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Doing Good Pays

Earlier this year, a ‘Good Purpose’ poll was done among 6,026 consumers across 10 countries:
the United States, China, Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Japan and India.
Respondents are between the age of 18 to 64, and this worldwide survey concludes that ‘doing
good pays’.


Findings of this survey show that out of ten, more than 6 people are willing to purchase and
introduce to others a certain brand which is environmental-friendly or has contributed to the
society, even if it is expensive.


Conducted by public relations firm Edelman, this ‘Good Purpose’ poll collated responses from
about 6,000 consumers. Out of these, sixty-four percent had added that they believe that brands
should be involved in promoting a good cause.

The survey also showed that in the case whereby identical merchandises are compared, more
than sixty-six percent of consumers would prefer a brand which promotes a good cause over
one which does not. Edelman’s chief creative officer, Mr Mitch Markson, explained that such
sustained association with good causes is now a mark of one’s identity. Therefore, consumers
will feel regarded when they associate themselves with the brand. This would allow companies
and brands to establish a sustainable relationship with their consumers, just by linking up
themselves with respectable causes.

More than fifty-percent of the respondents had revealed that in times of recession, good
accreditation acquired from supporting good causes was also the reason which had caused
them not to falter between brands. Although times of economic downturn would decrease the
funds spent on giving to support good causes, more time was spent on meaningful causes like
volunteer work, survey results show.

People are also more willing to reduce harm done to our environment. Findings revealed that
67 per cent of respondents are willing to buy a hybrid car, 70 per cent are willing to move into
an eco-friendly apartment. Overall, 83 per cent of respondents have indicated that they do not
oppose to the idea of modifying their habits of consumption in an effort to make the earth a better
place for everyone to live in.

Singapore Local Business Guide

Welcome to localbusiness.sg, where we share with you the latest information on all news relating to enterprises in Singapore. Local business seeks to cover the many aspects of doing a business in Singapore, ranging from business operations which affects the daily business day to day, to human resource functions which affects the manpower requirements of the company. Sales is the lifeblood of the company, every business needs sales to survive. And of course we have the finance sector of the company, which would cover the accounting and monetary aspects.


As you can see, there are many areas of business you have to consider before starting a business in Singapore. How successful you are would incorporate a multitude of these functions, and how well you can put them together to create a good mix. If you are able to generate sales but your backend operations are not up to mark, you would not be able to deliver. At the same time, if you have a great product but are not able to sell it, then you will be at a disadvantage as well.

Do not miss out on getting up to date information on doing business in Singapore as well, otherwise you would lag behind others who read the latest news daily and are able to apply the latest information in their business. Each day is a game in business, and the mind is a powerful sword. With the right information, you can be sure that you are at an advantage in playing the game.


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