11 September 2018 ~ Comments Off on 5 ways to keep a harmonious working environment

5 ways to keep a harmonious working environment

Regardless of the type of work you do, you will always have to interact with people at one point in your day. You’d have to coordinate, plan, implement or simply chat with them. The success of your work sometimes depends on how stable your working relationships are with your colleagues.

Individual differences in the workplace may either make or break an organization. Different personalities, culture and norms sometimes cause conflicts in the workplace.

So to prevent any unnecessary feuds, here’s a few tips to help you promote harmonious atmosphere in the workplace:

1. Be open
Whether it may be for advices, feedback or even plain small talk, make sure your stance is open and welcoming. Make your colleagues comfortable with you so they can share thoughts and substantial work-related ideas with you. Not only that, but suggestions as well as complaints could spring forth in a comfortable atmosphere. Make sure you make them feel like their voices are heard, because primarily you’re both just humans at the end of the day. A little kindness couldn’t hurt. You could readily make use of it too, so be ready to hand it out too.

2. Appreciate the little things
People work better when they feel that even the smallest efforts are recognized. You may not be in charge of a lot of people in your company, but your subordinates could use a sincere little thank you once in a while. Before you know it, the atmosphere in the office is that of gratitude and motivation. If people feel they are grateful to be in an organization, they will be motivated to go the extra mile.

3. Stay away from gossip
Any idle gossip is fun at first but could breed paranoia and hurt in the long run. Office environments could use a no-gossip rule any day. Gossip is hurtful and shameful, plus it robs the company of precious working time.

4. Breed teamwork
One of the best ways to develop teamwork in an organization is to make sure each one feels valued and recognized. Make an atmosphere where there is respect towards other people’s opinions and ideas. Instead of barking out orders, make sure ideas are well-discussed. If the people feel ownership for the ideas and plans to be done, they will be motivated to push through with it.

5. Be thankful…vocally
Saying thank you is one habit that could do magic for your organization. If people feel valued, they will genuinely work happily. Even in simple favors like holding open the door or the elevator or even letting you get coffee first when you bump into each other in the pantry, being thankful and actually saying it out loud could do you wonders.

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