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Facts about Left-Handed People

Lefties are often said to be a minority. This is probably because they make up only 10% of the entire population. But apart from the fact that their left hand is dominant over their right, what are other things that make them different from “righties”?

More Responsive to Fear

A research at the Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh showed that left-handed people tend to be more affected by fear compared to righties. Lefties who watched the movie Silence of the Lambs during the research showed more symptoms common to fear and even that of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is probably because the right side of the brain (which is more dominant in lefties) is associated with fear response.

More Creative

Here is something lefties can really brag about. A study published in the American Journal of Psychology showed that left-handed people usually move towards careers in the fields of arts, sports, music, technology and information. It also stated that lefties are better at divergent thinking, a method of provoking ideas that looks into many possible solutions resulting to creativity.

Gets More Angry

 You might not want to mess with a lefty because you might just get the you the fight you’re asking for. According to another study, lefties are more prone to have temper tantrums. They have a difficulty processing their emotions, and thus can be more exposed to negative feelings compared to righties. They can become more moody, too.

Celebrates Their Identity

 Just when everybody thinks lefties are nothing but part of the minority, they exert efforts to be recognized. The UK-based Left-Hander’s Club declared August 13 as the International Left-Hander’s Day. This was part of an effort to make people aware of the lefties’ lifestyle, including their difficulties and frustrations as to being treated only as minority.

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