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7 Corporate Perks That Attract Millennials

Millenials are the largest generation in the current workforce of Singapore. They are deemed essential to every industry because of their fresh ideas and modern ways of dealing with corporate jobs.

However, attracting young talents into your company is not an easy task. Even good compensation isn’t enough to pull the best talents. So, the question is, how do you attract creative individuals? Well, offer them awesome perks.

1. Travel Perks

According to a survey, around 70% of millennials prefer spending more on travel than on material things. Companies that offer travel perks, like the Airbnb, attract young applicants during their hiring season. Anyone who gets the pleasure to work for these companies would love to be in for the long haul, since they find travelling and unwinding an essential part of their corporate job.

2. Free Food

Many businesses, from start ups to world-renowned like Pixar, Dropbox and Google offer free food for their employees. Other establishments also noticed that food perks during meeting and on a weekend encouraged employee attendance and productivity.

3. Flexible Work Hours

The new generation bids farewell to the traditional nine-to-five office hours. Flexible work hours let employees effectively manage their professional and social lives. It’s a given, if you want to attract more young talents, offer flexible work schedules.

4. Remote Working

Just like with flexible work schedules, remote working allows employees to juggle work and play. However, if you feel uncomfortable with the idea of full-time remote working, employees will still find occasional remote working attractive. With this perk as part of their contract, you will make those young professionals never want to leave you.

5. Fitness Facilities

A healthy employee is a happy employee—and a happy employee gets his job done well. Today’s generation is one of the most determined generations to stay in shape, but they don’t have a lot of time to do that if they’re working full-time. By offering an in-house fitness facility, this gives millennials the opportunity to sweat out before, during or after work hours without having to leave the premises.

6. Freebies

Free gadgets, beauty products, Netflix subscription, or whatever the business is selling are small yet effective incentives to invite millennials to be a part of your company. Millennials are always on the lookout for anything they can get for less or free.

7. Trainings and Team Buildings

The youngest generation of today’s workforce are proud to call themselves as life-long learners. Establishments that provide free trainings and team buildings are attractive for the millennial job hunters. Team building activities are a fun way to learn, relieve stress and develop strong and positive work relationship among employees.

Millennials are often tagged as entitled and lazy, but the truth is, they’re innovative in all aspects of life. They are hardworking individuals, but they want their work to be balanced with their personal lives.

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