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Staple Workouts For Men  


Every guy who has gone to the gym for a while, has tried to generally work out, or is just plainly into fitness would know that there are certain types of exercises and movements that work best in adding muscle in certain areas of the body and that there are exercise regimens and programs that they prefer over any other. While some exercise programs would differ from person to person depending on their goals, there are workouts and exercises that can be considered as the most important exercises. In other words, these exercises are staple for anybody into fitness.


Bench press

The bench press is probably the best measure of strength for anyone looking to build muscle as it incorporates numerous body parts (chest, triceps, and shoulder). Bodybuilders would always incorporate the bench press into their workouts because the chest area, or the pectorals, is the most easily identifiable part of a guy’s body. Having a big or well-defined chest is an important feature for any bodybuilder or anyone into fitness.


The deadlift is also an exercise that can be argued to be the best measure of strength as it hits a lot of muscles in the body (back, quads, glutes, abs, and shoulders). Lifting competitions would always have deadlifts as part of the competition as this workout shows the overall strength of the competitor. The large amount of muscles targeted helps in the release of more testosterone that helps in muscle development.


Squatting is the best leg exercise there is because it hits every part of the legs. Any bodybuilder or athlete would always incorporate squats because they not only help them look better but they also improve speed, agility, jumping, and overall athletic ability.



The pull-up is also an exercise that hits a lot of muscles (lats, biceps, shoulders, and the upper back). Exercises that target compound muscle groups tend to release more muscle-building testosterone. That makes pull-ups (and any other compound muscle workout) indispensable for any fitness junkie. It also helps develop good shoulders and a wide back, which is easily ideal for bodybuilders and athletes alike.

Overhead Press

Also called the military press, it helps develop large shoulders that are easily identifiable for any spectator. The overhead press is also the best shoulder exercise because it targets all of the shoulder muscles as well as additional groups like the triceps and chest muscles, which would lead to more testosterone released.


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