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Fire Risks for the Blind

A fire sparked at a Marine Crescent flat on October. According to the SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force) a body was discovered by firefighters. The body found was believed to be the body of a blind man. The authorities are looking through the cause of the fire.


Without a doubt, blind or visually impaired persons face a lot of challenges every day when it comes to their personal safety. Interacting with an environment that you cannot see generates many potential health and safety perils or risks. In the event of fire, blind or visually impaired persons have higher risks of injury or worse death. If you are around a blind or visually impaired person,you should learn how to help him/her.

Do not let him/her do things alone: While it is recommended that the blind or visually impaired practice self reliance, it is imperative that you watch him/her all the time. There are household activities that can ignite a fire. They may accidentally ignite a fire so it is important that you look after them. When there is fire, he/she can less likely extinguish it or escape it. If he/she is trying to suppress a small fire, they are highly susceptible to burns.


Practice fire safety: The most effective approach is to practice fire safety. Practicing fire safety can increase the survival of blind or visually impaired. No matter how hard it is, you should teach the blind or visually impaired the things to do when there is fire. Preparedness can spare his/her life. You have to introduce and practice the escape plan. Safety also means equipping the house with smoke detectors and sprinkling system.

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