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Tips To Get Into Running

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercises and fitness beginners want to get into the habit of going out for a run as a cardio workout. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Most people try running for a few times and then inevitably quite because it leaves you gasping for breath and aching all over.


If you’re a person who’s dedicated to learning about the art of running for fitness, then read on the following tips below to make your running experience a fun one.


Be realistic.

It’s perfectly normal to be very excited about your first time running. Usually running beginners tend to make unrealistic goals on their running rate. Countless people think that a 45 minute run on their first day seem like a good start. For experienced runners, this may be a walk in the park, but for someone who haven’t even started yet, that’s too much.

Start slow and when you get a hang of it after a week or a few days, gradually push yourself to cover more miles in a shorter time.


Endure the pain.

One thing you need to learn about your first week of getting into running is that your body will badly hurt. Your body won’t always be this way. Most people stop running because of themisconception their body will be sore after every run.

The body is simply adjusting to the strenuous activity and after continually doing it for a few more days, you will definitely feel better.


Do it in the morning.

Experts state that it’s best to go running early in the morning. Planning to run in the evening seems difficult to do since people have low motivations in working out after facing a stressful day. The more you delay your workout, the more you procrastinate and end up not doing it.


Do it somewhere with an interesting view.

Nothing makes running more boring than doing it somewhere bland and dull. Who enjoys the sight of industrial buildings and dark pavements? To make running an enjoyable experience, run somewhere with a beautiful scenery and fresh air.

You can do it by the beach, a short hill or in the park. You can use an app to access prospect routes for your run.


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