

Cybercriminals dominate the cyber world. These people are only determined to take advantage of other people or organizations. Singapore government is warning all companies to be wary of cybercriminals. Cybercriminals target organizations, companies or private sectors that they think they will gain a lot. Whether you belong to a company or you work alone here in Singapore, it is important that you learn how to defend your site.


Before you fortify your defences, it is crucial that you understand the motives of cybercriminals. Here’s an idea:

  • Money: Money is undoubtedly the primary motive of cybercriminals. Most cybercriminals seek to make financial profit out of their actions. Money is a good motivation.
  • Emotion: If the criminal goes after his/her emotion, it is the most destructive one. When they burst out, they do not care whether they will profit or not. They only care to hurt an organization, company of the individual.


  • Sexual urges: Sexual urges belong to emotion but it is stronger and some of these criminals are the violent ones. These people are exploiting the sexual impulses of other people and use it for profit or to stir emotions from the subject.
  • Politics/religion:  Politics or religion is also closely related to emotion. People are very emotional when their beliefs (politics and religion) are targeted. As a result, they commit terrible crimes in the name of their beliefs.
  • For fun: There are people who do not need money, mentally stable and financially able yet they still commit cybercrimes. These people only do this for fun. They do not care who will be affected as long as they are happy.

Now that you know the motives behind the minds of cybercriminals, it is time that you put your defences and make it strong. For a start, you need to constantly change your password. You also need to contact your internet service provider if you suspect anything amiss.


Laser Lights and Aviation Safety

The number of people using laser lights rose here in Singapore. The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) warned the people that laser lights can endanger aircrafts. The agency warned those who use laser lights that if it strikes into the cockpit, it can cause confusion or distraction for pilots. In severe cases, it can cause temporary blindness to the pilots.


Changi Airport handles hundreds of landings and take-offs every day. It is therefore important to ensure the safety of the passengers and the crew. The offenders can be fined S$20,000 to S$40,000; they can also face 15 months of jail time. This is according to the Singapore Air Navigation Order.

If you are thinking of reducing the hazard, pilots and other aircrew can consider the following measures:


  • Laser safety goggles: There is such thing as laser safety goggles. These goggles are made in the lab. Although there are studies that question the efficacy of laser safety goggles, the fact remains that it can be a big help.
  • Glare shields: Pilots can simply rely on glare shields. These shields act like your window’s blinder. It can be pulled down (in the windscreen) which can significantly reduce the incoming lights.
  • Smart goggles: Smart goggles have the power to detect laser lights. When it detects laser lights, it will immediately activate the dimming or blocking.
  • Laser detectors: Laser detectors can be a good help. It can record the illumination. It will not do anything except record. The information can then be used for later references.

You should care about this especially if you are constantly travelling. Apart from the order issued by the government, establishments should also refrain from selling laser lights.


Singapore: The Surprising Healing Power of Acupuncture

Today, acupuncture has become one of the best methods chosen by many people to cure several ailments such as stroke, vomiting and many common diseases. As a matter of fact, it can treat almost anything since it gives relief to your glorious body. Aside that acupuncture is said to heal a multitude of conditions, it is also a known remedy for stress.


Stress creates a lot of pain all over the body and because of this agonizing feeling, other body parts are affected preventing people to work at their best. Fortunately, in Singapore, people ensure that they will eliminate that feeling with the use of their modern equipment and with the help of their professional acupuncturist.

Some conditions that are brought by stress are irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as well as stomach pain. Also, it can affect our mind which may cause anxiety and/or depression. Furthermore, it can completely destroy our liver which makes it more difficult for the body to detoxify. Medical acupuncture society states that acupuncture is advantageous most especially to all women. Acupuncture is believed to have healing powers to women with gynecological problems which includes infertility.


Actually, acupuncture is one of the many methods that are used by conventional Chinese apart from healthy nutrition, herbal medicine and more. Using acupuncture tools, many sicknesses can be fully recovered. Acupuncture is not a harsh activity nevertheless a calm and gentle procedure to alleviate diverse pain inside and outside our physique. Sometimes, it is an enjoyable technique of therapeutic as it only uses a needle. Since acupuncture is said to be a serene undertaking, it may change a lifestyle and most probably modify a disorderly mind.



Singapore – The Road to Become a License Orthodontist

The road to become a licensed dental orthodontist is a long one. It takes a lot of effort and dedication. Although it’s a weary journey to pass, you’ll be rewarded since it is one of the highest paying jobs in the world. What’s even more rewarding is that you can help people improve their appearance and enhance their self-confidence.


In Singapore, Orthodontist solves every problem you have with regards to your denture. Therefore, it will give you the perfect smile. Most of the time, many people think that tooth doctor is not working.

What is an Orthodontist?

Orthodontists or dental care providers are specially trained individuals who are focused on repairing and preventing tooth damage and other dental problems such as misaligned jaws, crooked teeth, underbites and overbites. Before they can complete that, they need to complete several trainings and education.


How Do You Become an Orthodontist?

As said, becoming a certified orthodontist is very difficult duty. It’s like facing all challenges in one time. Usually, it takes 10-12 years of formal education before you can acquire a license in the field of Orthodontics.

First, you need to obtain a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree (most of the time Bachelor of Science but Bachelor of Arts will do). After that, you will enter into a dental university and study for four (4) agonising years to sharpen your knowledge about dentistry. After you completed 8 years in a university, you will be required to accomplish at least 2-year Master’s degree to broaden your understanding about dental care. Then, after completion of the said education, you’ll proceed to one-year training.

It’s not the end yet since you will have to take a board certification examination. Upon passing this examination, you are officially a certified orthodontist.

About Dr Kelvin Koh

History of Giant Pandas

Fossil evidences suggests that Giant Pandas were already found throughout an area that is now known as Eastern and Southern China during the Pliocene epoch which was around 2 million to 3 million years ago. Some other fossils of these animals have also been found in Northern Vietnam and Northern Myanmar. The giant panda have been featured in a number of ancient Chinese texts. A 2,500 year old geography book entitled The Classics of Seas and Mountains referred to these creatures as “black and white bear like animal that resides in the Qionglai Mountains south of Yandao Country.


This book also named the huge animal as Mo which was the ancient name for the species. The giant panda was first made known to the Western world in 1869 when the naturalists and French missionary Père Armand David reported his study and examination of a dead hunted specimen. German zoologist Hugo Weigold became the first Westerner to catch a glimpse of a live giant panda in the wild (1916). In 1935, American socialite Ruth Harkness brought with her a female giant panda cub with her to the United States.


Su-lin (the first giant panda to reach the country alive) was presented in the Brookfield zoo in Chicago and gained the world’s attention and adoration during her short life. Other giant pandas brought to zoos in other countries also died early because of the deficiency in knowledge and information on how to care for them properly. In the 1950s, the Communist Government of China started to dole out giant pandas as a sign of goodwill to other countries (a practice which is popularly known as “panda diplomacy”). China presently loans pandas for exhibits and presentation in zoos all over the world in a program that aims to conserve and prevent extinction of the giant panda species.


Habitat and Behavior of Red Pandas

Red pandas reside in temperate forests located in mountainous regions with altitudes if 6,000 to 16,000 feet (1,800 to 4,800 meters). They occupy hollow spaces in trees, rock dens or caves. The natural predators of red pandas include the yellow necked marten and the snow leopard. Their diet is chiefly made up of tender bamboo shoots and leaves; their diet also includes berries, acorns, roots and sometimes small birds and eggs.


These creatures becomes chiefly active during sundown and throughout the rest of the night. Red pandas are usually solitary creatures except during their first year of life (which is mostly spent with their mothers) and during the mating season (wherein fighting for a particular female can occur). These creatures are dexterous and adept climbers; they often rest of groom themselves in the branches of trees.


Their grooming routine includes licking their body and scratching their faces using the hind and fore paws. The mating season of Red pandas usually takes place in the first three months of a year (January, February and March). Gestation period usually takes 5 months. A litter of young are usually composed of 2 (but may consist of 1 to 4) offspring. The young are usually born blind and covered with thick gray fur.

They reach adult size in 12 months and reach sexual maturity in about 18 months. Generally, these animals have low reproduction rates and only a few numbers of cubs can survive in the wild. They can live around 7 to 8 years in the wild but can survive for 14 years in captivity. It is already considered an endangered species due to unregulated habitat destruction.