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26 February 2020 ~ Comments Off on Basic Items for Knitting Beginners

Basic Items for Knitting Beginners

Although there are knitting tool sets sold at craft shops in Singapore, some of them need basic knowledge in knitting in order to be useful. Here are some of the most basic knitting tools every beginner should have. Straight Knitting Needles – While you’re still practicing, you will not need all of the knitting needles […]

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19 August 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Diving Spots for Intermediate to Advanced Divers

Many Singaporeans these days patronize diving as an adventure sport. Like every sport, you need to be trained first and buy equipment or gears. Training is available, you just need to enrol and commit to it. As for the equipment or gears, it can be expensive but for the love of exploring the underwater world, […]

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