18 January 2019 ~ Comments Off on 5 Tips to be a Good Leader

5 Tips to be a Good Leader

Not many people say they are cut out to be leaders. But leadership is something that is developed over time through constant learning. Here are 5 tips to be a good leader.   

  1. Be a role model

Being a leader does not mean to command or impose on people how to act or do their job. A good leader embodies the characteristics and behaviors they want from their peers. An example of this could be punctuality. If you want your peers to be on time for work, you should be there on time as well so as to promote this attitude. Doing this will affect how others respond to you. Because you are a leader who talks the talk and walks the walk, they will replicate your actions therefore doing better later on.

  • Be humble

Give credit where credit is due. Being a good leader means to give up the spotlight to others who deserve it. A grave misconception of humility comes because it is associated with being weak and “giving up the glory”. But it’s not that at all because you as a leader did not let go of the glory, but instead shared it with the people who truly deserved it. As the old saying goes, the insincere leader gives you the feeling of their greatness, while the genuine leader always leaves you with the feeling of your greatness.

  • Do not be too concerned with unnecessary things

A leader should not dwell too much in times when they would be labelled as good or bad. If you do so, you will do your job to benefit your own appeal. In the words of the first Prime Minister, Lee Kuan Yew, “If you’re concerned with whether your rating will go up or down, then you are not a leader. You are just catching the wind.”

  • Know your limits

There can be times when a leader is too happy-go-lucky that his/her peers learn to show little respect to them anymore. Knowing and establishing clear boundaries can save us from more frustration and confusion. As a leader, you should also set boundaries in terms of work distribution among your peers to avoid overworking and exhausting them. Generally, this means to recognize limits between each other for a healthier relationship.

  • Mistakes are normal, but can be avoided

Everybody makes mistakes and even the best leaders are not an exception. It all comes down to recognizing the “symptoms” that can lead to these mistakes. Knowing these will help you determine and take the necessary actions to avoid making the mistake again. Another thing to remember is to avoid thinking negatively. Usually, if you keep thinking that you will make a mistake, chances are it comes true because it’s always on your mind.

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