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Grey is the New Black

5 Reasons to Embrace Greying Hair

Thinking that grey tresses make you look older? Then, think again. Not only is grey hair becoming a hot trend today, it is also believed to brighten up tired complexions. But if you’re uneasy about your greying hair, ease out by reading these reasons why sticking with them is the best choice.


  1. Saves Lots Of Time and Money

Aside from being easy to have, another good thing about grey hair is that it’s mostly free. It wouldn’t just save you some bucks from dyeing your hair, but it will also save a lot of trips to salons. So rather than spending bucks from changing your hair colour, why not rock that look and save that money for a summer getaway instead?

  1. Goes With Everything

You might have hidden your age by dyeing your locks, but your greying eyebrows will still give you away. Once you decided to go grey, you’ll also start discovering new things like not only does it match your eyebrows, letting your grey hair grow will also lend your hair a new, rich texture and amazing shine. With grey strands, you can already starting playing with cool makeup tones starting from the blue end of the spectrum.

  1. Provide Unique Signature Look

If you’re planning on turning to grey hair, it would be best to get some highlights first to facilitate your transition from dark to grey hair. Working with hair extensions will also help you get similar results. Either way, a modern haircut plus a face-framing highlight will surely give you a new signature look that will leave your friends envious.

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  1. Get Gorgeous Looks With Styling Aids

Getting grey hair doesn’t mean you’ll need to stick with one hairstyle. Add some oomph to your look by playing with various hairstyling products like gels, pomades, and hair sprays. Pairing large hair rollers with a couple of sprits of hairspray can turn your long bob into casual hairstyle with loose curls.

  1. It Is Changeable

Grey hair doesn’t have to be permanent unless we want it to. Unlike with other hair colours, having a grey hair allows you to change into colours that you want. No need to bleach, which can be harmful and extremely drying for the hair, to achieve better colour outcome.

Going grey is actually more of a good thing than bad. The only concern that we may have against it is that it might make us look older than our real age, but that can be easily dealt with by improving our lifestyle and how we groom ourselves. So go ahead, embrace and don’t hesitate to flaunt that grey hair of yours.

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