03 January 2020 ~ Comments Off on A Quick Guide on How to Decorate Your Home’s Empty Spaces

A Quick Guide on How to Decorate Your Home’s Empty Spaces

There’s always that one part in every home, whether it’s a corner in a room or a wall that stays bare and feels like there’s something missing. But while most people try to fill it with whatever spare furniture is lying around, there’s a little more than that when it comes to filling up space.

Using the Basic Principles of Design

Even if you don’t already have a knack for design, knowing the techniques behind things that are visually pleasing to look at can go a long way when you can apply them successfully to your own home.

Keep these principles in mind the next time you want to make changes or fill any boring, empty spaces in your home to avoid that feeling of awkwardness in your interior decor:

  • The Rule of Odd Numbers – If you’re already familiar with the rule of thirds when taking pictures, a similar principle can be applied in home decorating. For instance, three similar objects with varying sizes or heights can serve as great statement pieces.
  • Focal Point – The eye tends to naturally gravitate towards the most emphasized object or feature of your room. One way to help with this is by using symmetry, and another way is through complementing and contrasting color schemes.
  • Negative Space – Negative space can be used strategically to highlight the few pieces of decor in your home. When employing negative space to highlight a specific feature or decor, be sure to avoid clutter and look at any recurring shapes, and have a clear intention when doing so.

Decorating Ideas for Empty Spaces

To get you started on what to do with the spaces you have, here are a few amazing ideas you can use when you’re looking to fill up any empty spaces in your home with decor and furniture:

  • Home library – If you have a lot of books and nowhere to put them, installing a few floating shelves in a bare corner is the easiest way to add something with both funciton and style.
  • Statement chair – Combined with a small table and adequate lighting, a corner with a well-placed statement chair is the recipe for an instant reading area.
  • Home office – Dead space can be made lively by turning into a dedicated home office with the right chair and desk, along with some extra shelves for a quick and easy storage option.
  • Gallery wall – Say goodbye to odd corners in the living room by hanging different kinds of art pieces whose color schemes coordinate well with the rest of your furniture, pillows, or curtains.
  • Pegboard – Take advantage of vertical storage by installing pegboards in your walls to keep things organized and off the floor.

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