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6 Beauty Product Alternatives to Steal From His Bathroom Cabinet

While we may not be very keen with the idea of having him raid our beauty arsenal, there’s just nothing wrong with going through his. From his deodorant to cologne, and even his moustache wax, prepare to rifle through your man’s bathroom cabinet and find six of the best items that you can use as an alternative for your own beauty products.

Bathroom Cabinet

  1. Brand New Razor. The next time you decide to spend the night over at your man’s place, steal his brand new razor then use it to shave your unwanted leg hairs. With this, you get to experience the closest shave of your life at a cheaper price compared with the usual razor that you use.
  1. Shaving Cream. Although it doesn’t have that nauseating smell of fruits and flower’s, a man’s shaving cream is still worth the steal. With its thicker consistency compared with your usual shaving cream, you’ll only need a small dollop to get those smooth, hair-free legs.
  1. Aftershave Lotion. Using some aftershave lotion can actually do wonders for your skin. Not only will it leave you feeling refreshed, it will also tighten your pores and protect you from getting razor burns. With this product, you can already say goodbye to those annoying ingrown hairs after every shave.


  1. Facial Wash. Since men produce more oil naturally, it’s given that their face cleansers would be more abrasive and potent than that of the women’s. So get your hands on your man’s facial wash once a week and treat yourself to some deep-cleansing goodness.
  1. Hair Pomade. Not only is this beauty item helpful in getting that perfect and sexy tousled waves, it also aids in smoothing out hair frizz and even in creating sleek up-do’s. Just avoid applying too much on your hair as it can get really thick.
  1. Hair Wax. Forgot your brow gel? Then use a bit of his hair wax to keep your brows in place. Just run the product through your arches, then brush it with a spoolie brush to keep everything intact.

Who would’ve thought that you could use these much product from your man’s cabinet right? So make the most out of your overnight stays in his place by raiding his bathroom cabinet every now and then and using these beauty finds.


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