26 February 2020 ~ Comments Off on Basic Items for Knitting Beginners

Basic Items for Knitting Beginners

Although there are knitting tool sets sold at craft shops in Singapore, some of them need basic knowledge in knitting in order to be useful.

Here are some of the most basic knitting tools every beginner should have.

Straight Knitting Needles – While you’re still practicing, you will not need all of the knitting needles you will find in knitting kits, but only the three basic sizes; such as, 8/5 mm, 10/6 mm, and 13/9 mm straight knitting needles. But why should you pick these large needles?

These are much easier to work with, because they are comfortable and easier to control than the smaller needles. Once you have mastered the sizes listed above, you can collect other needles next time.

Stitch Markers – One thing most beginners struggle with is remember the basic patterns, and that’s where the stitch markers or holders can help you. With this item, you can easily mark the pattern you’re supposed to follow while knitting, while the marker slips back and forth.

Knit Tallies or Counters – You should buy at least two knit tallies to count the stitches and to count rows, so that it’s easier to remember the patterns. Find products that can be easily slipped on to your three basic stitching needles for an easier knitting project.

Point Protectors – These are useful in keeping the points of your needles from damage when not in use. They can also be used as stitch holders to mark an unfinished piece and prevent the needles from falling off the stitches when you set aside the project temporarily. The needles are ready to use and you can resume where you left off once you take off the point protectors.

Crochet Hooks – These hooks are used not just for crochet projects, but also to weave in ends of the yarn and to fix dropped stitches. You can save more by buying a set that can be used for different yarn sizes.

Yarn Needles – While you’re a beginner, you can start with plastic yarn needles, which look like regular needles but are bigger and thicker. Later, you can practice with metal yarn needles once you’ve learned enough tricks. Buying a set of different sizes is usually cheaper than buying yarn needles individually.

Measuring Tape – A seamstress measuring tape should be enough for major projects such as checking the length of scarves and checking the gauges (10 stitches for 14 rows).

Scissors – You should keep a pair of scissors only for knitting so that it always stays sharp. Any regular scissors will do, so they don’t have to be seamstress shears to cut yarns.

Sewing Needles – Also called yarn or tapestry needles, these are used to weave the ends of the knits (if the yarn is too short, you should use a crochet hook instead) and to sew pieces of fabric to complete a project. Keep both plastic and metal needles that are useful for almost any kind of knitting project.

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