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5 Ways to Tell a Person is Trustworthy

We have all encountered a lot of people in the circles that we belonged to. Friends and acquaintances from school, academe, church, business and colleagues, it is but natural for us to mingle with others.

Not only in the professional arena of our lives, but more importantly on a personal level, we surely have been familiar with the craft of reading people’s characters on the way they carry themselves before we even want to talk to them. An eye twitch, a certain way they hold a conversation and the overall aura they exude, these all give an impression. And the same goes for us, as well.

Here are six ways to tell whether a person is trustworthy (these are not a definite guarantee, but they might be helpful at some point):

1. Eye contact
Keep appropriate eye contact with the person. When talking, the person who does not waver in looking into your eyes as he speaks usually is telling the truth. Well, some may say that it can be out of practice that he has mastered in looking straight in the eye. But mostly than not, only the one who can make a direct eye contact is the one who can say that he is telling the truth.

2. Body Language
Other than having eye contact, body language is also very much interesting to note. Observe people on the way they carry themselves if they are confident or nervous. Why are they fidgeting? It could be that he is anxiously keeping something to himself.

For business oriented-people and during some negotiation activities, they have learned that by sitting with cross legs and pointing your toes to the person you are convincing has a telepathic effect whereby he seems to believe in what you are saying. Usually, they are convinced. That is magic of it.

3. Keeping Appointments
A man is as good as his word! Now you can start to trust him on this. Seldom can you meet that when you agreed to meet for an appointment, he is there on time. Of course again, business-minded people really do this. They are on time. Because time is of essence for these people. Relatively, time means money for them. Business opportunities come with punctuality on business matters. They don’t miss chances.

Again, he can be trusted on this or maybe not. It all depends on the motive of the person. Then again, we must go back to the first two considerations: eye contact and body language.

4. Respect for Elders/Others
When a person respects his parents, it is sure that he will also have a respect for other elderly and even his partner in life. It is true that respect is not being asked for, but it is earned through one’s good regard to people not only the elderly.

5. He walks his talk
A man is trustworthy if he ‘walks his talk’. This would reflect that he is also God-fearing. He does what he believes in what is good for all.

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