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19 August 2019 ~ Comments Off on Singaporean Fashion

Singaporean Fashion

Clothing around the world may differ from head to toe with the influence of culture, art, music, and many other factors which prompt the evolution of fashion. Singapore may be a bit confusing because although the heaviest influence around comes from China, the British influence is also very strong nonetheless. Known as one of the […]

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05 October 2018 ~ Comments Off on Dos and Don’ts of a Courtroom Attire

Dos and Don’ts of a Courtroom Attire

Have you ever been invited to attend a court hearing? Hopefully it’s not because you have a criminal charge, but in case you were required to be in a court, remember that there are rules on how to dress appropriately for the occasion. Don’ts When Dressing Up for the Courtroom You don’t need to look […]

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