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Sneaky Ways to Get Firmer Skin

As we age, it’s normal for our skin to go through several changes. Wrinkles and fine lines will already start to form, skin dullness will also set in, dark spots will also start popping up, and worse, our skin will start to sag. Will all these skin changes popping everywhere, you’ll surely end up wondering as to what happened to your once-youthful complexion. But there’s no need to stress yourself out anymore, since there are some smart things that you can do to maintain your skin’s plumpness and smoothness.


  1. Observe Proper Hydration. One of the side effects of skin ageing is the struggle that our skin cells experience just to retain water that’s vital to maintain firm skin. A good way to remedy this is to add a nourishing serum in your daytime and night-time beauty routine to keep your skin hydrated. Also, don’t forget to drink at least eight glasses of water daily to keep your whole body hydrated.
  1. Shorten Your Shower Time. Although taking long, hot showers can be really relaxing, doing so actually contributes on saggy skin. Exposing your skin to water for prolonged periods can weaken the protective barrier of your skin, making it susceptible to damage caused by the sun’s rays and some pollutants. So keep your shower time to five minutes max and don’t let the hot water to directly hit your face every time you shower.


  1. Get a Good Collagen Dose. As we age, our skin starts to produce collagen at a slower rate. Thankfully, there is an ingredient called retinol that works by stimulating our skin’s collagen production and regenerating new skin cells. Get your daily collagen dose by using an overnight cream that contains anti-ageing ingredients to give your skin the boost of moisture that it needs.
  1. Ditch the Sweets. If you’re into an afternoon coffee-and-cake snack habit, then it would be best to cut down your sugar intake. Some studies have shown that sugars like dextrose, corn syrup and fruit juice weakens the elastin and collagen, thereby contributing to premature skin ageing. So instead of sticking to your usual snack habit, opt for a cup of herbal tea or a fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Maintaining a firm and smooth skin isn’t just about using pricey skincare products. It’s also about caring for your skin from the inside, practising good skincare habits and living a healthy life.


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