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Getting to Know the Designs of Red Dot Singapore

The History of the term ‘Red Dot’

Before discussing the fashion trend emanated by the label “Red Dot,” let us first know the origin of the term ‘red dot.’ Red dot is a famous term used to describe Singapore. Singapore is known to many countries as the ‘little red dot’ because this is how Singapore is marked all over the world. It was the Indonesian President B.J. Habibie who coined this term in the goal of criticizing the economy and development of Singapore. This criticism, especially the red dot, marked the minds of Singaporeans and was noted in the reply speech made by then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong. From then on, they used the term ‘little red dot’ or ‘red dot’ as inspiration and something to drive them to success. Now, red dot signifies pride of the Singaporean nation.


‘Red Dot’ as a Trademark in the Arts and Crafts Industry

A museum known in Singapore, Taipei and Essen also follows the line of giving pride to the term red dot by creating unique and state-of-the-art clothing designs. Red Dot is a red building with a exceptional architecture because of its shape, design and eye-catching red color. Wait until you go inside their museum where they showcase different products of different designs.


Red Dot museum hosts 1,000 different designs from 55 countries all over the world. it is even the first ever museum in Asia to exhibit contemporary designs. Visitors of the museum will get their eyes full of colourful and colourless products and designs of a pool of designers all over the world. Visitors mind will also be twisted on thinking how designers have created something so great. Aside from going to the museum to have a firsthand Red Dot experience, one can have a sneak peak of their creations and creativity through their advertisements, brochures and magazine features.

Unlike museums which strike down the move of visitors to feel the exhibited designs, Red Dot encourages visitors to touch and try designs. Competitions are also held by Red Dot to open doors to aspiring designers and artists. You can also take home and buy the designs exhibited here.


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