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A Woman’s Guide to Styling Long Blazers


Blazers are now a big part of every woman’s wardrobe. Aside from being a perfect workplace ensemble, it also helps in adding a classy touch even on the most casual attire. But unlike any regular blazers, styling long blazers might pose some challenges for you. But if you’re ready to try out this chic and sleek style of sporting long blazers, here are some outfit tricks and tips that’ll surely help you create the best look.


  1. Long Blazer and Skinny Jeans

Oftentimes, the added length of long blazers add bulk to the body, and a stylish way to counter this is to show how narrow your body actually is. Skinny jeans focuses on how narrow your legs are, thus eliminating the size you gain when wearing a long blazer.

  1. Long Blazer and Boyfriend Jeans

Wearing boyfriend jeans is another way of creating a great ensemble with long blazers. Although this type of jeans are loose-fitting, it still has narrow legs that gives the body a balanced look. So simply pair up your black blazer and boyfriend jeans to achieve that effortless casual look.


  1. Long Blazer and High-Waist Jeans

Since blazers fall lower than normal, pairing it with high-waist jeans creates a nice levelled effect between the start of your waist and the hem of the blazer. You can then finish your outfit by adding in a simple white shirt and a pair of nude strappy sandals.

  1. Long Blazer and Knee-Length Skirts or Dresses

The easiest way to style a long blazer is by pairing it with a clothing piece that’s already made for it, such knee-length dresses and pencil skirts. Expert stylists recommend pairing long blazers with knee-length clothing pieces, since wearing it with clothes that fall below the knee level often looks awkward. You can also try pulling off a chic street look with your long blazer by wearing it with a loose-fitting shirt and cuffed Bermuda shorts.

  1. Long Blazer as a Dress

Not in the mood to choose what clothing piece to wear with your long blazer? Then take an inspiration from Cara Delevingne and wear your blazer as a dress instead. Just make sure that its length is just enough to show off your toned legs and to cover the areas that needs much concealment.

When styling long blazers, one of the most important things to consider is its length. So ensure that you purchase the right style of blazer, and you’ll definitely be able to pull off any of the aforementioned looks.


How to Wash Your Hair the Right Way


Yes, you do it almost every day, but here’s what you should know: you’re probably washing your hair the wrong way. If you’re used to simple shampooing and conditioning routine, you might be hindering your hair from reaching its full potential. Using the right technique of washing your tresses makes a world of difference in keeping your mane strong, shiny and bouncy.


  1. Start by Wetting the Hair

Wetting the hair loosens up dirt, excess oil and product build-up, and it’s also essential for a richer lather of the shampoo. If possible, use warm or hot water to help open hair cuticles and make removing of dirt and product build up easier.

  1. For Longer Hair, Condition First

Yes, condition the ends first! If your hair reaches below your shoulders, protect the fragile ends of your strands from drying out by running a small amount of conditioner through them and then rinsing them out. This ensures that the ends are kept healthy and moisturize before shampooing.

  1. Focus Shampooing at the Scalp

Oil is produced at the roots of your hair, so make sure to lather up there first. Lather up at the hairline, and gently massage back towards the back of your head. No need to focus lathering on the ends; it’s enough to simply rinse it through them.


  1. Rinse Shampoo Thoroughly

If possible rinse the shampoo twice—or even thrice if you have thick hair. Your conditioner can’t do its job if you have leftover shampoo on your hair. When rinsing, focus on the back of your head and towards the nape to make sure all shampoo residue are rinsed off. Wring your hair thoroughly to get rid of excess water and so as not to dilute your conditioner.

  1. Condition From Mid-Lengths to the Ends

Your scalp doesn’t need more conditioning since the natural oil is more concentrated up there, so start applying condition from mid-lengths to the ends of your mane. Afterwards, clip your hair up and finish showering. Let your hair be soaked in the conditioner by leaving out the rinsing step at the end of your shower. The longer the conditioner stays, the better.

  1. Finish With Cold Rinse

Cold water shuts the hair cuticle tight, sealing the conditioning effects of your conditioner and making your hair look shinier.

Your hair is your crowning glory, that’s why it’s important to take extra care of them. Now that you know how to wash your hair like a pro, you can enjoy that bouncy, shiny and healthy hair.


Maintaining a Healthy and Happy Relationship with Your Parents


Of course you love your parents, there’s no doubt with that. However, sometimes, maintaining a healthy bond between adult children and parents can be as challenging as that between teenager and parent.

Parents kissing cheeks of daughter outdoors

These days, you and your parents are confronting different challenges—retirement, health issues, career changes and concerns about the future. It is expected that these issues will affect your relationship. As you grow up and embrace change, your relationship with your parents also changes.

So, how can you show them your love while living your own busy life?

  1. Take a Day Off to Spend Time With Them

More than gifts, parents value quality time with their children because it gives them an opportunity to connect and bond with them. There is something special about purposely setting everything aside and carving out some of time to have your undivided attention for doing things with your parents.

  1. Say Thank You More Often

Most of us are easily assume that our parents know how much we love them, rather than actively showing and expressing it to them. Saying I love you and thank you to your parents more often is beneficial in fostering your relationship with them.


  1. Take On Some Household Chores

Even if some parents act as if they are still in their 30s, the truth is that their bodies are not. That doesn’t mean that they are incapable of doing things, but they are not as strong and capable as their younger years. Taking some household responsibilities off their hands is a way to show that you love them and you care about their well-being.

  1. Keep Your Sense of Humour

When dealing with parents, laughter is a lifesaver to help easily bond together. Tell some jokes that you know they will enjoy, share some comics from the daily papers, or watch comedy TV shows together. If you can laugh together, it would be easier to deal with grumpy individuals, especially if your parents are older.

  1. Keep Them on the Loop

Even if they don’t say it, your parents want to be updated about what’s going on in your life. No matter how big or little, positive r negative, share the happenings with them. Even as mundane as asking which colour of cushion to get, teal or blue, would make your mom feel significant even if you’re now living on your own. Your parents want to be with you in every endeavour and success, but they can’t unless you share it to them.

Most parents have devoted significant years of their lives taking care of us, so we grow up healthy, successful and good people. Having your own life and family should not change how you see and treat your parents. Continue to show your love for them and embrace them despite all their flaws.


Advantages of Buying Dresses Online


Nowadays, most people have no time to go shopping—may it be because of their jam-packed work schedule or back to back events. That is why more and more people buy dresses online. If you’re a woman who loves to shop but doesn’t have the time, online shopping store is your friend. Online shopping has a lot to offer and in this post, you’ll find out some of the benefits it brings.


  1. It is more convenient

Whether you have regular or irregular work hours, shopping online will be more convenient for you. You just need to pick a reliable online shop such as Faire Belle, browse their website, choose a dress, place your order, and pay through your preferred mode of payment. It’s that easy. With online shopping, you no longer have to go out and keep up with the crowd. You also don’t need to wait in line just to pay for your order.

With just a few clicks, you can buy dresses online without leaving the comfort of your own home. Online stores also mostly feature different kinds of clothing so you don’t need to jump from one store to another just to find what you’re looking for. Moreover, if you have some spare time, you can use it to bond with your family and friends instead of braving the sea of crowd at the mall.

  1. It has better prices and price comparison is easier to do

Online shops such as Faire Belle offer different kinds of clothing at a lower price. This may be because they don’t need to rent a physical shop and pay different bills just so they could showcase their collection. With online shopping, you could also easily compare the prices of the different items. You don’t need to walk back and forth or carry them all in your hands, as what you do in physical stores, just so you could compare its prices and see which one suits your budget. When you search an online store, you can just click at an item, open a new tab for another, and compare their prices effortlessly.


  1. It has more variety

Physical stores often have just a few variety of clothes. This may be because of their limited space or they don’t have that much to offer. With online shopping stores, on the other hand, they can feature a wider range of clothing as they don’t have to be restricted to the space of their shop and such. It’s also easier to know if the product is already sold-out. With physical stores, they still need to check their stocks and inventory which could take some time.

The demands for online shopping is really high right now and it’s really understandable why. Shopping at online stores offers a lot of benefits that shopping at physical shops can’t provide. Just be reminded, however, that when planning to buy dresses online, make sure that the shop you’re going to buy from is a reliable one, like Faire Belle. Make sure to review their track record well before trusting them.


Advantages of Buying Golf Clothing Online


People nowadays are often busy with all sorts of things—may it be because of work, studies, or other personal events. That’s why during their free time, they often play sports like golf. But golf, like any other sport, requires not just proper training, but also etiquette—especially when it comes to what one wears. Because of this, the number of stores selling golf clothing online are growing. If you still prefer to buy from physical stores, maybe it’s time to rethink that and actually consider ordering online, especially if you have a really busy schedule.


Ladies, mostly, are the ones who are constantly wanting to buy new golf clothing ladies to wear to their games. That’s why in this post, you’ll find out why it’s better to buy ladies golf clothing sale online than to go to physical stores each and every time.

  1. It saves you time and energy. Unlike buying from a physical store, you could actually save a lot of time and energy when you buy your golf clothing ladies online. Not only don’t you have to leave your house, you could also easily see their availability, sizes, and colors—all in one click! You don’t need to wait for the saleslady to come back with the right size or color, nor wait in line to pay for your order. However, you must remember that when buying online, you must know your exact size in order to avoid buying something that is either too loose or too small.


  1. It saves you money. Normally, ladies golf clothing sale online are cheaper than the ones at the mall. This is because they use less resources or materials in order to show or advertise their products. Because of this, they can give you the clothing at the best price available. Moreover, some shops offer free delivery should your order reach a certain price.


  1. There is a wide variety to choose from. There are more golf clothing ladies to choose from in an online store. This is because there is no limit as to what they can put in their website, unlike physical stores that are limited to whatever space they have. And as stated above, when you shop in an online store, you can easily see the product’s availability. You don’t have to waste your time waiting for the saleslady to return after looking at their inventory.

Buying golf clothing online, indeed, has a lot of advantages, especially to the busy people. But you must remember that when buying from one, you must always check the background and reputation of the online store first. Little do people know, there are a lot of bogus and fake websites that are claiming that they offer high quality golf clothing, when in fact, they don’t.

Always do your research about the online store you’re buying the golf clothing from. Besides, doing so wouldn’t do you no harm. It will actually be beneficial to you. So, in case you’re not so sure whether to buy from an online store or not, just remember these three things and surely, you’ll be convinced right away.


How to Find Artisanal Handmade Soaps


Are you looking for the perfect gift to give your special someone, parents, grandparents, or even a friend that they will love? Surely, with the advancement of technology, it wouldn’t be hard to purchase any item which you think they may like. But, why not go simple yet functional? Why not try giving them a handmade soap for a change? Clearly, it is a gift item that’s going to be memorable and useful in their everyday life.

Lavander soap

Now, you can easily purchase commercial soap at affordable prices in the supermarkets and in online stores. You probably have heard of stories of some soap lacking the necessary ingredients to keep our skin healthy and moisturized. But with handmade soaps, you don’t have to worry because they are made from very fine ingredients and give desirable results. That is, if you purchase them from a reputable supplier, whether from a physical store or online.

In this post, various tips in ensuring you only buy handmade soap from reputable sellers will be discussed. Stay on this page to learn more.

  1. Get recommendations. If you have friends, neighbors, or acquaintances which are big fans of purchasing handmade or Artisan soap, then you must get their comments on some brands you’re considering of buying. Ask them about what you should look for and what you should avoid. This saves you a great deal of time because you know which items to choose and which you should stay away from.


  1. Do your research online. There are numerous natural handmade soap suppliers who promote their business online. You can make a list of stores where you can purchase your soap from and then take a look at the products. If you see anything you like from any of the stores, do your further research by looking at online reviews and see what their past customers have to say.


  1. Try their soaps. There are stores, especially online shops selling Artisan soap, which offers a miniature size or Try Me soap. For first time buyers and particularly those who aren’t used to using handmade soaps, this is one thing they shouldn’t pass up. By trying miniature soap, you can see for yourself if it will be good. And who knows? You may even consider buying your supply too. Just take note though that some natural handmade soaps are made from real ingredients so do consider if the person you’re giving it to has allergies to these ingredients.


  1. Always consider the product price. Now, you may have heard that a natural handmade soap will cost you a lot compared to commercial soaps. But this isn’t always the case! There are shops that consider the spending ability of their targeted consumers and so they make sure that they produce quality but reasonably priced products.

A handmade soap may not be the gift idea you have in mind. But give it a try and see the benefits it would give you as you use it every single day, and you will see why many people are considering it as a gift in the first place.