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Best Way to Plan Your Wedding

Planning your wedding in Singapore can be a very thrilling, albeit tedious job. It is highly essential to research and learn all the details and specifics in order to plan your Singapore wedding without any inconvenience.


When it comes to researching and learning how to plan your wedding, a trusted wedding portal is very helpful.  The wedding website will inform you of all the aspects and little details you need to cover in planning the wedding.

You can download a complete and comprehensive wedding checklist that is specifically constructed for Singapore weddings to help in your wedding preparations.

Picking a date

The first hurdle you have to accomplish in planning the wedding is to choose your wedding date. You might want to steer away from public holidays or special occasions because it will be extra hard to book wedding and banquet venues, or hire wedding photographers during those busy dates.

In Singapore weddings, the auspiciousness of your wedding date is also an important factor to take into consideration. To determine if your date is auspicious, you may consult the Chinese almanac or visit wedding websites in order to check if your chosen date is auspicious.

Your budget and theme

In doing your wedding planning research, you might have come across online articles that will help you work out your wedding budget. You might also want to start on your guest list to make it a whole lot easier to figure out if your budget is enough or you still have to cut cost.

Your reliable wedding portal will also give a hand in choosing your wedding theme. The wedding them and motif will also be the determining factor in other wedding details like wedding décor, bridesmaid dresses, wedding invites and the wedding venue.

The wedding venue

As said above, the wedding theme will help you in choosing the wedding venue. If you’re seeking to have a garden- themed wedding, then you can scout garden venues in Singapore like the Hort Park, Villa Halia or Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Tip:  Booking of wedding venues are required to be done 12 months before the chosen wedding date or easily right after making the wedding proposal.

Book your wedding services


It’s highly important to hire your wedding vendors early since some services require being booked 10 to 20 months prior your wedding date. If you want to hire high profile wedding vendors, you have to strive hard to book them before other couples planning to be wed on the same date.

The wedding clothing

Firstly, looking for the bride’s wedding dress is very important and should be done early. Start planning your wedding outfit by looking for the new wedding gown trends in Singapore. After that you just have to choose the best gown that fits you the best and something that you really adore. You can also sign up for Singapore bridal packages to since these are more affordable and convenient.

Tip: If you’re planning to get your wedding gowns and suits custom-made, try looking for possible designs and tailors 10-12 months prior since custom-made gowns and suits entail a lot of work.

Other wedding details

Be sure to get your wedding invitations sent 6 to 9 months before the wedding date so that your busy guests can adjust their schedule and for you to determine if all or most of the people invited will be coming.

You may also start planning how your wedding styling would look like. This is also advised so that when your makeup artist or your hairstylist ask you what look you want to achieve, you can easily show them what you’ve researched and scoured the Internet for.


Furthermore, you have to double check your wedding vendors if it is confirmed that you have booked them for that date. We don’t want any form of mishaps, do we?

Ultimately, a successful wedding planning is guaranteed if you have sufficient knowledge of the details involved in planning Singapore weddings. If you honestly do not know a lot about weddings, you may want to start with doing research in order to gain helpful information. Another thought is to hire an effective wedding planner to work hand in hand with you in planning the wedding.

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