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5 Relationship Habits That Keep Couples Closer Over the Years


Making a relationship work takes constant effort, but that doesn’t mean the ride is no longer going to be fun.  To keep the fire burning, here are some simple yet fun and sweet relationship rituals that long-term couples often do.


  1. Send Selfies

If the two of you travel a lot, have this habit to send each other selfies. Swap photos of you at random times of the day wherever you are. This ritual helps de-stress and reminds the both of you that at the end of even the most stressful day, you have each other to turn to.

  1. Give 20-Second Hugs Twice a Day

This isn’t a polite hug you give your colleagues when bidding goodbye, but a hip-to-hip-and-closely-holding-each-other kind of hug. Why 20 seconds? Because that’s how long for the oxytocin to kick in (or otherwise called ‘the happy hormones’), which provides you the feeling of security and delight that everything is good and right.

  1. Scribble Sweet Notes

Purchase a message board and stick it on the fridge, where you can write little sweet notes each day. Make a rule that the board should be used in positive form—not as a way to discuss things that has to be done. Another way is to scribble sweet nothings on post-its and stamp them in places you know your partner will surely catch them. This may be simple, but a sweet reminder that he’s in your mind always.


  1. Get Cookin’

Of you and your partner both love to cook, bond over this shared skill twice or thrice a week. Instead of dining out on weekends, stay home and cook your own three-course meal. Turn off the TV, put away your phones, play a nice music, and focus on each other.

  1. Make Future Plans (As In, On a Calendar!)

Many significant things in a relationship don’t happen unless it’s pre-planned. This includes hanging out with friends, go on dates, and even making love. Sparing some time every month to plan for the coming month increases the sense that you two are on the same journey together.

These may be just small things, but means a lot in keeping a relationship strong. Making these things as part of your daily rituals will ensure that your relationship prospers and gets stronger over time.


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