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Facts about Left-Handed People

Lefties are often said to be a minority. This is probably because they make up only 10% of the entire population. But apart from the fact that their left hand is dominant over their right, what are other things that make them different from “righties”?

More Responsive to Fear

A research at the Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh showed that left-handed people tend to be more affected by fear compared to righties. Lefties who watched the movie Silence of the Lambs during the research showed more symptoms common to fear and even that of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is probably because the right side of the brain (which is more dominant in lefties) is associated with fear response.

More Creative

Here is something lefties can really brag about. A study published in the American Journal of Psychology showed that left-handed people usually move towards careers in the fields of arts, sports, music, technology and information. It also stated that lefties are better at divergent thinking, a method of provoking ideas that looks into many possible solutions resulting to creativity.

Gets More Angry

 You might not want to mess with a lefty because you might just get the you the fight you’re asking for. According to another study, lefties are more prone to have temper tantrums. They have a difficulty processing their emotions, and thus can be more exposed to negative feelings compared to righties. They can become more moody, too.

Celebrates Their Identity

 Just when everybody thinks lefties are nothing but part of the minority, they exert efforts to be recognized. The UK-based Left-Hander’s Club declared August 13 as the International Left-Hander’s Day. This was part of an effort to make people aware of the lefties’ lifestyle, including their difficulties and frustrations as to being treated only as minority.

Make Up Must-Haves for College Ladies

College is one stressful adventure, full of deadlines, sleepless nights, term papers, assignments, pop quizzes and exams. All of these take a toll on our faces that sometimes when we look in the mirror, we see eye bags, dark spots, dry lips and oily skin. Good thing make up is here to help us deal with these and face college with style and beauty. So ladies, take note on these additions into your beauty bag.

Concealer – Concealers are a life saver, covering up under-eye dark circles, dark spots and pimples. It is best to buy two concealers: a shade lighter than your skin color to take care of your under-eye circles, and a concealer with the same shade as your foundation for your dark spots and pimples. Apply concealer by tapping them on the skin.

Lip Balm and Lip Colors – Lippies add color and shine to your lips. Go for lip balms or lighter shades of lipsticks if you want a natural look, whereas go for stronger shades for a dramatic effect. Choose lip products that are made of natural ingredients for they moisturize your lips better. Tip: Lip tints and lipsticks can double up as a blush.

Oil-Control Film – Oil absorbent films are your best friends when your face gets oily, and it saves your face from piling up with powder. The best part: they work instantly, saving time too.

Mascara and Eyelash Curler – Pretty lashes wake up sleepy eyes, so make sure you have a sturdy eyelash curler and a volumizing mascara with you. Curl your lashes for ten seconds and apply two coats of mascara afterwards. Go for waterproof mascara on a hot day to prevent unexpected panda eyes.

Top 10 Reasons for Buying a Business

Buying a Singapore business can be made easy with the assistance of a business broker, who is an expert in the buy-and-sell business, and who acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer of a business. Why do people have this strong interest in buying a business? Here are some reasons why:

1. Skipping the First Stage
It is quite daunting and time-consuming for a first-timer to put up a business. Buying a business will save you from the complexities and requirements of starting up your own business, such as processing legal documents and other registration issues. A business brokerage company in Singapore can help with these.
2. Price Matters
The reason for buying a Singapore business is that it would cost you less compared to starting up a business of your own. It could be considerably less expensive to buy a business for sale in Singapore that is already established rather than starting your own business from scratch. Additionally, not only can it save you money, it can also save you time.
3. Focus on Things that Don’t Work
Since the business you want to buy has already been put up, the Singapore seller can give you information about things that don’t work or the problems that need to be addressed. In this manner, your focus is drawn to perfecting the system of the business rather than beginning the system itself.
4. Existing Customers
The other reason for buying a business in Singapore is once you start a business in Singapore from zero, you need to make an intense search for market and that definitely takes a long time. However, buying a business means lesser time and effort to attract customers since you already have them in the first place.

5. Add New Ideas
Buying a business saves you from a lot of brainstorming. Since the business is already established, you just have to supply the Singapore business with more ideas in order for it to grow and be more profitable. Be wise to get help from a business broker in Singapore for advice.
6. Brand Image
Since an established business will likely already have an established client based and market image, you will no longer need to put extensive effort in promoting the business.
7. Employees’ Trainings
Retaining the old employees of the business will give you workers who are already knowledgeable about the business’s processes. You, as the buyer, no longer need to have a new set of people undergo trainings that will only consume your company’s resources.
8. There’s still Support
When you buy a business, the support of the seller is always there. Thus, you get pieces of advice from the recent owner of the business and you can use them to make the business better.
9. Financial Help from Lending Companies
Lending companies are more likely to lend money to a business that has already been established.
10. Fits Your Interests
Buying a business which you know fits your interests personally and as a businessman will more likely keep your focus on your business objectives.

Most of us, if given the opportunity, would love to have our own business. This article discusses 10 reasons why people buy businesses or why we should do so. The 10 reasons are: Skipping the First Stage, Price Matters, Focus on Things that Don’t Work, Existing Customers, Add New Ideas, Brand Image, Employees’ Trainings, There’s still Support, Financial Help from Lending Companies, Fits Your Interests.

Accounting Software Benefits

Of late there has been a lot of talk about accounting software or bookkeeping system in the city state of Singapore, especially among business owners of all hues. This is a special tool designed to help business owners overcome their fears of inability of keeping accounts as also to make book keeping almost fun. Instead of having to hire the services of an accountant, accounting software merely requires entering of financial transactions and in return makes available all financial information regarding the business.

The financial statements including the balance sheet and the profit and loss account that form the basis of taxation in Singapore are easily generated with the help of an accounting system. You can use accounting software such as million accounting software in Singapore no matter what your educational background. If you think that this innovation is not your cup of tea as you have had schooling in science stream, forget it as operating it is child’s play and does not require any special or formal training and anyone used to the controls on the computer and user interface can easily handle an accounting software. In fact, those who have made use of accounting software from reputable companies are of the opinion that once you understand the controls, it is like working on MS Word or MS Excel.

This obviously means spending less of one’s time on accounting as the accounting system already takes care of everything, and concentrating more on productivity and meeting new clients in Singapore. Using a reliable and efficient program like this does just that as all a businessman is required to do is to record financial transactions as and when they take place and rest of the work is taken care of by the software itself. It is not just the financial statements churned out by accounting software any time of the day that make it look so very beneficial for a business owner.

Accounting system in Singapore also takes care of invoices and credit notes besides being able to produce the payrolls. Buying accounting software is a decision that must be backed by analysis of features of various programs available in the market along with prices charged. It has to be kept in mind that slightly expensive software is always better than a cheaper version if it matches your business requirements in a better manner.

Domain Registration Process

Why register your domain? For Singapore online marketers, having a website will help them market their products better. Without a domain registration they can’t have their own website. For these marketers, it is very essential to register Singapore domain name for their business to function online. Moreover, registering domain name makes a person the official owner of the name. No one else has the authority to use the name except the one who sent it for registration.
But first, you have to choose your domain name before starting with the web design. Then check the domain name’s availability and complete the domain registration whole process. By doing this in advance, it will let you start with the web hosting immediately after the website is ready.

In the Singapore domain registration process, the registrar will ask for your contact details and some technical information related questions of your domain name. The information will then be stored in their directory which they call the registry. The singapore domain registration registry will let you receive e-mails from clients and consumers and also allowing them to search for your site. You will be asked to sign a contract which states the terms and conditions related to the domain name registration that you bought for your website.

Having your domain name registered in Singapore essentially means that you can make your own website from your registered computer and allow the people all over the world to gain access to it. You need to include your details in the directory which contains all the online domain names along with their corresponding computers.

When you register domain name you can immediately start selling services and products. After the domain registration you can start interacting with your clients on man to man basis. With the right domain name, it would be easier for everyone to search your company and, in return, help you gain profit.

Register domain name has two options for registrants. The first option is to make use of the web hosting and domain registration services provided by DIY site builders. Second option is to make use of the services, such as free internet access and storage spaces, offered by Internet service providers.

Limited Chartering of Domain Name
When you buy a domain name from the Singapore service provider, keep in mind that you are not given absolute ownership of the domain name. You will only be allowed to use the domain name for a specific time frame. After the time frame has lapsed, you have to renew your contract with your service provider. If you let the contract expire without renewing your domain name selection and registration, any of your competitors who find the domain name useful have all the rights to purchase it.

For that reason, it is very important to purchase a domain name from a dependable service provider. They have all the records and are very much aware of your domain registration expiry date and can remind you well in advance that your registration contract is about to end. This will stop your competitors from obtaining the domain name that you have established for your online business.

Water Ionizers for a Health pH Level

Studies on health reveal that alkaline water from a water ionizer, also called micro-clustered water, has good effects on the health of humans. This kind of water has five key roles. First, it hydrates the body speeding up the absorption of vitamins and nutrients in our cells. Second, it energizes the body; as a result, we feel more refreshed and active. Third, alkaline water in Singapore contains antioxidants which decelerate aging. Fourth, it helps our body get rid of toxins by flushing them out of our system. Lastly, alkaline water restores our body’s pH level.

Our body’s pH level changes every time our bodies consume unhealthy foods, such as processed foods, deep-fried fats and oils, too salty or sweet foods. The pH level or the acid-alkaline measurement of our body fluids in Singapore must be correct because it greatly affects the activity of the cells in our bodies. Thus the need for a good water ionizer. Imbalances may lead to potential health problems such as heart disease, hypertension, cancer, fatigue, allergies and a lot more.

Generally, the alkaline level in our body with a water ionizer must be higher than its acid level, with an ideal pH level of the human body being between 7.35 to 7.45. When our bodies get too acidic, we may suffer from extreme tiredness, poor digestion, body pains, and even more severe illnesses. High level of acid in the body is usually a result of consumption of acids, creation of acids and their improper removal from the body in Singapore, and that is why a water ionizer to produce alkaline water is necessary. Meats, dairy products, sugar, coffee, alcohol, among others, are acidifying foods.
Too much of something is bad for the health in Singapore and everywhere else. When we ingest excessive amounts of these foods, our bodies have a hard time neutralizing the pH level, thus suffering from extreme acidity. As our bodies get more acidic, bad bacteria multiply in our system. These microscopic, living organisms become more powerful as they increase in number. However, not all acids are strong like uric acid. Some are weak, including citric acid which is easy for the body to neutralize.

But too much acid content in our bodies is dangerous. When cells can no longer buffer or safeguard the body, acids then build up. Having proper diet and observing a healthy Singapore lifestyle is deemed important to re-establish the pH level in our bodies all the time. Water ionizers produce alkaline water, which is rich in minerals that help in neutralizing the acid-alkaline level of our bodies. Drinking alkaline water from water ionizers aid in maintaining the ideal pH level in our bodies which, in turn, makes us stay healthy and strong.

How BBQ Catering Firms Prepare Barbecue Food

BBQ food not only tastes great, it also looks different from all traditional recipes, which is why BBQ catering is now a booming business in the country. The aroma of the brown and crisp meat from the outside while holding the juices inside and remaining soft is what attracts all the people to serve BBQ food and start their own BBQ wholesale business. In our country alone, more and more people are making use of barbeque recipes to add the flavor and glamour of the event they are celebrating. Realizing the great demand of the people, there are today dozens of  barbecue catering services in Singapore, a city state where there are two all-time favorite BBQ recipes, satay and otah.

How can one keep satay and otah away from the menu in BBQ catering?

Barbeque is a method of cooking food using burning charcoal and it is not any grilled food item or dish prepared in oven. BBQ food in bbq wholesale is prepared to turn the outside of meat surface brown and crispy like in satay. In a BBQ wholesale event, chunks of meat are placed on skewers that are grilled over fire to turn them brown and crispy and then served with peanut sauce. This is called satay and is a favorite breakfast barbecue food item in bbq singapore catering providers. Talking of otah, it is fish that has been spiced and grilled and finally served wrapped under banana leaves. Otah is also always present in BBQ catering, a popular BBQ food item that is normally served with rice. Most of BBQ wholesale shops prepare these dishes, and if you were to ask any of the dozens of BBQ catering services in the country, satay and otah remain popular as ever among BBQ recipes and no event is complete without these BBQ food items.

Though traditionally BBQ dishes are made of meats of different kinds such as chicken, mutton, pork, venison etc, these days it is common for BBQ wholesale to serve vegetarian bbq dishes at events suggesting growing number of vegetarians in the society. There are many vegetables that may be easily grilled for BBQ catering because of their water content. There are also potato and cheese that can be barbequed to turn brown and crisp while remaining soft from inside. Today there are scores of BBQ catering services that make available vegetarian BBQ dishes upon request for any party or event. If you are interested in BBQ recipes, the internet is a great source of hundreds of them including both non vegetarian and vegetarian recipes. You can also learn BBQ recipes from BBQ wholesale shops in the city of Singapore to decide on what you want to add to the menu for your party that you are planning.

Early Health Screening Saves Lives

Your health’s state could be a misleading affair. In Singapore, most serious health problems of which you could be at the higher risk like heart disease, stroke, abdominal aortic aneurysm, osteoporosis and peripheral artery, frequently shows now indications until it is already too late. If you face into this painful and costly health issue, it could simply become a burden not only for you but for your family as well. Likewise, many companies understand this risk for their employees, which is why they offer corporate health screening.

Most of the somber health situations are somewhat preventable, most especially when it has been detected earlier it can save lives. Not availing of health screening singapore packages could lead up into all-time health-related as well as monetary problems, counting the options of being confined to bed or functioning into less than 100% when it comes to the mind and bodily capacity. Serious health issues in Singapore like stroke strike both men and women and can lead to a lifelong burden for your family who would be taking concerns of the sufferer once they did survive with stroke.

Moreover, the mobile health screening service has been only introduced for the current years. It simply involves expert team of health experts and the medical doctors who are working together just to run a better series of health screening in order to ensure the presence of any symptomatic as well as serious diseases. The only thing is that, as the emerging field, many people are not aware of how health screening packages actually works or what really it is. Knowing the following will help you know more about this kind of health screening:

Changing screening locations – first, the panel of technicians in Singapore travel to the place of where the event into a specially prepared vehicle containing all of the needed equipment for screening. Secondly, the event’s location would always be changing. With that being said, screening panel would constantly work out of the similar confined geographic communities from everyday and weekly. Thus, community members could then attend the repeated screening for overtime even without traveling far.

Requirements of Patients Undergoing LASIK Surgery

Having vision problems? Well, if yes, you might need to undergo LASIK eye surgery. However, this method is not for all. It is vital that patients must be good candidate for the operation. The patient needs to discuss things out with the surgeon as well as must went through different examinations in order to address issues related in becoming a good candidate.

The candidacy for the surgery will basically depend on the LASIK surgeon as well as the type of laser employed. A thorough eye examination done by ophthalmologist could aid to identify if the procedure is right for the patient. It is vital that these things are performed well to avoid complications during and after the surgery. The process will also ensure that the procedure will then be safe for the patient. There are set of criteria that patients undergoing Lasik surgery by a Singapore based doctor should meet.  Above all, the refractive error must be stable. Once the error is not stable and then the eye is still altering, the surgery will not be effective and must be repeated. Listed below are the qualifications of good candidate for LASIK eye surgery.

  • The candidate must be 18 year or above.  It is because at the age of 18 the eye is fully developed. However, people aging near 40 years must consider that the vision might be affected of the conditions that could not be treated by the surgery.
  • The candidate must have a stable vision for a minimum of one year. Generally, patients aging below 18 years are disqualified from the surgery. Few medications like Phenobarbitol, Tegretol and Dilantin might have fluctuating prescriptions. In general, the best candidates for the surgery are those who have stable refractive error.
  • The visual strength should meet the approved guidelines of the FDA.  The prescription for the distance vision matches certain nominal strength and the prescription strength should meet the set guidelines of the FDA for astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. FDA does not permit patients having greater than +6.00 Hyperopia Diopters or -14.00 Myopia Diopters to undergo LASIk surgery procedure. Furthermore, patients having greater than 6.00 Astigmatism Diopters are ineligible based to the standards of the FDA. To those who are myopic having a prescribed -6.0 Diopters or greater than, the curvature will then be too sudden for safety within the creation of flap. Patients having serious refractive errors must consider other procedures like implants.
  • The candidate should not be nursing or pregnant. The hormonal changes could alter the refractive error, lessening or overturning the surgery effectiveness.
  • Patients from Singapore having autoimmune disorder are not good candidates for the surgery. Medical illness having compromise autoimmune system like fibromyalgia, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and many others that might affect the healing after the surgery.
  • Individual having eye disease is not a good candidate for LASIK procedure in Singapore. Eye disorder like dry eyes, glaucoma, cataracts, ocular herpes, diabetic retinopathy, keratoconus and retinal detachment might cause further harm or complications for surgery. Hence, it is vital to get free first from the condition for about a year or longer. People with refractive errors are not good candidate of the surgery. However, with the great advancement available for today, there are still other surgery that might still be applicable for them.
  • People who know and understand well the risk involve in having the procedure are good candidate. It is vital that patients must accept the possible results that procedure might offer to them.

These are the set criteria to identify if a certain individual is good candidate for LASIK eye surgery or not. As much as possible the set criteria are observe in order to have a safe procedure.

Couples Favour Wedding Videography

Wedding is one special event in our lives that is even more important than our birth as we are old enough to enjoy and cherish the moment when we are the most important and center of attraction of all. And if you happen to be the bride, you know that there is no better or opportune time to be and look your best. You prepare, dress up and behave accordingly and know that the spotlight taken by the wedding videographer is on you. There was a time not so long ago in Singapore wedding when there was only photography to capture important moments during the ceremony but there were so many beautiful moments missed out as photographer could not be ready to click at the right time. Then came videography and caught the fancy of the people. It made saving all moments of significance possible with clarity and ensured that it was not just actual day wedding videography but also pre-wedding video containing videos of small but important ceremonies that often got overlooked by the photographer.


There was a time when the paraphernalia that a wedding videographer had to carry along was enormous with a bulky camera with a small memory that required removal and insertion of cassettes in the camera when one cassette finished. There were no inbuilt flashes and another person had to carry a flash in his hands all the time while the videographer managed to hold the camera on his shoulders. Those who are a bit older and have been privy to wedding videography Singapore in its earliest days can recall how the heavy apparatus was wired and had to be moved around the place in which ceremony was being carried out with great care to avoid mishaps of any kind.


Today, with the availability of cheaper and more advanced gear along with software has meant that wedding videography in Singapore is not only much better than what it was a decade ago but we are also getting to see some really nice movie effects being introduced in the videos. The price of the apparatus gone down and ease of operation has increased manifold making wedding videography very popular both among couples as they favour this platform as well as those who are amateurs and have taken up bridal videography as a full time profession.


With weddings becoming more grand than before and couples favour spending to have every moment of their wedding, including all pre wedding moments to the actual day wedding videography, this field has become a multimillion dollar industry in Singapore. If a videographer has the passion, and the talent to save the beautiful moment of a wedding with special focus on the bride, there are endless opportunities in this field. One has to be fully versed with all techniques needed to make a bride look more beautiful and stunning on her most special day in life. There are people who are covering 4-5 weddings a month and charging $2500 to $5000 per wedding ceremony to make a fortune out of this business. Even brides know that the person who can make them look more beautiful and special on their wedding through his videos deserves all the money he asks.

Finding the Right Oil Paintings and Art Gallery

Looking out for a new gallery to exhibit your art could surely be a daunting task for most of the artists and not all of the artists could have their own natural ability of selling their art paintings in Singapore. The only thing is that, the main rule for any kind of sales for oil and art paintings is by selling out yourself. So, if you happen to be one of them, how would you do such idea? Well, here are some of the tips for you to consider:


Submitting your portfolio- if you choose sending an oil painting portfolio directly into your chosen gallery, you have to ensure and simply follow up the guidelines being mentioned above. Most of the artists these days would only send out their marketing package including their professional portfolio without all the photos of their oil painting Singapore painted collection to Singapore art galleries, which could be stacked up into a pile and then being overlooked. Do not just try to be too clever with your presentation. You have to keep up your art painting portfolio in a tailored and professional way, being filled up with your best work. It is definitely a better idea for you to follow up two weeks later with your phone call.


Cold Call – it is when you would be picking up the phone, then call up your chosen art gallery, and then pitches yourself out by getting them interested to see the oil painting that you have painted. With this, you should practice and simply have a notepad together with your thoughts being outlined, so you would not ramble. Now, you should be ready for selling yourself out for the reason that there would be no artwork for you to hide over the telephone.


Sell yourself – it is definitely an aggressive kind of approach that will make or break your art career in selling oil paintings. It definitely all depends upon on how attuned you really feel with the owner or the director of the art gallery, most especially when you are in Singapore.

Preparations Before Undergoing Epi Lasik Surgery

Are you scheduled for LASIK eye surgery? Well, if yes, there are preparations that need to be observed in order to have a more successful operation. Actually, the Singapore Epi LASTIK surgeon is the one who will advise the patient about the things that should be done in preparation for the surgery procedure. As much as possible clarify the things that are not properly understood to be able to follow the given instruction carefully. Just to give idea regarding the preparation before the surgery procedure, some are written below.


Preparation few weeks prior to the LASIK surgery procedure.

Just the same, during consultation visit, the eyeglasses or the contact lenses must be removed. Once hard lenses are use, it should not be used for about one month prior to the scheduled procedure. If rigid lenses is used, then it should be worn for three before the date of the surgery. Once soft lenses is utilized, it should not be used two weeks before the operation.


Before the day of the surgery, contact or ask a family or a friend in Singapore to be with you during the operation. In case you are the one driving your car, ask for someone else to drive after the operation. It is because after the operation, the eyes will then be very sensitive and also sedative is used unto you during the procedure so you will definitely fee sleepy. In addition, the top Singapore LASIK surgery surgeon will not conduct the operation if you are not feeling well on that day. Before the scheduled operation continue searching about the procedure and ask the surgeon or the center about the things that you want to know. This will make you feel more comfortable.

Make sure to confirm the payment prior to the surgery operations. Most of the centers that conduct the Epi Lasik surgery in Singapore do not permit patients to undergo the surgery unless complete payment is done. Ask the surgeon about the recovery days, for you to know the days you are going to off from your work. Ask the exact days you are completely recovered and could do all your normal day-to-day activities.

Wedding Dress Singapore – Choose the Right Dress

Getting a designer gown from a bridal studio is a lengthy process and one should not expect a wedding gowns designer from a bridal studio to come up with what one has in mind in a matter of weeks. Go for a Singapore designer wedding dress gown only when the marriage date is months away. Choice of wedding dress fabrics and styling in addition to brocade or wedding gowns embellishments is purely that of a bride, but it takes the creativity and effort of a wedding dress designer to come up with a bridal studio wedding dress master piece that looks stunning on the bride on her wedding.


Many a times, it is seen that brides do not confirm the approximate final price of the Singapore wedding dress and are flabbergasted when the Singapore wedding dress singapore product is finally handed over to them. It is rather prudent to discuss the money involved and the final price with the designer though it is hard to quote a fixed amount for the wedding gowns. This means the bride knows in advance the Singapore wedding dress price range that she will have to cough for the wedding gown of her wedding dress Singapore dreams. An approach similar to designer gown is sourcing the dress from a wedding dress Singapore bridal boutique or a bridal studio Singapore where the wedding dress consultants try to come up with what the bride has in her mind with matching the wedding dress requirements with the large stock that these wedding gowns studios have at their disposal.

Singapore Retail Tourism

Singapore is well known for its shopping experience as retail is an important part of the Singaporean economy. The past year recorded a decrease in sales of cars but an increase in sales of telecomm apparatus, computers, food and beverage. Trade has been flourishing for malls and necessity brands for the past six months. Since the late 2000’s, Singapore has been actively aiming at becoming a leading retail destination on par with cities like Dubai and London. Shopping complexes have been undergoing constant renovations and improvements. The Singapore Shopping festival each year along with high end luxury stores ensures a sophisticated culture where shopping is not merely about a product but rather an experience to be savored.


Singapore is thus aggressively working towards establishing itself tourist cum retail destination. Malls are being innovated and branded not merely as spheres of a shopping endeavor but as an inclusive shopping, dining, and entertainment avenues. Tourism and retail is closely linked in Singapore as more tourists imply more money being propelled into the economy. The government for its part has been consistent in trying to boost tourism by organizing international events such as Youth Olympics and Formula One Racing, a trend which one will continue to see in the future.


The government has further been trying to boost tourism and the retail experience in Singapore with the help of innovation and technology. The government has pumped $ 15 million in the mobile applications business for the tourism, retail and food and beverage sectors that will augment competitiveness. This means that one would perhaps be able to order and pay bills with the simple touch on a phone. Certainly, the retail market in Singapore will see a good bloom in the coming future. However, it will face stiff competition from global brands such Abercrombie which recently purchased a 21,000 square foot space in Knightbridge Mall and is aggressively trying to conquer Asian markets.

The Resurrection of Singaporean Retail

Singapore finally seems to be putting its recession hit days behind with the future of Singaporean Retail market looking comparatively brighter. According to the Wall Street Journal, Asian shares have been going up, and Singapore’s Strait Times Index noted an increase of 0.7%. The Singaporean economy is largely trade and consumer based. A closer look at the individual and associated components of the Retail sector helps to gauge its future trajectory. The overall Retail market in Singapore is closely tied up with its retail leasing market, consumer and essential goods, and the tourism and hospitality sector.


The Retail Leasing Sector seems to taking a better turn. According to a news report published by Channel Asia, the Retail Leasing Sector has been well active for the first half of 2011, with progressive and stable economic growth being an underlying factor. Rents have been decreasing due to good competition as supply has been forthcoming. In the next four years, Singapore will need to meet an additional demand of 4.3 million square feet in the retail leasing market. Buying and leasing of property will continue well into the next five years when even areas in 1-2 km radius of Jurong MRT East will be needed to meet a requirement of around 1.2 million square feet.

Accounting Software Helps Local Businesses

Once you have learnt how to make use of accounting software and record all transactions of purchases and sales on time along with expenses on raw materials and employees, you know you have it all ready for the taxmen in Singapore if you happen to be registered under company registration. Just print out all facts and figures taxmen want from you and remain in their good books. No matter which Singapore accounting software system you are using for your business, there are tools available in the market made to help you in your endeavor to keep books in order and up to date. These accounting software, though you have to pay initially (there are even free accounting software available on the net but not so user-friendly with non-existent customer support), make life easier and also save money for you.


You save on the money spent on hiring the services of a full time accountant but the bigger advantage is in terms of being able to manage the records all by yourself and knowing all about them to take major business decisions. This also translates into peace of mind as you are in the thick of things and know you can get the figures with just a few clicks in your accounting software rather than having to depend upon your Singapore accountant to come and tell you what to do in a crunch situation. In fact, so many and so important are the benefits that accrue to your business when you use accounting software of good quality that you would wonder how you lived without one so far. If you have not tried any accounting software before, you should have a look at Singapore ubs software as it is a well established software being used in Singapore with a strong support team that provides great software support from Rockbell International Ptd Ltd. Accounting is a must have in Singapore and with the advancement of technology that results in powerful accounting software tools being released, you can now be assured of keeping your books in order. This has helped many local businesses comprising of SMEs mostly to keep proper accounting book records. MNCs may look into more customised accounting system solutions that may not be covered by out of the box softwares.

Engaging a Painting Services Company Guide

You have just bought your new HDB flat and are in need of a painting services company in Singapore to paint your new flat but you do not know who to choose. On behalf of them you can easily choose the best painting services both in terms of quality and price. First of all, sit on your chair and search about all painting services Singapore. There will be a long list in front of you. Each company will offer you some exclusive packages either some exclusive packages, either in the form of economical rates, or some guaranteed duration. Don’t be impressed before analyzing the reputation of the company. These online reviews about painting services will show you their exact picture and this is way by which you can decide the worth of any company. Remember one thing! People do not hesitate in commenting about the services of any particular painting company and they give positive or negative feedback honestly. These feedbacks are the enough criteria to claim a company as the best painting company.


If you have selected a company on behalf of its maximum positive feedbacks, then make sure about the best price for painting services Singapore. Actually, it is not necessary that a company offering best services would also be ideal in terms of painting charges. Just inquire about its charges of painting a house having three rooms, four rooms or five rooms and the difference in over all charges as well. An ideal painting company is the one that offers you not only the best painting charges but also complaint-free service as well.


Owners Engaging Condo Management Agent on the Rise

condo-1 (2)For some association of condo management service agents in Singapore, theaccountant does not respect the legislation, calculates the expenses using hisbeginner knowledge, resulting in some useless expenses for the owners.Moreover, the accountants must measure the common spaces correctly, so theywould know how much money each family must pay. The president or chairman of the condo management Singapore team must find a solution to resolve the complaints of the owners. The person chosenby the council to be the chairman of the condo council comprised by owners to take care of their interest does not have the basicknowledge needed, and he doesn’t consider the wishes of the members while he isrunning the current tasks. The most important attributions of an property management agent are runningthe current daily tasks of upkeeping the condominium real estate propeperty,  justifyingthe money and deciding the destination of the extra funds,  issuingwritten disposition to the service providers, paying the bills and invoices, signingthe legal acts issued by the association and approvingthe expenses for repairs and current tasks. The association president couldreceive a salary for running those tasks. On the other hand, if you arechoosing the services of a specialized company, it would cost you some moremoney, but a company of this kind will be able to save money with the bills andinvoices. Usually, a condominium management company has written contracts with a series of serviceproviders, and those service providers will always be at the disposal of the real estate owners. This is why youwill never wait more than 20 minutes for the elevator to be repaired, thestairways are always clean, and the improvement works are made fast andefficient.


Doing Good Pays

Earlier this year, a ‘Good Purpose’ poll was done among 6,026 consumers across 10 countries:
the United States, China, Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Japan and India.
Respondents are between the age of 18 to 64, and this worldwide survey concludes that ‘doing
good pays’.


Findings of this survey show that out of ten, more than 6 people are willing to purchase and
introduce to others a certain brand which is environmental-friendly or has contributed to the
society, even if it is expensive.


Conducted by public relations firm Edelman, this ‘Good Purpose’ poll collated responses from
about 6,000 consumers. Out of these, sixty-four percent had added that they believe that brands
should be involved in promoting a good cause.

The survey also showed that in the case whereby identical merchandises are compared, more
than sixty-six percent of consumers would prefer a brand which promotes a good cause over
one which does not. Edelman’s chief creative officer, Mr Mitch Markson, explained that such
sustained association with good causes is now a mark of one’s identity. Therefore, consumers
will feel regarded when they associate themselves with the brand. This would allow companies
and brands to establish a sustainable relationship with their consumers, just by linking up
themselves with respectable causes.

More than fifty-percent of the respondents had revealed that in times of recession, good
accreditation acquired from supporting good causes was also the reason which had caused
them not to falter between brands. Although times of economic downturn would decrease the
funds spent on giving to support good causes, more time was spent on meaningful causes like
volunteer work, survey results show.

People are also more willing to reduce harm done to our environment. Findings revealed that
67 per cent of respondents are willing to buy a hybrid car, 70 per cent are willing to move into
an eco-friendly apartment. Overall, 83 per cent of respondents have indicated that they do not
oppose to the idea of modifying their habits of consumption in an effort to make the earth a better
place for everyone to live in.

Singapore Local Business Guide

Welcome to localbusiness.sg, where we share with you the latest information on all news relating to enterprises in Singapore. Local business seeks to cover the many aspects of doing a business in Singapore, ranging from business operations which affects the daily business day to day, to human resource functions which affects the manpower requirements of the company. Sales is the lifeblood of the company, every business needs sales to survive. And of course we have the finance sector of the company, which would cover the accounting and monetary aspects.


As you can see, there are many areas of business you have to consider before starting a business in Singapore. How successful you are would incorporate a multitude of these functions, and how well you can put them together to create a good mix. If you are able to generate sales but your backend operations are not up to mark, you would not be able to deliver. At the same time, if you have a great product but are not able to sell it, then you will be at a disadvantage as well.

Do not miss out on getting up to date information on doing business in Singapore as well, otherwise you would lag behind others who read the latest news daily and are able to apply the latest information in their business. Each day is a game in business, and the mind is a powerful sword. With the right information, you can be sure that you are at an advantage in playing the game.


Local business seeks to fill your minds with up to date information on how to do business locally in Singapore, as we all know that it is important to stay up to date with the local business scene.