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Beauty Tips after Hangover  


Sure, we deserve some fun after a tedious week of work and obligations. We party until down not to mention the booze. It was a fun experience but when we come to our senses the day after our hangover, we might feel dehydrated and fatigued. That is natural. We only need to stay in the house and recuperate.


What if we need to go someplace? Going out hydrated and fatigued may take a toll on us. We will not surely look our best. The good news is that Singaporeans can still go out after hangover with the right trick and products. It is important that we know some tricks and products. Here are some tips:

  • For parched skin: We have to remember that our skin wears out and losses its radiance over time. Our skin wears out and losses its radiance because of different activities like what we eat and how long we sleep. Unpredictable work schedules and long sleepless nights are poisonous to the skin. If we do not take care of the skin, it will dry out, flake and eventually peel. What is the best remedy? We should make sure that we have achieve the optimal water levels in our cells. After applying cleansing and toning, we can apply hydrating serum or moisturizer to replenish and restore skin’s elasticity. We have to forget foundation and consider a BB cream instead.


  • Chapped lips: Chapped lips are characterized by cracking and dry appearance. The main cause is the loss of moisture and this may happen due to dehydration and sun exposure. The remedy is quite simple actually. We can just employ the help of lip balm and make sure it is applied regularly throughout the day. We have to avoid matte lip balms and opt for moisturizing gloss. Drinking water can be of great help as well.
  • Dark circles and puffy eyes: Lack of sleep can cause the skin to be pale and it is emphasized on the skin around the eyes. The good news is that there are a lot of products designed to help diminish dark circles. We only need to look for eye creams that are rich in ingredients which can promote blood circulation and contain antioxidants. Before using any product, we have to remember to hydrate the eye area so it can absorb the moisture thoroughly.
  • Zits: Actually, there are many causes of pimples but we know how it came about – when pores get clogged, zits appeared. Sometimes, we encourage zits when we sleep without take off our makeup. The remedy is never to pick on our zits because by doing so, it can infect it therefore making it worse. There are different products to treat zits.


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