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Singapore’s Bid for UNESCO World Heritage Site

Singaporeans want the Botanic Gardens to be included in the list of UNESCO’s (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site. UNESCO was established in the hopes to encourage and promote respect for justice, law, freedom and human rights. It has programs which include science programs, literacy programs, history projects and preserving world’s culture and natural heritage.


Going back to the World Heritage Site, there have been more than one hundred submissions from Singaporeans that want the Botanic Gardens in the list. According to the National Parks Board and the Heritage Board, the submissions are mostly comments of support for the nomination. The two boards are encouraging Singaporeans to submit responses and comments. These responses and comments will be included in the nomination profile to be submitted on February 1, 2014.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is 154 years old. Visitors should look forward to the following attractions:

National Orchid Garden


The main attraction of the century old garden is the National Orchid Garden. You will see many attractions within the National Orchid Garden such as the Orchidarium and the Coolhouse. There are more than 2000 orchid collections.

Evolution Garden


The garden covers more than three acres of land. The land is home to tree ferns and spikemosses grow abundantly. The garden presents a story of the evolution of plants through the ages.



There is a tropical rainforest in the Botanic Gardens that covers about six hectares. If you want to see the bigger rainforest, you should go to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Both rainforests are located within city limits.

There are other attractions like the Botany Centre, Ginger Garden and the Children’s Garden. There are three lakes (Symphony, Swan and Eco) and steam walk here. Other attractions are still being developed like the Learning Forest, Marshland and the Foliage Garden.

Economic Growth 2013

MTI (Ministry of Trade and Industry) released the economic performance of Singapore for Q3 (third quarter) of the year 2013. According to the numbers released by MTI, the economy significantly grew by 5.8%. Furthermore, MTI anticipates an overall economic growth of 3.5-4%. This is higher than the previous forecast of 2.5-3.5% increase. The growth is prompted by sectors like:


Wholesale Trade

When you speak of wholesale trade, it includes electronic components, construction and industrial machinery. Apart from that, others sectors like telecommunications, food, tobacco, petroleum, chemicals and computers also contributed to the rise of the wholesale trade here in Singapore. The Department of Statistics noted a 2.8% growth in this sector (not including petroleum) in Q3 of 2013.


Manufacturing Industry

There is also a noticeable expansion of the manufacturing industry. According to PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index), the manufacturing industry increased 51.2% in the month of October 2013. This is higher than September’s which is 50.5%. The increase was attributed to higher orders thereby amplifying the production of factories especially that the holiday season is drawing near.


Transportation and Storage

The transportation and storage also attributed to the growth of the economy. This is a key sector which supports and enhances the connectivity of Singapore to external markets. In 2012, this sector compromised of 7.7% share of the country’s nominal value added. The sector includes courier services, warehousing, storage, land transport, water transport, air transport and other facilities that support connectivity.

This is good news for the people and the industries/sector. If this continues, things will be better for all people and stakeholders.

What Does a Locksmith Do?

Locksmith, as a profession, has been practiced even from ancient times, ever since locks and keys were first used. From then, there have been people who have specialized in making and repairing locks. At present times, many locksmiths in Singapore provide their services for installing and repairing any locking device from the most basic locks to the most high-tech home security systems.


They work with metal

Originally, locksmiths fabricate locks and keys from metal. They are skillful in metalworking, and can create different security devices for houses, cars, and other things. Modern locksmith Singapore is even better. They can now work with electronic locks. These can range from basic key card entry systems to even more high-tech biometric locks. Indeed, locksmiths can do more things now than ever before.


They install, repair, and adjust

A locksmith is knowledgeable in all aspects of locking devices. Aside from working with metals, they are also adept at installing, repairing and adjusting locks of any kind, from buildings to cars. A lock for a building quite differs from one that is for a car, and only proficient locksmiths like prosmith the locksmith from Singapore are able to deal with them. They don’t only produce locks for you, but will also take charge installing them the right way. If there’s a problem with your lock, a locksmith Singapore can also adjust and repair it for you.

They provide consultation

Nowadays, locks have become more technologically advanced. Before, we only have simple padlocks. But now, we already have biometric locks that are activated by biometric features, such as fingerprint, signature, retina, or voice. This innovation in locks in Singapore has become a great advantage to modern businesses as this means improved security and protection. Any modern locksmith also offers consultation services to people who wish to reinforce their security systems. Since burglars these days are more nimble-fingered, business owners should also step up with their security by utilizing the best security devices.


They can diagnose problems

There are no other people in Singapore who can identify problems with security systems and electronic locks but professional locksmiths. To be able to do this, one must have the necessary tools and equipment for locksmithing. Locksmiths have the essential instruments for the practice of their trade. These include instruments for fabricating and duplicating keys, picking locks, programming electronic locks and other tasks. A locksmith Singapore cannot simply diagnose a problem without having the right apparatus.


They rescue you

Ever experienced being locked out of your house and you have no spare keys to open the door? Well, good for you if you haven’t been in this unlucky situation yet. But if you ever lose your keys and have no duplicates, and you can’t enter through the window, the best person to come to your rescue is a locksmith. There are emergency locksmith Singapore available 24/7 who have the necessary tools to unlock a door easily and without any damages. They can work with cars, too.

They provide assistance

Locksmiths automatically become their clients’ best friend. Once they have successfully installed a lock on a house or an office building, they become the key people to be contacted should there be a problem. Some locksmiths even have extra key sets just in case quick entry is needed. Of course, this will only be done by request of the client. Your locksmith in Singapore may also keep records of relevant information, including types of locks used in a building and repair and replacement work undertaken.

Home Renovation Tips

An interior designer conveyed that many HBD flat owners here in Singapore are willing to splurge money for sprucing their units. These flat owners are willing to spend more or less S$100,000 for renovations. For others, this is pure luxury, but to some, this is a perfect investment. In the future, when you decide to sell your flat, you can then put a higher price tag on it.

If you are bent on renovating your flat, you should do some serious thinking. Here are some tips that you need to consider when you are thinking about home renovation:



The first thing that you should consider is the budget. If you have enough money for the kind of home you want to achieve, by all means pursue it. However, if you think you need bank financing or taking a loan, you can still pursue it, but you have to make sure to stick to your budget and not exhaust all your money for this.

Interior design

After determining the budget, you have to think about hiring an interior designer. Do not leave everything to your designer, you have to take part in the process so you will be happy with the results. You need to tackle themes and ideas so the interior designer will know what to do and you will know what to expect.


Renovations are expensive but it will depend on the extent of your renovations. There are others who pay for less. If you want to spend a hefty amount of money for your renovations, it’s your prerogative to do so. Just make sure that it makes you happy. Good luck on this endeavour.

Fire Risks for the Blind

A fire sparked at a Marine Crescent flat on October. According to the SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force) a body was discovered by firefighters. The body found was believed to be the body of a blind man. The authorities are looking through the cause of the fire.


Without a doubt, blind or visually impaired persons face a lot of challenges every day when it comes to their personal safety. Interacting with an environment that you cannot see generates many potential health and safety perils or risks. In the event of fire, blind or visually impaired persons have higher risks of injury or worse death. If you are around a blind or visually impaired person,you should learn how to help him/her.

Do not let him/her do things alone: While it is recommended that the blind or visually impaired practice self reliance, it is imperative that you watch him/her all the time. There are household activities that can ignite a fire. They may accidentally ignite a fire so it is important that you look after them. When there is fire, he/she can less likely extinguish it or escape it. If he/she is trying to suppress a small fire, they are highly susceptible to burns.


Practice fire safety: The most effective approach is to practice fire safety. Practicing fire safety can increase the survival of blind or visually impaired. No matter how hard it is, you should teach the blind or visually impaired the things to do when there is fire. Preparedness can spare his/her life. You have to introduce and practice the escape plan. Safety also means equipping the house with smoke detectors and sprinkling system.

Healthcare Services and Facilities in Singapore

Singapore has one of the best healthcare services and facilities in the region and around the world. In fact, according to the IMD World Competitiveness (Yearbook 2009), we are the 4th best healthcare infrastructure in the world. WEF Global Competitiveness Report (2009-2010) mentioned that we are 7th highest in the world when it comes to life expectancy and 3rd lowest in the world when it comes to infant mortality. The MOH (Ministry of Health) is responsible for the strong foundation of healthcare systems. MOH primarily ensures the quality and affordability of basic medical services to all.


Singapore has many healthcare institutions comprising of private hospitals, public hospitals and specialty centres. These provide an absolute spectrum of services from dental to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). There are no perfect medical services but Singapore is doing its best to cater to all people and cure as many diseases with the help of healthcare services and facilities. Services and facilities include:

Primary healthcare services

This is offered by professionals like nurses and general practitioners. These professionals are the first reference of patients; the patients can then be referred to hospitals and medical specialists for more treatment and checks. There are about 18 polyclinics plus 2,400 private clinics all throughout the island.

Hospital services

Singapore has a total of eight public hospitals which are comprised of six general hospitals, one women and children’s hospital and one psychiatry hospital. These hospitals offer 24 hour emergency and inpatient and outpatient services. Aside from that, there are about six specialty centres (cancer, eye, cardiac, skin, dental and neuroscience).



ILTC (Intermediate and Long Term Care) refers to facilities for patients who do not need hospital care but still need continued care. It can be residential ILTC or community based ILTC. Residential ILTC are for people who have acute, chronic, terminally ill and ex mentally ill. The services that you can research from perfect medical sg comprise of community hospital, nursing homes, chronic hospitals and hospice and respite care. Community based ILTC are for frail elderly. The services comprise of doctor visits, nursing care, palliative care and many more.


There are public dental services which are accessible in a number of hospitals and polyclinics and the National Dental Centre. The HPB (Health Promotion Board) concentrates on pre-emptive dentistry especially to school pupils.


There are support services too. Support services refer to healthcare programmes and hospitals that offer blood transfusion services. In addition, support services also include pharmaceutical services and forensic pathology.



The healthcare services here are based on the Western medical science however there are groups that still consult to TCM practitioners. TCM is not only prevalent here but it interests that whole world. With this, the MOH is reviewing the practice of TCM here. This is for the benefit of patients who consider TCM practice.


MOH simply wants to ensure that services are delivered to all. There are many Statutory Acts (over 20) and policies that regulate public health as well as safety. MOH encourages the public to participate in the amendment and creation of new regulations to better the services. The public’s feedback can form part in the decision of the ministry.
Singapore is proud of its healthcare infrastructure. Though there are no perfect medical services, the government is doing its best to reduce and prevent diseases, making the healthcare accessible to everyone and promote health and wellness. It will be enough.

Types of Tentages in Singapore

Tents are among the best choices of equipments that party hosts in Singapore utilize whenever an outdoor event needs security from unpredictable weather changes. Because of this necessity, tent rental companies in Singapore adopted the different needs of different event types when it comes to the structure and physical appearance of tents. This is the main reason why every tent supplier such as nanyang tentage offers a number of selections for their clients to choose from. Here are the types of tents commonly found in most tentage rental companies in Singapore.


1. Pole Tent
The conventional design of pole tents adds sophistication to the event’s overall appeal. Pole tents have elegant peaks with sweeping dramatic lines that look as good on the inside as they do from the outside. The poles are ideal for decorating with flowers and other hung décors, and the peaks lend enough space for a variety of exceptional lighting designs. This type of tent model that is also available from Nanyang tentage singapore are appropriate with carpeted or wood floors, swags and ceiling liners, elegant light fixtures, TV columns, and many other accessories. Tent rental companies commonly suggest these tents to events like weddings, trade shows, private parties, and corporate gatherings.

2. Clear Span Tent
The sturdy structure of clear span tents makes this type of canopy as one of the favorites by many large event organizers like nanyang tentage. Built with a system of extendable components, clear span tents can be modified in width, length, and height to meet your event’s specific needs. This type of tent has no exterior ropes and interior poles that may hamper in the arrangement of tables and chairs. Moreover, the interiors of the tent can be dressed with any kind of fabric or wood panels in the color you prefer. You can even add cooling or heating units to keep guests at comfortable temperature no matter the weather outside. Clear span tents are suitable for weddings, trade shows, private parties, corporate gatherings, and sporting events.

3. Frame Tent
Frame tents are also one of the commonly used tents due to its unique combination of strength, convenience, and affordability. Frame tents are made of lightweight tubular frames so they can be mounted and dismounted faster without requiring much manpower, unlike clear span tents. These tents are best for lounge areas, hospitality tents, check-in stations, and food-service booths. Like clear span tents, tentage rental providers commonly recommend frame tents for events like weddings, trade shows, private parties, corporate gatherings, and sporting events.


4. High Peak Tent
These tents are designed to offer you the same elegant appeal of high peak pole tents with the benefits of a clear span tent’s robust structure. Eye-catching and functional, high peak tents make a vibrant and impressive focal point in an outdoor event. If a single canopy isn’t enough for your large-sized party, multiple high peak tents can be connected through common walls made of different accessories, like tables and chairs or even a flat screen TV column. Events best with high peak tents are sporting events, trade shows, and corporate gatherings.

5. Double-Decker Tents
This two-tiered tent structure allows you to multiply your guest capacity without increasing your land area. Constructed with the same extendable components as the clear span tents, double-decker canopies are also available in a different lengths, widths, and heights. These tents can even be accentuated with external and internal stairways and balconies so that a single two-tiered tent can be divided into several private spaces. Double-decker tents are best for corporate gatherings, trade shows, and sporting events.

Shopping for Electronics in Singapore

Singapore is widely known as a shopping paradise for all sorts of items, including gadgets. Many shoppers have said that the island country is a rewarding place to shop for high-tech gears. As a matter of fact, people from across Southeast Asia come here to experience the latest must-have gadgets.


A Wide Array of Choices

Competition of IT and electronic shops is quite fierce as they are sprawling over all areas of the island. This gives shoppers a chance to hop from one store to another to compare prices and products, thus helping them make wise decisions.

Best Prices

Though Singapore is no longer quite the bargain shopping destination it once was, but still, if you want to have the best price for the latest gears, Singapore remains the best place to go. Prices of must-have gadgets are considerably less in here than in Europe, for example.

Excellent Customer Service

Singapore is definitely the safest place in Southeast Asia to purchase electronics. Not only you can be guaranteed original products, but also you can benefit from their excellent customer service. However, return and exchange policies at many shops are often restrictive.

Recommended Outlets for Electronics Shopping

Whether you are looking for a smartphone, a digital camera, a netbook, or a desktop, shopping malls in Singapore house countless electronics retailers and stores. You can start your search at ION Orchard Mall where a whole floor is dedicated to electronics. Funan Digitalife Mall is another good shopping destination for high-tech gears. Mustafa Center in Little India, a 24-hour department store in Singapore, also has several computer shops and other electronics retailers, and prices are often lower than in IT malls.

Experience the Beauty of Singapore in a Day

There is so much in Singapore that every traveler has to explore. If you will be in Singapore for a day, you might want to visit any of these places to make your short stay worthwhile.

Pulau Bintan


Pulau Bintan is one of the islands that comprise Indonesia’s Riau Archipelago. Just a ferry ride away, you can explore the town of Tanjung Pinangm, which has a strong Chinese influence. In here you can find intriguing museums, and you can shop in their traditional market. You can also enjoy water sports, or simply swim and laze in the sun.

Pulau Ubin


Pulau Ubin is an island lying off the east coast and is accessible by a 15-minute boat ride from Changi Pier. This rustic island can give you an idea of how mainland Singapore must have looked like five decades ago. Because life here is laidback, you can explore the island by tricycle or on foot.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve


Singapore is actually one of only two places in the world with an extensive primary rainforest. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a wonderland for the real adventurer as it is full of challenging trails. You can either go hiking or mountain biking while spotting long-tailed macaque monkeys, monitor lizards, and different species of birds.



West Singapore has a lot in store for every individual looking for places of interest to explore in just one day. In this seemingly tranquil suburb, you can find Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Discovery Center, Science Museum, and Snow City. Indeed, Jurong offers nonstop excitement with the many things to see and activities to do in here.

Wonderful Architectures for Prayers

Singapore may be a small country, but it’s packed with many wonderful wonders, some natural and others made by man’s ingenuity. Indeed, the buildings in the country are so impressive any citizen can’t help but feel proud just for living here. Here are two prime structures you can visit anytime. Feel free to stroll through these sites and bask in its wonder:

St. Andrew’s Cathedral


Established in 1861 and located in St. Andrew’s Road, this church has been proclaimed as a national monument for being the first and largest Anglican Church in the country. The church was planned by Colonel Ronald McPherson. Outside, you will appreciate the regal facade. Upon entering the church, you will see the curved entrance and the stained glass window panels.

Sri Mariamman Temple


The Sri Mariamman Temple is located in South Bridge Road, and one of the country’s few remaining structures featuring the Dravidian style. As our first Hindu temple, it has also been proclaimed a national monument. The temple is known for hosting celebrations like Thimithi and weddings.

For more modern architectural wonders, head to and be amazed by Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Sands SkyPark, the Helix Bridge and Resorts World Sentosa. These places will give you world class entertainment, shopping, arts appreciation and the best food experience. If you want to witness live concerts or performances, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay will surely entertain you. Of course, these are just but a sample of our country’s wonderful structures.

Where to Learn Yoga in Singapore

Yoga can keep that overall glow and strength of the body. Aside from the physical aspects, yoga can help relax and condition the mind and the soul. Where will you find an exercise that touches all these things? Yoga is a form of relaxation or meditation that originated from India. To date, people who practice yoga is increasing around the world. If you want to be a part of the revolution, you can look for yoga studios in Singapore. Here’s a guide:


1.   True Yoga – True Yoga studios are located in Level 4, Collyer Quay. True Yoga is owned by True Group which is one of the biggest fitness centres in Asia. In fact, True Yoga is considered as the largest yoga centre in Singapore. It has multiple awards.

2.   Updog Studio – Updog Studio also offers Hot Yoga and other yoga types like Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yang Yoga and Core Fusion. It is located in East Coast Parkway.

3.   Pure Yoga – You can find Pure Yoga in Ngee Ann City and Chevron House. It offers Yoga types like Hatha, Yoga Dance, Power and Yin and other practices.

4.   Absolute Yoga – Absolute Yoga is the pioneer fitness centre that brought Hot Yoga in Singapore. It is recommended for people who want to lose weight because of its heated temperature which encourages more sweat. Absolute Yoga centres are located in Telok Ayer and River Valley.

If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to follow some exercises but when you learn how to focus, you will surely excel. Yoga studios also offer courses for advance practitioners. If you know other studio, you can go there.

The important thing here is you are enjoying the process. Yoga is not easy but if you are dedicated, you will surely see its benefits in time.

The Meaning of Indulgence

Not all people have the same idea or notion about indulgence. You may see it as an indulgence but others will think otherwise. Regardless, the true meaning of indulgence is taking pleasure in simple things. Spa treatments for example are the simplest form. There are countless spa establishments here in Singapore. If you want the best experience, start with the following:


Qi Mantra Remedial Massage

Qi Mantra Remedial Massage is nestled in Kim Seng Promenade. The spa offers traditional Chinese therapies (acupressure) and essential oils. Despite of traditional therapies, you will enjoy their modern decors. Services start at S$25 to S$200 which is quite affordable for many. The spa is open from 10AM to 10PM every day. You can simply go through their website at QiMantra.com.

Aura Royalis Spa

Aura Royalis is nestled in Toa Payoh. They are famous for their signature massage. In fact they are considered as one of the finest spa in town. Services start at S$38 onwards which is appealing for busy executives and working individuals. The spa is open from Monday-Friday (10AM to 9PM), Saturday (10AM to 6PM) and Sunday (12PM to 6PM). You can simply go through their website at AuraRoyalis.com.

Kenko Wellness Spa

Kenko Wellness Spa is nestled in Esplanade Mall. This wellness spa offers therapeutic treatments and massages to alleviate tender muscles, sore joints and migraines. Foot reflexology is their signature treatment. Services start at S$30 to S$100 which is enticing for many. The spa is open every Monday-Sunday from 10:30AM to 9PM. You can simple go through their website at Kenko.com.sg.

If you prefer staying at home, you are free to consider that. But for a world class pampering experience, for once in your life, go to these places and you will surely have the best time.

Where to Buy Cheap Souvenirs in Singapore

If you are planning to visit a friend from another country, it is best if you look for souvenirs first before heading there. If you are particular about the price, you can consider the following places to buy cheap souvenirs:


Peninsula Plaza

If you want to purchase items that speak of Burmese culture, Peninsula Plaza is the best place. It is located in North Bridge Road. It opens from 10am to 10pm. They offer Burmese items like clothes, jewelleries, accessories, handbags, textiles and food.

Mustafa Centre

Mustafa never closes. If you need to buy your souvenirs early in the morning or late in the evening, Mustafa is always ready to serve you with numerous cashiers so you will not stand in line and wait for a long time. You can find all things here from clothes to jewelleries, gadgets, DVDs, foods, perfume and many others. It is located in Syed Alwi Road.

Lucky Plaza

Lucky Plaza is within Orchard Road. It opens from 9am to 10pm. The Plaza offers different items such as perfumes, gadgets, cosmetics and other accessories.


Chinatown stores are open from 9am to 10pm daily. There are many Chinese products here like antiques, tea and herbs. There are also wares, bags, clothes, shoes, perfumes, gadgets, accessories and jewelleries that you can purchase.

Bugis Street

In Bugis street, you will find many stores that offer different items. You will find items such as clothes, magnets accessories, jewelleries, perfumes and many more.

There are other stores that you can consider but you should know that prices are not the same. If for instance you purchase souvenirs in Malls, prices are certainly high. The places mentioned above are your best option. You can put your bargaining skills to practice. You will surely get great deals.

Where to Get Best Golf Equipment

Buying appropriate golf equipment is very important for golf enthusiasts. The kind of equipment to purchase should be wisely picked since this hobby is much costlier than any other hobbies. If you’re looking for the best and worth-investing golf equipment, here are some of the good brands you can try checking out.


Callaway is the best known brand that manufactures high-quality golf equipment.  The company’s golf clubs are world famous as well as its golf balls. In 1991, Callaway launched its iconic club, Big Bertha. Later on, titanium styles with similar names were released. In 2004, Big Bertha 454 was unveiled. From then on, several other innovative versions were launched which paved way to the release of the first ever adjustable driver, the “RAZR Fit.”

TaylorMade Golf Ball

If you’re looking for top-quality golf balls, your golf buddies will surely recommend TaylorMade golf ball. TaylorMade is very popular for its five layer golf ball, the first of its kind. The TP5 has been ranked as the fourth best-quality golf ball available in the market. In 2011, there were 25 million TP5 used by golfers around the world.



Although Nike entered the golf industry late, it has launched a number of well-designed golf clubs which golfers find very innovative and efficient in delivering longer and straighter shots. Nike entered the industry in such a way that it is definitely going to stay. A big part of their achievement is attributed to Tiger Woods as being the company’s ambassador. The star athlete favours Nike wedges and iron, fairway woods, drivers and the putter. The golf industry has been surprized by the entry of Nike which has proved their innovativeness with its advanced set of golf clubs.

Grow Fruit Trees in Your Garden

Fruit trees are great elements for the garden. It will not only provide you healthy crops all through the years, but will also add beauty to your outdoor landscape. You can grow fruit trees in your garden and harvest healthy and untreated crops to eat, sell and bake. How to enjoy these benefits? Here are some simple advices on how to grow your own fruit-bearing trees.


Plant trees in open sunny spaces of the garden. Many fruit bearing trees can be planted in any type of soil. Plant them the normal way. Make your own compost and place in the seeds. For the water supply, be very careful in watering the plant especially in its early stages. Do not overwater or underwater the plant.


Although you’ve planted the seed in the composted soil, it is still best to make use of fertilizer. The fertilizer will balance the nutrients needed by the plant. Do not forget to water the plant especially in summer season. Cultivate and add organic compost like Mulch to provide nutrients to the roots and preserve moisture of soil. Mulch also prevents the growth of weeds and grass.


Pruning encourages the revival of wood that produces good quality fruits. Pruning also manages the tree’s height and allows the light to enter the tree. During the early stage of growth, the goal is to develop the framework of the plant to support the growth of heavy fruit crops. In removing dead and unhealthy parts, always cut through the healthy portion below the dead section. Make large slanted cuts to protect the plant against pests.

Difference between Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is different from a wedding ring primarily because it is worn before the wedding ceremony. It serves as a proposal ring as well. With the design, engagement rings are often fancier than wedding rings. These rings have several meanings, including the commitment to the partner, and the wearing of the rings on the specific finger.



A woman who agrees to wear an engagement ring has also agreed to marry the person who gave it. The ring symbolizes that the wearer is soon to be married to another person. Whereas the wedding ring, it signifies that the wearer has been legally wedded and is now exclusively tied up to another person.

Moreover, the style of the ring also matters. A lavish ling jewellery proposal ring is often associated with great love and devotion a man has for a woman. Because of these associations, most people go extreme for the proposal ring and then settle for a more conservative style for the wedding bands.

Location of the Rings

Mostly, people wear both rings on the ring finger of the left hand. The common placement is that the wedding ring should be placed below the engagement ring so it would sit closer to the wearer’s hand. The tradition of wearing the Ling Jewellery engagement ring on the ring finger has been handed down to generations because of the belief that the ring finger of the left hand has a vein that links directly to the human’s heart.


Engagement rings are often more sophisticated than wedding rings. That’s why many couples opt for classic gold or platinum wedding bands to go with an ostentatious engagement piece. But there are also wedding rings sold in sets that are already well-embellished with precious stones, such as diamonds and gemstones.

Diamonds are the most popular stone used for ring centrepieces or for wedding bands embellishments, but any gem can also be used. There are also people who want to go away from the common stones and use uniquely designed ones like emerald or ruby.



Experts suggest that the price of an engagement piece should equate the person’s three months’ salary. But if you think the amount is too much, you can always make your own target price according to your budget. Experts also recommend that wedding rings should not be bought separately. So, if the woman declines the marriage proposal of the man, the man is left with matching rings which is easier for him to resell.

Knowing the difference between engagement rings and wedding rings will help you look for the most appropriate one and, somehow, help you save money. Jewellery shops in Singapore like ling jewellery offer a wide variety of wedding rings and engagement pieces. Singapore jewellers are very much knowledgeable with the latest ring designs and are more than willing to help you in choosing the perfect wedding ring.

Facts about Left-Handed People

Lefties are often said to be a minority. This is probably because they make up only 10% of the entire population. But apart from the fact that their left hand is dominant over their right, what are other things that make them different from “righties”?

More Responsive to Fear

A research at the Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh showed that left-handed people tend to be more affected by fear compared to righties. Lefties who watched the movie Silence of the Lambs during the research showed more symptoms common to fear and even that of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is probably because the right side of the brain (which is more dominant in lefties) is associated with fear response.

More Creative

Here is something lefties can really brag about. A study published in the American Journal of Psychology showed that left-handed people usually move towards careers in the fields of arts, sports, music, technology and information. It also stated that lefties are better at divergent thinking, a method of provoking ideas that looks into many possible solutions resulting to creativity.

Gets More Angry

 You might not want to mess with a lefty because you might just get the you the fight you’re asking for. According to another study, lefties are more prone to have temper tantrums. They have a difficulty processing their emotions, and thus can be more exposed to negative feelings compared to righties. They can become more moody, too.

Celebrates Their Identity

 Just when everybody thinks lefties are nothing but part of the minority, they exert efforts to be recognized. The UK-based Left-Hander’s Club declared August 13 as the International Left-Hander’s Day. This was part of an effort to make people aware of the lefties’ lifestyle, including their difficulties and frustrations as to being treated only as minority.

Make Up Must-Haves for College Ladies

College is one stressful adventure, full of deadlines, sleepless nights, term papers, assignments, pop quizzes and exams. All of these take a toll on our faces that sometimes when we look in the mirror, we see eye bags, dark spots, dry lips and oily skin. Good thing make up is here to help us deal with these and face college with style and beauty. So ladies, take note on these additions into your beauty bag.

Concealer – Concealers are a life saver, covering up under-eye dark circles, dark spots and pimples. It is best to buy two concealers: a shade lighter than your skin color to take care of your under-eye circles, and a concealer with the same shade as your foundation for your dark spots and pimples. Apply concealer by tapping them on the skin.

Lip Balm and Lip Colors – Lippies add color and shine to your lips. Go for lip balms or lighter shades of lipsticks if you want a natural look, whereas go for stronger shades for a dramatic effect. Choose lip products that are made of natural ingredients for they moisturize your lips better. Tip: Lip tints and lipsticks can double up as a blush.

Oil-Control Film – Oil absorbent films are your best friends when your face gets oily, and it saves your face from piling up with powder. The best part: they work instantly, saving time too.

Mascara and Eyelash Curler – Pretty lashes wake up sleepy eyes, so make sure you have a sturdy eyelash curler and a volumizing mascara with you. Curl your lashes for ten seconds and apply two coats of mascara afterwards. Go for waterproof mascara on a hot day to prevent unexpected panda eyes.

Top 10 Reasons for Buying a Business

Buying a Singapore business can be made easy with the assistance of a business broker, who is an expert in the buy-and-sell business, and who acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer of a business. Why do people have this strong interest in buying a business? Here are some reasons why:

1. Skipping the First Stage
It is quite daunting and time-consuming for a first-timer to put up a business. Buying a business will save you from the complexities and requirements of starting up your own business, such as processing legal documents and other registration issues. A business brokerage company in Singapore can help with these.
2. Price Matters
The reason for buying a Singapore business is that it would cost you less compared to starting up a business of your own. It could be considerably less expensive to buy a business for sale in Singapore that is already established rather than starting your own business from scratch. Additionally, not only can it save you money, it can also save you time.
3. Focus on Things that Don’t Work
Since the business you want to buy has already been put up, the Singapore seller can give you information about things that don’t work or the problems that need to be addressed. In this manner, your focus is drawn to perfecting the system of the business rather than beginning the system itself.
4. Existing Customers
The other reason for buying a business in Singapore is once you start a business in Singapore from zero, you need to make an intense search for market and that definitely takes a long time. However, buying a business means lesser time and effort to attract customers since you already have them in the first place.

5. Add New Ideas
Buying a business saves you from a lot of brainstorming. Since the business is already established, you just have to supply the Singapore business with more ideas in order for it to grow and be more profitable. Be wise to get help from a business broker in Singapore for advice.
6. Brand Image
Since an established business will likely already have an established client based and market image, you will no longer need to put extensive effort in promoting the business.
7. Employees’ Trainings
Retaining the old employees of the business will give you workers who are already knowledgeable about the business’s processes. You, as the buyer, no longer need to have a new set of people undergo trainings that will only consume your company’s resources.
8. There’s still Support
When you buy a business, the support of the seller is always there. Thus, you get pieces of advice from the recent owner of the business and you can use them to make the business better.
9. Financial Help from Lending Companies
Lending companies are more likely to lend money to a business that has already been established.
10. Fits Your Interests
Buying a business which you know fits your interests personally and as a businessman will more likely keep your focus on your business objectives.

Most of us, if given the opportunity, would love to have our own business. This article discusses 10 reasons why people buy businesses or why we should do so. The 10 reasons are: Skipping the First Stage, Price Matters, Focus on Things that Don’t Work, Existing Customers, Add New Ideas, Brand Image, Employees’ Trainings, There’s still Support, Financial Help from Lending Companies, Fits Your Interests.

Accounting Software Benefits

Of late there has been a lot of talk about accounting software or bookkeeping system in the city state of Singapore, especially among business owners of all hues. This is a special tool designed to help business owners overcome their fears of inability of keeping accounts as also to make book keeping almost fun. Instead of having to hire the services of an accountant, accounting software merely requires entering of financial transactions and in return makes available all financial information regarding the business.

The financial statements including the balance sheet and the profit and loss account that form the basis of taxation in Singapore are easily generated with the help of an accounting system. You can use accounting software such as million accounting software in Singapore no matter what your educational background. If you think that this innovation is not your cup of tea as you have had schooling in science stream, forget it as operating it is child’s play and does not require any special or formal training and anyone used to the controls on the computer and user interface can easily handle an accounting software. In fact, those who have made use of accounting software from reputable companies are of the opinion that once you understand the controls, it is like working on MS Word or MS Excel.

This obviously means spending less of one’s time on accounting as the accounting system already takes care of everything, and concentrating more on productivity and meeting new clients in Singapore. Using a reliable and efficient program like this does just that as all a businessman is required to do is to record financial transactions as and when they take place and rest of the work is taken care of by the software itself. It is not just the financial statements churned out by accounting software any time of the day that make it look so very beneficial for a business owner.

Accounting system in Singapore also takes care of invoices and credit notes besides being able to produce the payrolls. Buying accounting software is a decision that must be backed by analysis of features of various programs available in the market along with prices charged. It has to be kept in mind that slightly expensive software is always better than a cheaper version if it matches your business requirements in a better manner.