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7 Ways to Build More Confidence

Being confident is an important trait for us to have to be able to excel in school, work, and life as a whole. Sometimes, though, we can get so overwhelmed by anxiety that our confidence just begins to dwindle. To fight against that, here are some ways for you to build more confidence.

Focus on your strengths

Everybody holds certain strengths and skills, while also having weaknesses. You always have something that you’re good at, even if you say you don’t. When you find those strengths, focus on them because it will be easier to develop them than trying get rid of your weaknesses. It can be easy to expose your weak points when you can use your strengths as a foundation.

Look at yourself in the mirror

Talk to your reflection, look yourself in the eyes, and say words of encouragement and motivation. This might feel weird at first but it actually does wonders! You’re not only psyching yourself up but also practicing to speak well and maintaining eye-contact.

Improve your posture

 Improving your posture is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to build more confidence. When you stand and sit up straight, you will exude an aura of authority and you’ll simply feel better about yourself. Plus, when you maintain a good posture, you’re straightening up and opening up your airways hence you’ll be able to speak clearer.

Groom yourself

Taking a shower, shaving, and basically keeping yourself neat and clean can contribute to more confidence. Dressing nicely will make you feel better about yourself and you’ll also earn other’s approval by looking presentable, whether you’re working, attending a formal event, or simply walking around Orchard Road on your leisure time.

Practice good and healthy hobbies

Having a hobby allows you to develop a lot of skills that you can use in your everyday life. Good hobbies can also promote a healthy lifestyle especially if they’re related to physical fitness, for example. Hobbies can help you get rid of stress, therefore making you less anxious and more self-confident.

Face your fears

A good practice for building confidence is to face one of your fears every day, doesn’t matter if its big or small. For example, if you’re afraid of asking strangers for directions, just do it because chances are they will answer you anyway. And if they don’t you can always ask another person. Once you are able to take your fears head on and move out of your comfort zone, you’ll definitely feel more confident.

Encourage yourself

Instead of always looking at the negative things happening in your life, think about the positive ones instead. Take a step back and reflect on all your achievements and all the good things you’ve done. Focusing on the positive will help you project yourself in a better, more positive light.

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