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Gift Ideas for Your Man This Valentine’s Day

This is the time of the year where you can use little help when it comes to looking for that special Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend or husband. Valentine’s Day can be complicated and it carries different levels of importance to couples. If your husband or boyfriend doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day, you are in no trouble.


However, if your husband or boyfriend thinks that Valentine’s Day is important and that you should celebrate it, you have to think of a gift first. Anyway, looking for that perfect place is easy knowing that this is Singapore – there is always a place for everyone. You should focus more on the gift. So, here are some suggestions that might help you:

  • Laptop folder: If your husband or boyfriend works a lot, you can give a laptop folder. As the name suggests, this folder can help him store and protect his laptop at all times. Be sure to choose a simple folder with single compartment. The folder can also hold other documents for safekeeping.
  • Bag: The laptop folder and a bag are separate things. If your husband or boyfriend fancies a bag, it is time that you give him one. It doesn’t have to be a designer bag. There are many bags for men here in Singapore. Just look for something that is durable and sturdy so it can withstand the work.
  • Perfume: You love his choice of perfume. For this Valentine’s Day, you have the power to choose what fragrant you want him to wear. It doesn’t have to be expensive because it is the fragrant that counts.


  • Watch: If you notice that your man’s watch is faded, it is high time that you give him watch. Before Valentine’s Day, just blindly ask your man what watch he prefers. If it is affordable, you should buy it immediately. There are many watches in store for your man whatever he prefers.
  • Pen: Sometimes pens are ignored because they are simple. However, there are people who really need durable pens. Every man needs ball pen. Look for a sturdy one and if you like, you can engrave his name to it.
  • Tie: If he always wears his business attire, you should never underestimate the help of ties. Men sometimes do not know which tie to consider. You have to help him and buy ties that look great.
  •  Tickets: If your man is a sports enthusiast, you can buy a sporting ticket and watch him as he go crazy. There’s soccer or Formula 1. Whatever he prefers, make sure to bring a popcorn, soda or hotdog.


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