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Everything You Need to Know about the Healthier Dining Programme  


The National Nutrition Survey 2010 revealed that sixty percent of Singaporeans eat lunch or dinner outside their homes. Typically, meals outside contain an average of 700 to 800 calories per meal. As a result, there is a huge possibility that Singaporeans exceed daily intake.


With this, in 2014, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) propelled the Healthier Dining Programme. The programme seeks to intensify tasty but healthy meal options in collaboration with different partners across the Food and Beverage sector.

There has been a rising trend for healthier meals here in the past year. In fact, there are more than one thousand Food and Beverage outlets like cafes, hawker centres, caterers and restaurants that joined the programme. As of May 2015, HPB listed more than nine hundred thousand healthy meals sold.


When you dine out, you have to look for the Healthier Dining Partners to make sure. It can be identified easily with a decal – the Healthier Choice. The decals are put in the front of stores for easy identification. The decals come in different forms. There’s a decal claiming “lower in calories”, “healthier oils” and “higher in whole-grains”.

Healthier meals are not only for the rich or well-off. HPB is also urging ordinary Singaporeans to consider healthier meal options through their more than five hundred partner stores island-wind. There was an extension of Healthier Dining Programme called “Enjoy Every Day the Healthy Way” last year. The promotion effectively encouraged people to combine healthy foods with healthy drinks.

If you think first before eating, you may have to live longer and happier. Indeed it is difficult to consider healthy foods amidst the diversity and the taste but you have to take action now before it is too late.


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