21 December 2018 ~ Comments Off on 5 Healthy Hawker Foods in Singapore that You Must Try

5 Healthy Hawker Foods in Singapore that You Must Try

Food is what brings people together, and different cultures mixing in the forms of different dishes is what makes hawker centers a uniquely Singaporean experience. However, there have been notions that hawker food isn’t healthy, and other healthier options such as salad and grain bowls can often bring your wallet to tears.

Fortunately, weight- and cholesterol- watchers in Singapore no longer need to fear the hawker centers to stay in good health and shape. As long as you’re conscious about your choices, you’re good to go. Here a few healthy foods that you must try:

1. Thunder Tea Rice

This dish has a wide variety of vegetables, such as lettuce, spinach, leek, and even radish, which is served alongside a green soup made with basil, green tea, mint, and coriander. All these ingredients make thunder tea rice the perfect dish for working adults too busy to make their own meals – and that’s not even including the health benefits.

2. Fish Soup

Fish soup ranks high on the list of every weight watcher because of how little fat is added during the cooking process (provided that you steer from fried fish and instead choose boiled). With tofu, tomatoes, seaweed, lettuce, and bitter gourd balancing out the fish, what more could you ask for?

3. Teochew Porridge

A bowl of watery congee with a few sides to go along is the easiest way to achieve a balanced meal. Your best bet would be steamed dishes or food that has been lightly stir-fried. Just stay away from the side dishes with batter or those with a thick layer of oil on the surface.  

If you’re really looking to steer away from the excess calories, avoid fried dishes, as they can easily triple the amount of sodium and fat in your meal.

4. Chapatti

This Indian dish is made using fiber-rich whole meal flour, which is not only low in fat, but also comes with sliced fish, tofu, tomatoes, and even seaweed and lettuce. You can even ask for more vegetables and less rice if you’re conscious about your weight.  

5. Yong Tau Foo

Though most Yong Tau Foo comes with soup, the best thing about this dish is that you can handpick your own ingredients. Different kinds of vegetables, such as lettuce and bitter gourd, and tofu items that are boiled and dried can be brought together in a bowl and eaten on their own or with rice and noodles.

To make this option really healthy, you can even ditch the sodium-high soup and the ground meat stuffing, and add more vegetables such as kangkong and watercress.

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