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Leadership Qualities Everyone Should Possess


In order to succeed in life, one needs to know when to follow and, more importantly, when to lead. Some of the greatest leaders in Singapore believe that one should possess the following leadership qualities in order to get ahead and thrive in life.

  1. Dreamer

In order to become successful, you have to set your goals and dream big. It is important that we know what we want, even if we’ve been told that our goals are impossible. The stories of the most successful people often show one thing in common—they had a set vision of what they wanted to achieve, and then put all their efforts to reaching that goal. Experts say that if you get to see your dreams and aspirations all the time, you will get reminded of the things that should do and will help you focus more to attain your goals.

  1. Passionate

In order to succeed, you should grow ideas from your passion. If we are doing the things that we love then working every day won’t feel tedious at all because we are enjoying what we are doing. It is advised that we find our passion and follow it to become not only successful but happier human beings.

  1. Confident

The first step to becoming prosperous is to believe that you can. If you think your goals are within your reach, then you won’t lose hope and will always strive for it. If you have earned and built up your confidence, then there is no doubt that you can reach your goals sooner than you might even think.

  1. Optimistic

There will always be times that we fail and we have to accept the fact that this is normal. It is normal that we experience problems and that we commit mistakes in reaching our dreams. What we need to do if faced with failures is to become optimistic, to not give up and continue on fighting. We should continuously learn from our mistakes and make use of it to become more successful in our succeeding attempts.

  1. Problem-Solver

There can be problems that are blatant and there are some that are not too obvious. We have to learn how to identify problems, as well as how to formulate solutions to every obstacle. There are some people who miss the mark and blame their incompetence to other factors—make sure to avoid falling into this mindset. Let us not forget that we are responsible of our own actions and if we own up into solving our problems and help other people in doing so, then we are one step ahead into becoming more successful in life.

Gainful Careers in Psychology


Psychology is all around every aspect of our lives, we may not be conscious about it but it’s working in all our human interactions not only to other but to ourselves, too. This alone makes Psychology a very interesting field to study on and offers many career options (unemployment is unlikely). No wonder why Psychology becomes a popular choice for students; In Singapore for example, approximately, an additional 10% increase of students per year is observed. On the other hand, Malaysia, its nearby country, continues to open more psychological programs. Here are some of the most sought after and viable careers to ponder on:

  1. Clinical Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists analyze, evaluate and treat patients with mental health disorders. The treatments they give out are not only medicines and therapies but they also conduct regular meetings with patients to assess and test response to treatments. Clinical psychiatrists may work in hospitals, offices or mental health facilities. In order to practice this profession, one must complete a 4-year bachelor’s degree program in Psychology or pre-medicine. After, student must finish medical school for another 4 years, satisfy residency requirements and pass the licensure exam.

In the US, the annual salary of a Psychiatrist is about $85 per hour or $177,250 annual salary. Despite the highly demanding effort, psychiatric industry offers stability in career opportunities and has six- figure salary which can go even higher for those who are interested to further specialize.

  1. Neuropsychologist

Neuropsychologists are in-charge of a human’s physical brain, its central nervous system and behavior. Due to the brain’s complexity and its cognitive functionalities, this area of specialization is challenging and requires immense preparation. Generally, Neuropsychologists run various tests related to brain and interact with patients who have suffered brain damage. Normally, they work in hospitals or healthcare facilities.

To successfully achieve this career, one must spend at least 8 years of education which would also include doctoral degree, post-doctoral residency and of course, must be a licensed clinical psychologist. According to Pay Scale survey report, the average annual salary of Neuropsychologist ranges from $80,000 to $150,000.

  1. Forensic Psychologist

Interested in studying law and psychology? Forensic Psychology is a merger of both worlds and currently, one of the coolest and most glamorous jobs due to its portrayal in popular TV series and movies but its reality present not as much. While the job is highly exciting, it is also full of uncomfortable and stressful situations where one handles complicated legal disputes in a psychological perspective.

To be a Forensic Psychologist, one must study for 8-12 years to earn a bachelor’s degree (4 years), master’s degree (2 years) and a PHD (2-4 years). Forensic Psychologists earn $60,000-70,000 annually.

  1. Market Research Analyst

Psychologists are also in demand in a corporate setting especially because they trained to study underlying motivations and trends to human behavior. These areas are highly important in the ever changing business industry. Market Analysts analyze the current market conditions, customer preference and project the next viable steps to get ahead of the competition.

Spending 4-8 years of preparatory study for this career is needed to practice. The salaries for Market Analysts vary depending on education and experience but on an average, they earn $60,000 annually.

In a nutshell, there are more career options in psychology. The ones listed above are some of the most common and highest paid specializations. The type of industry also plays a key role in the stability of the salary and its viability that is why a lucrative career will be ranked at the bottom if it operates in a shrinking market.

Volunteer: Making Traveling More Meaningful


Volunteering is an experience only minority undertake but something that many consider of doing. Sure, traveling is fun but you add more value to it when there is a good cause behind and beyond mere touring. Stepping out of your comfort zone and doing a thing you’ve never done before is surely a journey of self-discovery and life. So if this is a first you’ve heard of or quite unsure of the program to choose, these opportunities might be aligned to your interests and help you decide.

  1. Wildlife Conservation Program

This volunteer program is best suited for the outdoor type. As a wildlife conservation volunteer, you will act as Mother Nature’s janitor and endangered animals’ custodian. Tasks involve handling animals and assisting staff in providing care to wildlife patients.

In order to participate well in this type of volunteerism, you must be in a good physical condition, have patience and good adaptability skills, comfortable with physical labor involving plants and animals and have the skill to relate well with diverse set of people. Most of the wildlife volunteer opportunities are available in various regions in the US.

  1. Construction/Building Projects

Living a house without access to a basic toilet or proper roofing is a sad reality to many communities from all over the world. Water, education, livelihood shortages are just many of the prevailing problems that can be attributed to low or no basic facilities and infrastructure. This building project is aimed at improving the quality of life of disadvantaged communities.

Building volunteers can expect breaking a sweat, getting fresh air, making friends with volunteers all over the world and attaining great experiences of a lifetime. Moreover, this can help your personal growth as you become more appreciative and grateful to what you have in your home country.

There are popular locations for this type of program that are accredited by some non-profit organizations such as Africa, Asia (Provinces of Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, India, etc.), Latin America and Europe.

  1. English Teaching

If you are language inclined, fluent and have the passion to teach English, then this might be a good volunteer option for you! You can contribute in enhancing the learning experience of many young students not only by inputting correct grammar but also through application which is conversational English. You just need to maximize your instructional materials and enjoy the experience of bonding with the children.

Teaching program destinations can be in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and South Pacific regions.


  1. Care for Disabled Persons

There is a need around the world for volunteers who have the heart and compassion in caring for people with disabilities (mental and physical). You can give these patients a chance to learn confidence and skills for them to become independent individuals. This program has various areas depending on the need of the disabled persons. Primary caretaker involves tasks such as washing, feeding and changing children or adults with disabilities. Coaching on the other hand include playing physical games with children or adults with a goal to improve their social skills while tutoring entails problem solving and language lessons to help patients process information.

9 Ways Your Car Tires is Telling You Something

It’s the middle of summer here in Singapore, which means you are driving on hot roads. While you are comfortably tucked inside your vehicle with the air conditioner on, your car tires are rolling away on the scorching hot asphalt road.

This is why your tires need to be regularly checked by a car maintenance company. During this time of the year, the roads are hotter and you’re likely to take longer road trips with more cargoes. The bottom line is that your car tires take a beating, and it’s ideal to have it regularly checked to ensure their safety and excellent running condition.

But what could be the possible signs of problems with vehicle tires? What can car owners do to secure safe driving? Here are nine different ways your tires are telling you that it’s time for a tire inspection from a reliable car servicing company.

1. Cracking and Bulging
Cracking in the rubber is usually caused from hitting debris, curbs, or potholes, or could also be because of the age of the tire. Bulging, on the other hand, occurs when an external impact cause an internal damage to the tire. If you can see noticeable cracks and bulging, you should start looking for a replacement. The tire should be removed as it will not last much longer.

2. Center Wear
If only the center ring of your tire is worn down as found out from a trusted car servicing workshops in Singapore it is likely because the tire was over-inflated, causing only the center part of the tire to contact the road. To inflate the tire to its correct pressure, refer to the placard in the driver’s door or read the user’s manual. If the pressure is just right but there’s still center wear, this could mean that the tires and wheel are not matched.

3. Cupping
Cupping is when the tire develops a pattern of alternating valleys and hills in its surface. This happens when a damaged suspension doesn’t absorb the shock well when driving, causing a harder bounce on some spots of the tires. A damaged shock absorber is the most common cause of cupping, though it could also be anything that connects the wheel to the body of the car. Be extra cautious with your diagnosis. Even car repair shops sometimes incorrectly diagnose a heel/toe wear or feathering as cupping.

4. Outer-Edge Wear
When the outside and the inside edges of the tire is worn down, but the middle is not, it is usually a sign that your tire is under-inflated. Lack of pressure is the most unsafe tire condition as the rubber bends more and the heat easily builds up, possibly causing a tire blowout. Cars with under-inflated tires also won’t absorb bumps well and may cause misalignment of the wheels or damage the car’s suspension.

5. Flat Spots
Spots of wear appear when a car intensely slams the brakes. If you’re driving a vehicle without anti-lock braking system, your car will likely lock up the wheels under heavy braking, causing flat spots. Also, cars that are on standby for weeks can get flat spots as the car’s weight weighs the tire down.

6. Heel/Toe Wear
This happens when one side of the tread block is more worn down than the other side of the block. According to car servicing shops in Singapore, this is one of the most common tire conditions they encounter—so common that most car owners ignore this because they believe it’s normal. Heel/toe wear is usually a sign that you car is not getting enough tire rotation intervals. So, make sure to follow your car maintenance schedule to detect misalignment before it takes a toll on your tires.

7. One-Side Wear
If only one side of the tires wears down, it could possibly be that your car’s camber angle setting is off, which causes the tires to lean more on one side. Bring your car to a car servicing shop to adjust the wheel alignment. Damaged ball joints, springs, and suspension can cause one-side wear as could incorrect toe setting, inconsistent tire-rotation maintenance, and carrying excessive loads frequently.

8. Feathering
Feathered tires can be detected by the eye, but it’s easier to feel this texture by running your fingers over the tire surface. Feathering happens when one side of the tread has rounded edge and the other edge is sharp. Oftentimes, the feathering of the tire means that the car and the wheels are misaligned. If the alignment is correct but still has this condition, the damage could be because of a suspension problem that’s causing a shift to the car’s alignment as you drive.

9. Tucked Away Tread-Wear Indicators
Those ridges between your tire’s tread blocks are called tread-wear indicators. They sit tucked away between treads where they don’t get in contact with the road. When the tread blocks wear down and the tread-wear indicators start to get more visible, this means that your tire has reached its full capacity and should already be replaced. However, car maintenance shops suggest that you should not wait for the indicators to flush with the tread before you replace it with a new one.

The tires are among the important safety features of a vehicle. Even so, many car owners in Singapore overlook the importance of having high-quality, well-maintained car tires. If you see any of these signs in your tires, talk to a car repair expert right away.

Easy Tricks to Improve Your Internet Surfing Experience


Although it offers tons of benefits, the internet also seems to have as many snags as well. It’s useful, but it can also be a great source of frustration for people who end up becoming a victim of spam, malware and even social media posts that could raise one’s blood pressure levels. Fortunately, there are some simple tricks that you can do to turn the online odds in your favour and improve your internet surfing experience.


  1. Mute Annoying Pages on Social Media

Tired of seeing the cheesy posts or tweets of a friend, but can’t seem to block or unfollow her on your social media accounts? Then try using some ‘soft’ blocking techniques on both your Twitter and Facebook accounts. To soft block on Twitter, simply click the cogwheel on the right corner of a person’s tweet and click the ‘mute’ button on the drop down menu. In Facebook, click the drop down menu found on the top right corner of your friend’s post and select the ‘unfollow’ button.

  1. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Perhaps most of us already know the uses of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. But what about the other clever keyboard shortcuts that you can use to make your web surfing easier and simpler? Well, here are a few:

  • Ctrl + Enter – puts “www” and “.com” on anything that you type in the address bar.
  • Ctrl + Shift + R – clears the cache and restarts the page you’re currently on.
  • Ctrl + Tab – quickly transfers to the next tab on your window.


  1. Practise Private Browsing

Browsing the internet without leaving any trace of what you’re doing is quite easy. Every internet browser allows private browsing, which prevents the gadget being used from recording your search history. On Google Chrome, you can simply enable this feature by clicking on the menu bar at the top right corner of the page. From the menu, click the New Incognito Window option, and you’re now ready to browse privately. For easier private browsing, simply use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N.

  1. Separate Your Router From Electronics

Another way to improve your web surfing experience is to place your internet routers in the right location. Putting your routers right next to other electronics can affect the performance of your Wi-Fi. To keep that from happening, place your router far from televisions, speakers, DVD players and Bluetooth devices. This will automatically improve your internet connection without taking more steps.

Improving your internet experience isn’t as difficult as you imagine it to be. Simply putting the above tips to work is already enough to make your web surfing more worthwhile.


Electrical Works an Electrician Can Perform

When tackling home electrical system, you need an electrical expert in Singapore who you can count on to do the job correctly and—most importantly—safely. While there could be simple electrical fixes you can do yourself, like changing a dead light bulb, significant power works should only be done by professionals. What are these works that requires professional assistance? Here are the following:


1. Upgrade of Electrical System

Changing a light bulb can be a DIY, but upgrading an electrical service cannot. Usually, electrical upgrades include replacement of drop line from the utility power. A 100-amp service panel can’t just be upgraded to 200-amp without replacing the service drop. Likewise, service panels that no longer meet the standards of today households—due to use of modern appliances—have to be upgraded to ensure efficiency of power supply throughout the house. These massive upgrades are too much for an ordinary homeowner, so it’s best to leave the complex work to the professionals.

2. Determine Power Needs

As technology evolves, your electrical needs also grow. From your computers to alarm system to home cooling system, you want them to work efficiently without fail. However, with so many components drawing energy from your electrical system, it’s easy to overload it. An expert who does electrician services in Singapore can help by inspecting your power demands and determine your needs, so that your home’s power system can withstand your current and future loads.

3. Replacing Light Fixture

If you notice your light bulbs burning out quickly, it can be a red flag that there’s something wrong with the fixture or the fixture’s electrical line. Although light fixture is one of the easier electrical projects a homeowner can perform, doing it incorrectly could leave you injured or create a fire hazard. To ensure your and your home’s safety, contact an electrician services in Singapore to execute the necessary work.

4. Replacement of Faulty Outlets and Switches

If you have switches at home that spark when you turn on or off, you may have a loose connection or a faulty switch. To reduce the possibility of starting a fire, have the switch replaced. The same thing can happen to outlets. If an outlet turns warm when used, call an electrician right away. Stop using the outlet until it is repaired or replaced.

5. Fix Lighting Issues

All sorts of lighting problem should only be handled by a professional electrical expert. Flickering lights or lights that are brighter than others should be checked right away. If it isn’t due to the bulb, it could be because of a faulty lighting connection. Alternatively your home might need a new lighting connection because you just had your home renovated or you may be upgrading to a more efficient lighting to save power. Whatever the reason may be, you need a good electrician to ensure your lights are installed properly and securely.


6. Examine and Maintain Electrical Appliance Wirings

Faulty wiring is a common cause of electrical fires. Periodically, have your electrical appliances checked by a licensed electrician for worn out, frayed, or tattered wiring. If you find one with faulty wiring, have it replaced immediately. If the wiring isn’t the only part of the equipment that’s damaged, perhaps rust has eaten up the area of the appliance, especially the area near the wiring, it’s best to dispose the item and buy a new one instead. Otherwise, the damaged unit and cords can overheat and start a fire.

7. Fix Wiring of Your Phone Jack

Most of the time, a phone company can take care of phone jack problems. However, if they conclude no problem from their end, you may need to contact an electrician to check the wiring of your phone outside the house. The wires may have come loose or was chewed by a rodent. Regardless, a professional electrician can locate the issue and repair it so you can use your phone again.

8. Survey the Property You Want to Buy or Sell

Checking the electrical set-up of a new property you will be buying is essential to ensure the safety and right pricing. If you’re the seller of the property, an electrical survey done by a licensed electrician will assure potential buyers that the property is safe and priced right. For the buyer, a confirmation from an expert regarding the property’s electrical set-up will provide peace of mind before actually buying the building.

9. Repair Storm Damages

Storm can hit you by surprise, and you can’t predict how much damage it can cause to your property. If the worst should happen, an electrician can provide thorough assessment of your home’s electrical system and repair any disconnected wirings and other electrical works necessary to restore your home’s power.

10. Remove Older Components

If your home is quite old, it’s likely that you’re using aluminium wiring instead of copper. Unfortunately, aluminium is dangerous for your home’s electrical lines. It can easily make the system overheat and loosen up over a few years. An electrician can help replace your aluminium wiring with copper wiring, as well as replace older components with new ones, to keep up with your power demands. They will help you find the best approach to upgrade older components and suggest products to use.

Electrical works are no joke. It can be extensive and dangerous especially when done by non-experts. To ensure safety of your, entrust your home’s power needs only to the professionals.