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Tips in Hiring a Property Manager for Your Real Estate Property

Getting a managing agent to help you run your property in Singapore can be a good idea but hiring a personal property manager instead can be much better idea. But ones you have eyed a potential property manager, immediately hiring them won’t be really a good thing to do. Before having that person as your property manager, you should first check on the person’s background and ability to manage properties. To help you with that, here are some tips that you can use before you go and hire that property manager.


1. Know the number of units that they’re managing. Finding out the number of property or units that your chosen property manager is managing can actually be helpful in deciding as to whether or not it’s the right decision to hire the person. The number of units that he manages can actually tell a lot about his capability to manage properties. Since you’re in the field of the property management business in Singapore, it would be better if you manage to hire a property manager that has the right skill and knowledge to manage your property.

2. Find out if they have their own rental properties. Ask your potential property manager if he has a real estate property of his own. If he happens to have a rental property, then it’s another thing that you can use to decide if you’ll hire him or not. Also, it helps to check sites like www.estateinfo.sg from Singapore to keep updated with the latest estate management issues. It can actually be beneficial if he happens to have his own property since he can properly relate to your own experiences as an investor or as a property owner. However, it can also be troublesome for you since your property manager can also become your competitor in getting some potential clients.


3. Know how he’ll address your maintenance issues. It is important that you know how the property manager that you chose will conduct and see through the maintenance issues and complaints that your tenants have. It would be better if you expect that your property manager would come up with maintenance decisions based on the amount that will be paid to them but always remember that you should be the one who will set the amount that you will pay them for the extra services and not the other way around.

4. Make sure that they can make a proper documentation. Another important thing in the field of property management is the proper documentation of the things about your property and the things that are needed in your property. That’s why it’s important that you’re potential property manager is skilled enough when it comes to documenting the important details on the processes that’s done to your real estate property so that you can also track down the things that is happening in your property, as well as the actions that’s taken by your property manager to deal with the problems that might arise.

Hiring and looking for capable property managers can become a really tiring job to do but finding and getting one that is highly capable of managing your property can really be helpful in saving much of your time and money from hiring a managing agent instead.


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