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Gainful Careers in Psychology


Psychology is all around every aspect of our lives, we may not be conscious about it but it’s working in all our human interactions not only to other but to ourselves, too. This alone makes Psychology a very interesting field to study on and offers many career options (unemployment is unlikely). No wonder why Psychology becomes a popular choice for students; In Singapore for example, approximately, an additional 10% increase of students per year is observed. On the other hand, Malaysia, its nearby country, continues to open more psychological programs. Here are some of the most sought after and viable careers to ponder on:

  1. Clinical Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists analyze, evaluate and treat patients with mental health disorders. The treatments they give out are not only medicines and therapies but they also conduct regular meetings with patients to assess and test response to treatments. Clinical psychiatrists may work in hospitals, offices or mental health facilities. In order to practice this profession, one must complete a 4-year bachelor’s degree program in Psychology or pre-medicine. After, student must finish medical school for another 4 years, satisfy residency requirements and pass the licensure exam.

In the US, the annual salary of a Psychiatrist is about $85 per hour or $177,250 annual salary. Despite the highly demanding effort, psychiatric industry offers stability in career opportunities and has six- figure salary which can go even higher for those who are interested to further specialize.

  1. Neuropsychologist

Neuropsychologists are in-charge of a human’s physical brain, its central nervous system and behavior. Due to the brain’s complexity and its cognitive functionalities, this area of specialization is challenging and requires immense preparation. Generally, Neuropsychologists run various tests related to brain and interact with patients who have suffered brain damage. Normally, they work in hospitals or healthcare facilities.

To successfully achieve this career, one must spend at least 8 years of education which would also include doctoral degree, post-doctoral residency and of course, must be a licensed clinical psychologist. According to Pay Scale survey report, the average annual salary of Neuropsychologist ranges from $80,000 to $150,000.

  1. Forensic Psychologist

Interested in studying law and psychology? Forensic Psychology is a merger of both worlds and currently, one of the coolest and most glamorous jobs due to its portrayal in popular TV series and movies but its reality present not as much. While the job is highly exciting, it is also full of uncomfortable and stressful situations where one handles complicated legal disputes in a psychological perspective.

To be a Forensic Psychologist, one must study for 8-12 years to earn a bachelor’s degree (4 years), master’s degree (2 years) and a PHD (2-4 years). Forensic Psychologists earn $60,000-70,000 annually.

  1. Market Research Analyst

Psychologists are also in demand in a corporate setting especially because they trained to study underlying motivations and trends to human behavior. These areas are highly important in the ever changing business industry. Market Analysts analyze the current market conditions, customer preference and project the next viable steps to get ahead of the competition.

Spending 4-8 years of preparatory study for this career is needed to practice. The salaries for Market Analysts vary depending on education and experience but on an average, they earn $60,000 annually.

In a nutshell, there are more career options in psychology. The ones listed above are some of the most common and highest paid specializations. The type of industry also plays a key role in the stability of the salary and its viability that is why a lucrative career will be ranked at the bottom if it operates in a shrinking market.

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